Author Topic: The Forth of the Unfavourable Ban Appeals  (Read 157 times)

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July 11, 2018, 08:48:14 pm
IGN: CoolSam2004

Reason for ban: 'Your behavior is unacceptable on ElysiumRP. You have had multiple chances, tempbans, and warnings. If you wish to appeal this permaban, you may do so on the forums.'

When you were banned (please give a date): 21st of July 2017

When does the ban expire (if there is a date, please give it. If not, put never): Never

Why should your ban be revoked: It has now been a year since my ban, and I can say without a doubt that I have learnt what I have done wrong, and understand what I must and have done to improve myself. Given my nearly 12 month long period to think, I am able to say that I have rehabilitated to behaviour which I would personally deem acceptable for Elysium. I understand my actions over the year and a half I spent in Elysium was wrong, as well as my actions afterwards. I understand why you might not want me to return, given my history on the server, but can reassure that I have grown up and become a better and more mature person. I no longer hold my previous strong beliefs towards those I do not like, and instead understand their hate, which allows me to improve myself so that maybe if I were to return, I would not be on the receiving (or in fact giving) end of this hate. I know what I did to deserve my punishment, including all of my wrongdoings to players and staff alike, and hope that I know not to be so irritable, for that is what most of my previous tempbans and warnings were in retaliation to. If I were to return to the server I hope to continue to improve myself in my conduct even more than I have, as well as help others in the community as well. This is not some halfhearted lie to try to get myself back on the server, but a plea to return to a place I once enjoyed. I beg your forgiveness.

Additional information:
  • Character name: Former General of the Army for Lotus, Samuel Darkmor (Elysium), Ensign Samuel Blain (Kryten)
  • Minecraft Username: CoolSam2004
You just lost the game.

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August 05, 2018, 02:07:45 am
  • Character name: Former General of the Army for Lotus, Samuel Darkmor (Elysium), Ensign Samuel Blain (Kryten)
  • Minecraft Username: CoolSam2004
You just lost the game.

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August 08, 2018, 10:53:32 am
Hi CoolSam,

Thank you for your patience, and taking the time to rewrite your appeal.
Unfortunately, we have decided that the ban will remain in-place. It is our intention that this ban is indeed permanent.

  • Character name: Sarah
  • Minecraft Username: HashBr0wnie



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