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December 23, 2019, 05:04:49 am
Name of Race: Drahjma

Geographical Location: Aria

Brief History/Origin:
The Drahjma were one of the many different races created as an offsrping based race of the dragons and other races. The Drahjma were a version of the Human varianted offsrping, being that of both human and dragon.
They have been around for many many years, but their numbers dwindled as their home was destroyed. The Drahjma thus began to disperse or spread out among the other races, intermingling with each of these races as friends, lovers, and family.
The Drahjma race still has a decent standing of a widely known race, however most people don't really know what has happened to them in the last decade. It seemed as though many of them decided that they didn't belong, or that they looked down upon themselves, causing others to end up doing the same.
As of now they inhabit many of the different continents, or worlds.

Common Physical Attributes

Body: Typical builds as regular humans, except they have a mysterious strength that betrays the eyes (Stronger than they look.) They mature at the same rates, but live longer than humans (Oldest Drahjma to live was believed to be 194.)
Hair: Their hair ranges from brown hair, very common in more human-like Drahjma, and the colors of their dragon ancestors. Typically longer hair styled, whether it's ponytailed or worn over their faces.
Eyes: Their eyes are similar to those of real world Americans, but also having a dragonlike slimness to their iris and pupil. Colors are typically darker brown to black, but always with a small hint of their dragon ancestors.
Skin: Varies based on location and ancestry, (Colors and types, blemishes or no blemishes)
Nails: They have finger and toenails comparing to those of the humans, following any customs of painting as their place of living/standing in society.
Claws: Drahjma when they filter an almost natural magic that flows through them can cause their nails to grow into claw-like nails on their hands at will. They aren't dull, but they aren't sharp to the point of getting cut on just a touch.
Wings: As the natural magic flows through them, some Drahjma who have grown accustomed to the feelings of the magic and have learned how to harness it they can bring magical-esque dragon wings out from their backs.

Disclaimer: The Drahjma haven't been known to be able to harness this magic and control the natural Claws and Wings without training in magic. This would mean those that become mages or people who openly harness lots of magic learn how to use it faster compared to those that do basic labor and regular work.


Race Attributes

Strong Points: They are very good at learning to control magic, they have a basic strength that is decieving to the eye as they don't necessarily look as strong as they are physically.
(What are this race best at doing?)

Weak points: Just as most humans they don't have great control over emotions and often times let those primalistic natures take hold, such as anger or sadness, pride and selflessness. They also have common attributes as being more likely to run in without thinking of a plan.
They also need time to prepare themselves for battle, meaning that what usually causes them to be naturally stronger is magic that flows through them naturally. If they don't prepare themselves for a battle they can be taken out very easily like normal humans.
Drahjma are also known for not physically strengthening themselves very much because of the mysterious strength they have, so they may be fast, but not physically strong unless prepared.

Beliefs (Non-Religious): Their is a sense of equity in their societies, meaning that when one person cannot do something, others will be there to help one another.

Religion: Their religious beliefs stem from the societies that they live around, otherwise those that stuck together through the destruction of their homes believe in the dragons and worship their ancestors as gods.

Lifestyle: The Drahjma typically adopted many different types of life styles from different races such as the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. They were also very outgoing towards other races and would typically intermingle in mixed race cities of the different races. They are omnivores and prepare foods just as humans do.
They would often keep strategic pets, not comfort pets, so falcons and birds as well as hunting wolves or dogs. Drahjma also lived very stationary lives, settling in various spots but sticking to where they live, even through times of drought or flooding.
They would use horses, but those that were able to harness the natural magic in themselves would use their wings as transport.

Overall Ideals/Morals: Most Drahjma are very open to learning about other cultures, even appropriating different things from many cultures trying to design what they believed to be the "Perfect Culture" in which they would find a perfect balance of equity and equality upon the different skins and genders of their race.
They are very open to other races and love to learn, however the Drahjma believe that orcs and goblins and those like are underdeveloped compared to others, sometimes prejudicing against them and trying their best to not have to mingle with them.

Family: The Drahjma believe in a national identity, meaning they decree themselves as the Drahjma, no matter the color of skin. The leaders of the Drahjma are chosen based on birth status, but it is believed that the commoners are just as fortunate as the royals, as even the royals pay tax and tribute. Every one has equal rights, and the coming of age ceremonies typically occur with inheriting business like standards.
The Drahjma that go more in depth of their magical training and martial training however are required to pass tests at each age milestone based on what they should learn.

Education: The Drahjma are publicly educated, education was supported by the Kings of their past and present in fact. They had very good education too as it was funded by the Royalty of the lands.
Through their schooling in the Drahjma kingdoms before their destruction, every young Drahjma, usually around the ages of 13-15, were taught to somewhat control their natural magic in terms of self defense, those that wanted to learn more about it would go to in depth training for it, but that cost the individuals, so not many would go to learn that.
By the age of 17 the Drahjma would be expected to choose a profession to explore and learn, being entered into apprenticeships. Those that decided not to pursue those professions would be forced to fund themselves to learn a different profession.

Hierarchy: The Hierarchy of the Drahjma was a kingdom, but the people had say in the laws that would be passed. Though the King had absolute say, it was custom for the king to listen to the people's pleas and take it into consideration. The Race had two classes, royalty and commoners. The commoners were not restricted in what they could do in terms of business, but had to keep in mind the laws put in place to control wealth distribution.
They could make a lot of money, and there was insentive to, as taxes were like that of capitalism. The only thing that really makes a difference was the nature of what the Drahjma believed in, which is family. Family comprised everyone, and it was believed that every single drahjma was related by at least one person, so they believed in the strong suits of family and forgiveness. Not much hate floated in their settlements.

Language: They speak common and their own language that is called Drahmic. They can read and write in both languages very well, and Drahmic is a smooth language, many would find it hard to learn, but easy to understand once learned. The written form of Drahmic is based on a lettered alphabet.
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