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September 20, 2018, 08:25:50 pm
A lot of people have been trying to figure out what exactly is the lore and story of Elysium. Due to the fact that a lot of players only know bits and pieces of it many tend to believe there is barely any, but this is actually not true. While there have been debates on what is considered as part of the lore and what isn't, there has always been a sort of basic outline for players to follow long before the lore team became a thing. I do not know if many of the fact are still true or have been changed to better suit the server currently or the lore team's preferences, but here the Lore of Elysium!.

The Rundown

Before we begin to delve into the lore of Elysium, there are a few pointers that need to be discussed.
  • First, there are currently at least 7 ages in Elysium's canon, although many tend to agree from my understanding that there are actually 8 ages. The reason for there being 8 and not 7 ages is many players believe the release of Fei should be counted as the start of a new age, and so many tend to refer to events between December 2014 - December 2016 (irl) as the 7th age and all events in 2017 and beyond as part of the 8th age.
  • Due to the work done by the Lore team and me being not really active in late 2017 until recently much of the lore here may have been changed or altered. Currently this is the most up to date lore I can come up with and so I will be using the information I know for now. If there are any dependencies please let me know.

Part 1: Beginnings

Age I: Age of Dragons

Many debate on how Elysium came to existence, some say god like cat people created the stars from their milk and worlds from their kibble, others say a person much like ourselves named Sam-moo created Elysium out of boredom, but one of the most widely accepted stories is the story described to us by the Ancient Elves. Not to be mistaken with the elves of today, the Ancient Elves, the ancestors of today's elves, were much different. The Ancient Elves where slightly taller, their skin much paler, their hair always blond or white and they lived immortal lives.

The Ancient Elves believed that Elysium was created to be a Paradise, a crown jewel for their gods. First a giant ball of rock was formed and with what remained around the world shaped into Dragons. The dragons soon aided the gods in created the rest of the world, from the highest mountains to the deepest ravines. Elves however were handmade by Eldari, the Goddess of light.

But not all were invited in the creation of this new world. The Pantheon, in fear of what they may do, tried to keep the world as secret from the Shadow Gods. But they soon found this new world and became jealous of what the others created. So they decided to create an entity of their own which would rival their fellow god's children, and so a creature without mass, devoid of light and full of hatred was born. It attacked the newly formed elves and dragons with great savagery. The other gods tried their best to keep their creation safe but it seemed that this new entity couldn't be stopped. The gods pleaded with the shadow gods, and satisfied with their victory, the dark gods tried to tame their newly formed pet, but they soon came to find they couldn't control the creature, and it soon turned on them. The entity, now calling itself Ityaak Ortheel, declared that it had ascended to godhood and the Gods, seeing no other recourse used the remains of their powers to create a veil of stars and sky around Elysium, forever keeping the new god of the void away from Elysium.

With the World, now filled with life, water, mountains, fields, sky and stars all complete, the pantheon saw their mission complete and disappeared back into the cosmos leaving behind the Elves and Dragons as Elysium's caretakers.
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September 20, 2018, 08:26:37 pm
Part 2: Rise and Fall of the Ancients

Age II: Age of Life

Following the departure of the pantheon, the dragons kept watch over the lands of Elysium. They watched over the fauna as it grew, the seas that were soon filled with life and the elves who still had much to learn. For over a millennium much did not change, the elves slowly expanded and the dragons kept observing as was their duty. But this all came to change with the formation of a new race, Humans. This new young race proved themselves to be quite resourceful, and began to mimic the advancement of the elves. The Ancient Elves, seeing the humans as a possible threat to their growing power, decided to destroy the remnants of the humans.

The Dragons, seeing the hostilities between the two races, intervened between them. They told the elves to back down and gave a select group of humans some of their magical abilities in order to even the playing field between the humans and elves. This would prove to be the Dragon Race's downfall however, for while at first their plan had succeeded in keeping the elves and humans from destroying one another, it had not however stopped the human's greed. The Human Tribes soon began to hunt down the dragons. While the dragons were indeed very powerful, they were few and far between unlike the humans who numbered in the millions.

One by one, the Dragons were killed for their stores of magic. Their powers soon absorbed by aspiring human magi, who became a race all their own. Meanwhile, the remaining energy from the dragons not absorbed corrupted the land around the dead beasts. Those who died fighting the dragons rose up as undead and what wasn't absorbed by the creatures seeped into the earth itself and created the Dwarven race. As for those around the dead dragon that were neither dead or dirt, they too were affected by the Dragon's energy. Some lucky humans turned into magi while others had their skins fall from their bodies, creating the first of the withered skeletons. The same was said for animals nearby as well, with many of the first nekos being created due to the slaughter of dragons.

