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July 10, 2018, 08:15:56 pm

The Vog are a race of Humanoid-Reptilians, Native to  the Swamps, Deserts, and Mountains of Elysium.


The Vog first appeared shortly after the Extinction of Dragons. Many are not exactly sure where they came From, but some Biologists Speculate that normal Lizards were Mixed with Dragons Blood and Human DNA, possibly from killing or Eating a Deceased Mage. The newly Formed Creatures Quickly spread across the Realm, settling down in anyplace they could find and Forming Tribes. Humans met them, and Named them "Vog", Meaning Scales. They and the Vog Co-Existed Peacefully, and never Meddeled in Eachothers affairs. Soon, the Reptilians were dismissed as Unimportant and Practically Forgotten. Most Vog prefer to live in Seclusion, and stay neutral in Conflicts.


Male Vog stand around 5 to 6 feet tall. Females are Larger, around 6 to 8 feet Tall. Most come in Brown, Blue, green, or Red scales. Eye color Ranges from Yellow to Blue.

Male Vog have smaller Brains than Females, and as such, are more Compliant to Orders.

Females have 6 Lobes in their Brains, Compared to Males, who have 3.

Vog do not Posses hair, and are Cold-Blooded.

While Males tend to be More Friendly and Helpful, female Vog are Agressive And Territorial.

Each year a Femake chooses a Mate. Then, eggs are laid, and guarded by the Males. Female offspring is taken by their mothers and trained as warriors, while males are immediately taken to use as a Worker.


The Vog are built into a Social Hierchery beginning with Men, who Perform basic labor and Infantry Force for Battle, (Mainly Acting as Farmers, Smiths, and Cooks)  Up to women, Who control the Males and provide Plans and Tactics. (Aswell as Hunt for the Tribe.) They are also Separated into Tribes, with a Female Chieftess, her Guard (Female warriors Trained for Combat and Defense) and the Common-Folk, who are all Male. Sometimes, a Male may lead the Tribe, though this is Very uncommon.

The Usual Outfit for the social Classes are as Follows:

Men- Loincloths, Possibly trousers or a Vest. Beads and Decorative Pieces are Minimal.

Women- Shirts and Pants, Leather wrappings on arms, feet and Legs, More Jewelry and Decorative Pieces.

Chieftess- Dress Showing bearing the Colors and Symbol of their Tribe, Lots of Jewelry, Decoratve Headress showing Authority.


Female Vog are Quick and Agile, and, more often than not, very well Trained. Some Wield Magic, Mainly Geomancy or Aquamancy.

Males Vog are Stronger, being designed for more Menial Labor. They also have harder scales. Males usually have More stamina.


Female Vog are Arrogant and Boastful, making it keeps likely for them to make a Mistake. They also aren't as Strong or powerful as makes, so a Few sword strokes will incapacitate Them.

Makes aren't as Intelligant, and get Confused Easily. A few arrows to unprotected spots is quite effective. Hitting team hard in the head with a Mace or club will Akso suffice.
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