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October 26, 2018, 01:40:20 am
Well, felt it was about time I made this

General Information

Name: Avicebron Ibn Gabirut Gabriol Ars Almadel Salomonis (Let's just stick with Avicebron for simplicity's sake, alright?)

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Race: Mage (Technically Rune Mage/Golemancer, but yeah)

Current Residence: His Castle, Riastrad.

Occupation: He's a hermit living practically on his own, but thinks himself as a kind of magical researcher.

Likes: Solitude, his Research, his Golems, Spices, Magic, Philosophy, Literature.

Dislikes: Large crowds, Vampires, Orcs, the uneducated.

Physical Appearence

Height: 6'2

Weight: 152lbs

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Red

Build: Weak-Middling frame, but his apperal makes him look larger.

-A large cloak
-embellished golden armour (the pauldrons are especially large to make him look bigger)

-Sometimes he will wear more light clothes which are generally rather colourful.


Avicebron is fairly reserved in crowded areas. He prefers not to talk but tends to be rather brazen when he does. He has a "matter of fact" kind of speech and is generally rather snarky around aquaintances. It is in these small discussions he reveals himself as rather eccentric.

He has a "no-nonsense" work ethic, going right into business unless it is more beneficial for him not to do. He is rather methodical, in this regard. He attempts to rationalise everything he sees, hence his deep seclusion.

Physical/Magical Ability

-1/10 in Elemental manipulation and such
-4/10 in Anti-Magic
-7/10 in Alchemy
-8/10 in Rune Magic
-10/10 in Golemancy

-4/10 Physical strength (+2 on top of that from Runic enchancements)
-3/10 Martial combat


Avicebron had a generally normal childhood, aside from being a little shy and a little more frail than the average child. He always had a deep fascination with Magic, Literature and Philosophy, which led to Avicebron trying to unravel the mysteries of the world. As was the customs around the area of Elysium he grew up in, he hated Vampires, which would shape his path later in life. He hated Orcs due to a similar disposition, this time by his parents, both of whom had fought in a series of battles against orcish tribes, and had seen what they were like, firsthand, in the case of his Mother.

He first learned basic Magic: Manipulation of elements like Fire and such. He quickly gave up on this, not finding it to be his thing. This is why he can only really cast basic offensive spells without his book: he can't commit it to memory.

He became interested in Rune Magic, which became his de-facto magic for general use. He learned how to imbue symbols with the power they represented. He continues to use it to this day. He memorised must basic ones like Healing and Ignition Runes. He would later use Rune magic on his own body in an experiment later in life.

He then learned Alchemy, becoming efficent in brewing potions. he has all of his important elixers committed to memory, but anything that requires more than 10 ingredients that need to be added in a complex way he needs his book.

Finally, he found his complete lot in life: Golemancy. He used his knowledge of Rune Magic to manufacture golems. They were small, at first, just little miniatures, but as Avicebron continued his research, they became much larger than himself. Thus, he took the Hermit's path and constructed a gigantic Castle out in the mountains through the labour of his Golems. He continued to research ways to make them smarter, as they could only perform menial tasks like tend to crops, animals or build. Every Golem was given a name based on its job and what iteration it was (EG: The Construction Golems were called Abel, so Abel I, Abel II, Abel III and Abel IV).

Eventually, he took to unsavoury means and murdered 4 people, who would be used to create Golems. Their brains and such were transferred into appropriate Golems and were given individual names, as they were Avicebron's greatest creations:

Avicenna, Paracelsus, Rhazes and Arderne. These 4 Golems eventually came to assist him in his further research, doing the less advanced work in his Labratory and his Observatory as they were still rather dull, but they were smarter than than the other Golems.

Eventually, he came to a breakthrough in his research of magic. By carving runes into his body and filling the wounds with a certain liquid, he was capable of bringing permanant effects to his body. These would be enhancements to his senses and strength and such. He added one across his heart to extend his life a little further than natural for when he would require it. Prior to all of this, Avicebron learned Anti-Magic a small amount just in case these runes went wrong.

Of course, this all is an attempt to reach his final goal. Reaching the Abyss of magic, and revealling the absolute truths of the world. In order to do this, he must obtain immortality. In the future, he hopes to accomplish this goal, and put his consciousness into a Golem. He chose this path due to it matching with his interests and a sheer dislike of Vampirism and other similar methods, so he came to a different conlusion. In fact, let's just say he's got a 'test subject' at the moment.

OOF finally done

  • Character name: Eldigan Stormrage, Pyrathian Blackhammer, Avicebron Ibn Gabirut
  • Minecraft Username: Exalted_Ramesses

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October 26, 2018, 02:32:19 pm
Wow, I think him and my char, Vunir, will get along terribly. Vunir likes to read books on magic when he's not trying to construct deadly contraptions to kill adv3nturers. But his knowledge in things beyond that stem from his past dealings with a demon that possessed his body, leaving certain "dark passafes" open. Its hard to tell if what he says is truth sometimes, as his m8nd is often scrambled.
  • Minecraft Username: Zyvo1



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