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July 06, 2018, 10:25:46 pm
Dani walked down the streets of Toronto, being a tourist at the worst time - winter. She had won tickets to visit Canada as a part of Ant and Dec's Saturday night takeaway, so she was going to make the most of this opportunity. The woman walked into the snow, trying to find the nearest Starbucks. The next thing Dani knew, she spots the trademarked big green sign.
 Her pink sparkle Hello Kitty boots were not strong enough to grip to the icy road, so she began to slip and fall. "Watch out!" A man cried as he dived to grab her arm. She immediately froze, but just then, she was swept back onto the pathway. Due to her bad luck, she slipped and fell again - right into the snow! "Sorry!" She cried to the mysterious, hot man. "Oh, no worries." He replied with a chuckle.  This hot male was none other than Helios, with a fully flexed beard to keep his cheeks warm in the Canadian winter.

   "I guess we should get up?" The bearded man replied with a smirk. Dani was lying on top of him. "Oh, yes!" She jumped up on her feet, helping Helios up as a kind gesture for knocking him down. "I'm Helios" He'd say to the woman. "Oh hello. My name is Dani,"  she murmured. She had never heard a Canadian voice before, and it was true - the men in Canada had deep voices. "You're American, right?" He asked her. Dani's accent was a strange mix of Texan with Boston which made it very confusing. "Yes I am, I'm on tour I had won a ticket to visit Canada for a week, although it was the worst time to visit - aye?" Realizing what she had just done, Dani snapped her lips shut in an instant. "I'm sorry - I didn't mean to mock you! I know the Canadians say aye all the time!" She spoke oddly fast, a tomato red face now visible due to embarrassment. Helios laughed like a pig on helium, how amusing. "It's fine! We even take the piss out of ourselves aye, and you seem to be picking up the Canadian traits of apologizing all the time."


It was the next day of Dani's adventure in Canada, having found the Starbucks and getting her pumpkin spice latte. 'What a strange man,' she had thought to herself, thinking over the encounter she had with Helios in the street just opposite the Starbucks. 'I wish I could have spoken to him more.' She thought, however, Helios had to run to the nearest Mosque to catch up on his gym gains. He was in such a hurry he didn't have any more time to chat. 'What a strange, strange man,' were the words that the woman kept saying in her mind. He was familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on why. She tried to forget about it - she had to enjoy her time in Canada and not think of a handsome young man.
She got up and chucked her Starbucks cup away in the 'Organics' bin - how rude! A strong Canadian man saw this and confronted her with a growl. "Hey! We recycle here and you used the wrong bin!" The angry Canadian snarled. He looked like Rikkert with ginger hair and a rather large beard. "Whatever," Dani replied sassily with a roll of her eyes. She had no time to recycle - she came from Connecticut where they smoked lots and ate apple products for a living. "Don't you 'whatever' me! Miss with your Hello-Kitty boots and dumb Barbie purse!" He shouted at her, pushing her against the table."Ouch!" The woman screeched as she dropped her purse, pictures, and money all on the floor. "Sorry, I didn't mean to..." Rik murmured. He was Canadian - this was basically a sin! "It's fine just - go away!" Dani shrieked as she kneeled down and picked up the many photos. That very moment was when it clicked. That's when she saw it - a baby photo. "YES!" She cried, finally figuring out who Helios was.

He was her long-lost son who she had lost when Rosy (her sister) mistook the baby for a toy. She returned the child to Toys R Us who then sold him at auction.

Dani ran out of the store with tears of joy running freely down her face. The woman had thought she was going to forever be alone without a husband or kids forever - but she was wrong! "I have a son," she thought to herself. "He has to be what, 18 now? I have to see what his life was like! I've always, always wanted a man in my life!"


Dani was packing up her bag, now ready to hunt for her son. She packed up her Big Booty Bum Buster work-out guide and her Tokyo Ghoul panties. She then dragged the suitcase behind her and headed to the lobby. Once arriving at the lobby floor she'd head to the reception desk. "Do you know of a man called Helios?" She'd ask the elderly lady receptionist known as 'Munzie'. "Oh of course! He's the sexy young man who helps me with my cardio workouts when I jam to Big Shaq's 'Mans Not Hot.'" She replied in a sugary sweet voice. "Oh, that's amazing! Do you know where he is right now?" Dani asked in a very urgent voice, it was obvious she was anxious. "Oh dear, I think so. He canceled my alone-time-session since he said he was catching a flight to Japan at three." Munzie nodded so she could agree with herself. Her voice was soft and kind.

The forty-four-year-old quickly took out her Dora The Explorer watch and saw that the time was 2:30... She had only thirty minutes to stop Helios! Thank goodness the airport was only 29 minutes away - she could still make it. "Taxi! taxi!" She called out, catching the nearest taxi and jumping in. She accidentally left her suitcase in the lobby with the old woman.

"Where to, madam?" the Indian man (named Mara) asked. "To the airport!" She shrieked, "Step on it!" The Indian taxi driver knew exactly what was happening and he put the pedal to the meddle.

