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July 09, 2018, 04:39:11 am
                                                      The Sealed.

Uses and name: The black guardian, is the name of the sentient magical armor sealing those with intense magical prowess or abilities, like it says this armor is used for sealing those with strong magic, it will seal with a soul bind to the sealed person as if the armor is broken off them their soul will also be shattered killing them instantly but if removed properly or if the armor deems it needed to be restrained as to let the sealed attacked it will release it bonds slightly, still keeping a grip on their body but letting them do stuff consciously. If the armor seals on someone they are forever stuck in a unconscious state until the armor is removed. Ways to remove the armor, The armor allows itself to be removed seeing it as needed at that time, the armors and persons true name is spoken separating their soul binding, or if broken, of course they die if its broken but they’re conscious of it.

Defence: This armor cannot be permanently damaged by most magic or physical attacks. The armor cannot be sliced through though the person on the inside will receive way less damage still as if they have been sliced into, the armor will of course not let them die until their blood completely drains. The armor uses the sealed ones mana aura and soul to reinforce its strength to become a strong fighting being as it can be tougher than mythril at times depending on who is sealed within it (Kindered = perplexing almost immortality, just as a general rating of scaling) This armor will not let those age inside of it or be killed by normal means like a heart being removed or a brain being removed, disintegration only works for a short time as it will begin to echo the body within it making it endless within the armor so it can't be disintegrated for a set time, though it can be killed if you hit it enough times like most things it just won't stutter or slow unless needed to, this armor is not a genius however and can be tricked by most things.

Names: The armors name usually resembles a version of the sealed ones name in some form but not identical, if both names are spoken to the armor it will unlock releasing the one within, though it's not like they’re required to keep these people prisoner they could trap anyone they wanted to. It seems that the armor takes a fondness to those inside and usually protects them until they both die without knowing.

(Intentionally seeing how far i can go with this, i will not take users comments seriously and add them to this unless it's actually cool. This is meant to be badish in a way, so judge freely, honestly hope this doesnt get improved so i can edit later)
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July 12, 2018, 12:20:36 am
So, the person dies if the armor is broken, but the armor can never be broken?
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July 13, 2018, 04:18:28 am
Technically, unless you drain mana of the armor and person at once. and also more options, ect ect. also, stabbing blunt force piercing and other things, no slicey dicey
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