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February 24, 2019, 11:19:32 pm

DISCLAIMER: This race has been inspired by a LOTR curse. Please do not tell me that I am copying it, as I have made many changes to it.
Rare are the Gravewalkers who are born with the ability to defy death. Most are cursed by powerful dark mages, or have the cursed passed on to them when a Gravewalker decides that it's time has come. They do not seem to decompose, although their organs are slowly failing, causing anyone afflicted by the curse to require magic or medical attention to retain a human-looking form. If they do not get said attention, some of their organs will completely fail. Symptoms include, but are not limited to : lacking the ability to breathe/having difficulties doing so, total heart failure resulting in extremely pale skin and protuberant veins surrounding the eyes, mouth and other body parts. However, while the Gravewalker curse does affect the body, it mostly affects magic powers and mind. Gravewalkers do not age, and many have gone insane and tried to take their own lives in vain after seeing their loved ones die, forced to remain on the mortal plane until the curse is lifted. Now, that seems pretty average for an undead race. The difference is that Gravewalkers gain magical powers when cursed. They commonly include astral and dark related magic. I will now list the most common, but some gain other powers depending on what magic they used before the fatal day they started defying death : Wraith form (Ability to shift between the mortal plane and the plane of the dead. In this form, they cannot interact with anything or do much other then walk and use Wraith step, which I will explain later. They can switch at will. The transformation is progressive and takes about three seconds. It typically starts from the top right of the head and ends at the left foot, although it may vary where it starts and ends. Only people with the ability to see things on the plane of the dead can see Gravewalkers in wraith form, yet their aura remains and can be  felt by someone with the required magic.), Wraith step (Very similar to blink, it has been observed to be more of a dash with an unlimited range. The only requirement is that they must have a direct line of sight with their target. The dash is instantaneous and cannot be stopped, or so it was thought. They can still can be stopped by something located in the plane of the dead only, like another Gravewalker in Wraith Form.), and a ability to control minds called Dominate (This ability is extremely complicated, but in short it can be resisted if your will is stronger then the Gravewalker attempting to control you. It requires direct contact with the face of the target and approximately 3 minutes to accomplish for someone untrained this ability. Once controlled, the person will have a direct link with the Gravewalker and will get sometimes gut feelings when their master is in danger or is calling them. Only born Gravewalkers are able to remotely dominate someone. Dominated persons will bear a mark on their face at all times, depending on what the Gravewalker has chosen. When their master calls them, when they are close to him or when he is personally giving them orders through their minds, their eyes will glow typically a bright blue. They can break the spell by willing strong enough or seeing something that would enrage them in their normal state, like a loved one being hurt or their master behaving in a way they do not approve.). Now, to the curse itself : To curse someone, it requires an enormous mastery of dark magic and dark rituals. The person must be unconscious in a pentagram of their own blood the entire time the spell caster is reciting the words required to cast this spell. The ritual takes about half an hour to accomplish, after which the target of the curse will be killed. It only works 50% of the time. If it worked, the soul of the cursed one will fly to a nearby object. It is recommended, but not obligatory, to be holding something in front of the body, which will draw to the soul to said object and bind the person to it. When killed, a Gravewalker will always appear in the same condition that they were in at the moment where the curse was cast upon them unless hurt by a silver weapon enchanted by any holy spell, in which case they will keep scars of the wounds done by this weapon upon resurrection. If a limb is seperated from their body by this weapon, it will stay like this upon resurrection. The head showed resistance to this, instead bearing a large scar around the neck. Gravewalkers will always reappear within 25m of the object they are bound to. If this object is destroyed, they will be unable to resurrect, forced to roam the world in Wraith form, unable to talk to anyone or make their presence known. Resurrection time may vary, going from as little as one day to an entire week, depending on the severity of the cause of death. To be born a Gravewalker, both of your parents must be cursed. If only one of them is, the curse will not be passed on. When two Gravewalkers have a child, they will pass the curse unto them. If their organs did not function correctly, both parents will die at the birth of the child. If the organs were still functional enough, the curse will be lifted and they will lose all their powers related to the curse, including the ability to resurrect. The curse can be lifted by two other ways : The curse caster can lift it himself by another ritual, very similar to the first one, with the main difference being that there is no pentagram required, only a 25 minute long speech done by the same person who had cast the spell. The curse can also be lifted by killing them while they in Wraith form, which will also kill them for good.
Please let me know if you want this to be expanded, nerfed or explained more!I would also like to know if this is approved, and if so to have it applied on myself on the server. Thank you!
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