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July 09, 2018, 09:36:45 pm

(note: This is just my Interpretation of the Demon Lore. You can use this Version of You want, but you don't have To.)

Demons, Also known as Daemons and Hellfolk, (Different from the Hell folk Lore) are a Race native to the Volcanic Underground of Elysium, and among the most Recognized.


When the First elves were Created, Most of them fled towards the trees and Rivers to Begin their Lives. However, some Chose to Move underground. These "Earth-Elves" were constantly Digging Downwards, and as such, were ignored by their high-living kinsmen. As they Moved closer and closer to the Core of the Planet, the earth elves Gradually begin to Evolve,  Taking on a Reddish Hue to their skin. By the time they reached the Volcanic Layer, they had Changed altogether. Now, the Newly Formed Demons ("Earth-Goat" in the Elven Language) Had cloven hooves, Long, Spiraling Horns Like a Ram, Prolonged Canines and Incisors, and were Much more Aggressive. They settled in the Hot areas, Eventually Forming a Government Ruled over by a Single Autarch. Some have started venturing upwards, into the Above world, but are shunned due to their Reputation as Killers and Backstabbers.


Common Demons are about 1.8288 meters Tall, with Hooves not unlike those of a Deer, long, Spiraling horns like a Rams, (The size of Horns are often Contested in Demon Culture, and women have Noticeably smaller ones.) Red skin, Claw-Like Fingernails, Cattle-like tails, and Black hair.  Many, including women, are very muscular, as a result of working their lifetimes as miners and workers. It is Not Uncommon to see the men walking around Barechested. Demon Armor is Not very Strong, and often Highly Decorated. Despite Claims, No known demon has ever possessed Wings.


Demon Culture revolves around Work, Labor, and Strength. Naturally Aggressive and Territorial, it is Everyday life for a demon Person to have a Squabble, and, more often than not, Get into a Fight. In fact, it is Considered a great insult to Tell someone they Lack horns, as the massive projections are seen as a Show of Power. Demon peasants usually wear a linen shirt, trousers and Boots. Noblemen wear highly decorated Armor, while noblewomen wear long, complex dresses and a Sort of Headress. The Autarch, (current being Autarch Oriax) Wears gilded armor and a Crown made of Iron and Decorated with Rubies. The Autarch has a Wife, Madame Ala, but no known Children. Only male heirs are allowed to take the Throne.


Most demons are Physically quite Strong, in order to do Menial work like mining. Some know Pyromancy, Though the fire they use can only burn flesh. Most magic is Frowned upon in Demon society, so they usually don't pursue it.


Due to Living in an Extremely warm Environment, Demons are Cold-Blooded. Any basic Cryo-Mancy will be very effective against Them. They are also quite arrogant and Boastful, a Trait you can use to your advantage.

Demons are also Enraged by Angels, and Burnt by Tungsten.
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July 12, 2018, 12:22:16 am
I like dis. Dis is good.
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September 01, 2018, 04:44:35 pm
I like this lore as well. Less inherently evil than most Demon races (you can say whatever you want, but a creature from hell is evil from my point of view) and less... Edgy, I guess? Anyway, I like this race a lot
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September 01, 2018, 05:17:22 pm
Thancc. Also, These demons have an actual reason to be angry, Since they work in poor conditions their whole life, While the Autarchs up there twiddling his thumbs.
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