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September 13, 2018, 10:23:42 pm
I wish I had a direct copy of this book, as I have ever only heard rumors and tales about it. as for what lies beneath it's pages, nobody seems to really know. One rumor stated only a deal with a devil conjured from a wizard capable of summoning locked targets within hell using a power known as "Hellsight" can call forth the correct devil who possesses such a book.

I tried many times, and sought many wizards who could be capable of such a feat, but they all agreed on one thing:
"Summoning a devil requires a sacrifice of blood and soul alike."

After years and years, I did find one individual whom claimed they did once summon a demon, but not a devil. "Too risky" he claimed. But he did give me a book that had in it ways to create a portal to to Hell Dimension, Nether, but warned me that even a glimpse of Hell's wild madness would drive the insane into their own recursive sub reality, where they would wander and attempt to entice people from this reality to jump into theirs, where their psychic energy feasted on by the master of that sub reality for all eternity. He stated that those whom die "Naturally" in our world, arn't gone, but their minds trapped in one of these such places, while their bodies decay and turn into rot, eventually dust, having no way back, and all doors locked to them.

I still have that book, but never did I find a key to opening it, nor did the madman actually have any of the 26 keys needed to unbind all the leather straps that hold the book so tightly bound. I tried taking them off one at a time, but for each I took off, another took it's place.

I have began to wonder myself if this book, given to me a mad man, was actually the mythical Magic Theorendum Vol 1, the book I was looking to find. But with all the straps around it, there is only one letter I can make out if I pull the leather to see the cover, an "E" only with one other letter appearing through 3 lined up keyholes, an "E". Perhaps I am the one going insane, after all I am writing these notes inside of random books, hoping one day someone will find them and piece together my scribbling of a madman series, possibly finding something, not even I could. I think this is Note #3, to whomever finds this.
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