The taxi curved the road, quickly parking at the airport. She jumped out of the car, refusing to pay. "Oi comes back - or by the gods of Ganesh I will smite you!" Mara shouted with a heavily accented voice, but she ignored.
Dani looked at all the terminals, A, B, C....D! That's it - Tokyo! She had to stop the D to delay Helios' leave. She needed to reunite with her son! The woman sprinted to the terminal in her Wizards of Waverly Place high heels. When she finally arrived, Helios was being checked for drugs - he was Muslim. This gave her lots of time. Abruptly, she was stopped by the infamous Indian taxi driver. "Ganesh will smite thee!" He screamed in a strong Indian accent. Dani b****-slapped him extremely hard and yelled, "Nobody separates me from mah man!" The woman said in a 'black' tone - her grandma Devotedly was black.

The woman ran about until she got a better look at her long-lost-son. He was easy to spot. In a strong, loud, empowering voice, she yelled his name. Helios glanced back to see her, abruptly pausing in the doorway of the plane. "D-Dani?" He murmured with widened eyes. "Helios - I am your mother!" She screamed, sounding overly dramatic.

"M-my... mom?" The man began to cry. He only knew an adoptive father, CaptanNace, who was too obsessed with playing Fortnite to care for him.
"Mom!" He cried, struggling to get to her. Suddenly, Donald J. Trump came out of the cockpit and shouted: "Aye, you're getting deported mate!" As he grabbed the bearded fellow by the collar, strapping him to a seat, and closing the door.

Helios and Dani stared at each other whilst the door was closing with tears in their eyes. She had no money to get a flight since she didn't take up enough shifts at IHOB, so all she could do is watch the plane take off. All her son could do was watch from the window. "Don't You (Forget About Me)" began to play as Dani stuffed a massive packet of Oreos from her Powerpuff Girls rucksack into her mouth. Tears fell freely now as she watched the plane take off. Helios ate a massive thing of Cheetos from his Robbie Rotten rucksack, crying as well.



Chapter 4 of  Dani's Adventure, Todays Episode: Helios and Floofs Love journey in Japan :heart:
It was Helios' first day of School at Doki Doki High. He was still hungover after being taken away from his mother Dani by Donald Trump, nevertheless, he felt something inside of him that knew it would all be okay in the end. He packed his lunch, peanut butter and jam of course, and headed off to the bus station to go to school. At the bus station he saw someone, he looked like a student so he approached him. "Are you going to Doki Doki High?" Asked Helios nervously, he was dwarfed by the people here, Canadians were pretty short. "Ow Ya I am" Replied Floof, a Japanese student who spoke poor English, which he probably learnt from watching all the dubbed episodes of Highschool DxD. "Oh thats great, I'm new here and I'm not sure what Japanese school is like" Replied Helios, feeling a bit more comfortable now. "Oh don worri It ok it no different to normal school" Replied Floof in a stereotypical Japanese accent. Helios couldn't help but admire Floof's masculine statue and muscles, he probably went to the gym he thought. "Do you work out?" He asked. "Oh yes I do, I go to gym everyday" Replied Floof, he was so happy someone took interest in their body.

"Wow you have some big muscles, I work out as well but in Canada everyone is so soft so we don't get massive biceps like you do" Helios replied, watching at his biceps in awe. "No no you have good bicep too" Replied Floof trying to give Helios some self-confidence. "C-can I touch them Oni-chan?" Asked Helios, his cheeks blushing. "Oh yes," Replied Floof he was blushing too. Helios touched Floof's biceps, they were twice the size of his petite hands. "T-they're so, so big," Helios said as he looked into Floof's eyes. Floof looked back at him and before you knew it they leaned into one another, their lips about to touch. Helios's rose lips touched Floof's dark brown lips. Was this true love? They both thought. Is this destiny? They thought again. It was as if their minds were in unison. There was a horrible screech sound as the bus pulled up to the bus stop. The doors slammed open and the bus driver, Rosyah, Dani's sister! was there. "What you two lovers doin' on my bus stop!" She spoke like a mad Texan. Helios and Floof turned to face her with a guilty expression. "N-nothing," Helios said to here. "Wait a minute, I know you!" Rosyah replied, pressing her fat fingers to her lips as she thought.

"You're dani's lost child!" She yelled angrily, not happy to see Helios. "What?!" Helios said not even knowing who she was. "I'm gonna take you back to Toys R us you little git!" Rosyah replied screaming at Helios as she opened the door, revealing her thicc ass and stile-to heels as she got off the bus, grabbing Helios by the collar and staring down on the little worm. She was like a giant to him, in with her monstrous D sized hips and fat african lips. All helios did was gulp in fear.


Thank you to Dani for editing this fan fic into a more coherent form without as many grammar/spelling errors.
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July 06, 2018, 11:30:53 pm
this saddens me
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July 06, 2018, 11:38:31 pm
Do you think god stays in heaven because he too fears what he has created?
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July 07, 2018, 12:22:51 am
I need to be in the Next one.

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July 07, 2018, 11:24:28 am
What did I just read?

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July 07, 2018, 02:50:55 pm
What did I just read?

A story about love, friendship and most of all passion
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this is what i get for checking the forums ever

what the fek, zucc
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this is what i get for checking the forums ever

what the fek, zucc

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