As more and more dragons fell, the Dragons begged the elves for aid in fighting the humans. The Elves, still angry over the Dragon's decision to allow the humans to grow, ignored their plead. The Ancient Elves saw this as a fitting end for the annoying race. As the second age came to a close the last dragon was finally slain. Meanwhile the Elves, using the chaos the Humans caused had united and formed an empire under the First Elf Nithral across the entirety of Elysium. The Dwarves meanwhile began to slowly build a Kingdom under the very earth the Humans and Elves stood while the Nekos slowly began to expand their populations across the woodlands of Elysium.

Age III: Age of Ancients

The beginning of the third age began with warfare. The Human tribes, having finished off the dragons decided to band together once more to defeat their long time foe, the ancient elves. What soon followed was a series of wars between the two races. At first, the humans led by their powerful magi were able to slowly push the elves back. But for every elf killed, hundreds of humans died and unlike the Dragons, the elves had a population to match their prowess. Over the next few centuries, the human tribes would be eradicated by the elves and the few humans who survived either enslaved or scattered into the wilderness.

With the Human Tribes now defeated and the Dragons extinct, the Elves were left as the sole rulers of Elysium. Under the leadership of Nithral, what followed became known as the golden age of Elysium. For over one thousand years the Elves prospered and expanded their power. They built great cities, artifacts and much more. Many of the ancient artifacts found today was created during this period of time. But all good things have to come to an end eventually.

According to legend, Eldari, the creator of the Elves, returned to Elysium to help her creations once more. During this time she and Nithral started an affair, much to the Elven Queen's jealousy. It is unknown if Eldari truly did return and started an affair with Nithral or if it was simply an Elven Maid or someone else, but what is known is the Queen's response. Jealous of her Husband's new found love, the Queen in her rage responded by destroying the very veil that kept the Ortheel from entering Elysium. With the Veil now torn asunder, the First Darkness War began.

From the start of the war it was a losing battle, the Elves under Nithral's leadership charged headfirst to stop the threat his late wife unleashed upon Elysium. But the Elves alone weren't enough to stop the Darkness. Eventually, with no other option given, Nithral began requesting aid from the other "lesser" races of Elysium to come and help fight the Darkness that threatened them all. The Humans and Magi while still hostile towards the elves agreed to come to their aid in order to stop this common foe. The Dwarves, who had only recently become known to the elves, came to aid the Elves with the allure of riches. And finally the Nekos, who were more like animals at this time were soon conscripted by the elves, taught how to speak in the common tongue and given equipment to fight.

The combined might of the four races were able to halt the Ortheel's advance for a time, but even their combined power soon began to fail. Slowly Ortheel began to either kill the troops under Nithral or for some unlucky souls, corrupt them. It was during this time that Humans and Elves were turned into blood sucking vampires under Ortheel's thrall, as well as Humans transformed with half wolf half human hybrids to fight in his armies.

Soon the dawn of the last day of the third age came, and Nithral, against the words of his advisers, left their war encampment alone. It is unknown what happened next, but what is known is that shortly following his departure, Nithral and Ortheel battled. Eventually Nithral, in one last desperate move was able to entrap the darkness into his body along with Ortheel, forever imprisoning the Dark God inside himself. With the powers of light and darkness he created a tomb around himself in which he remained inside for many millennia to come.

Meanwhile, with the darkness now defeated, Ortheel's thralls scattered as their master's thoughts no longer controlled them. The war was over, but Elysium was devastated. The Ancient Elves, once numbering in billions were now left with only a few thousand left and the other allied races fared not much better. In the end, the Ancient Empire were no more, the elves that remained along with the humans splintered off creating their own factions. Meanwhile the Dwarves retreated back to their mountains to recuperate and return to their families. And so as the races began to work on rebuilding what was lost, the sun set upon the Age of Ancients.

Age IV: Age of Vampires
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September 20, 2018, 08:27:03 pm
Part 3: Reconstruction and Growth

Age V: Age of Dwarves

Age VI: Age of Rebirth

Age VII: Age of Strife
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September 22, 2018, 05:30:01 pm
Part 4: Crossroads

Age VIII: Age of Discovery/Alliances

Age IX: Age of Decay
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September 24, 2018, 02:51:38 am
Holy Sam-moo, That's a decent amount of Lore. I'll have to read it when I have the time.

Thanks for posting it though. Can't even find a good bit like this on the Wikia. Could someone pin this to the top? Or possibly fix the "LORE" Page and put this there?
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