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July 05, 2018, 07:53:11 pm
Hi, I'm juulrip. And this is my Ted-talk.

A premise: Recently, I made a character. My first hour of RPing him, a group of players far superior to him and size and magical capability happened upon him. Being a good sport, I decided to have my character interact- that is the point, after all. Development. A few minutes into my character deciding to go with them, we teleported to somewhere out in the wilderness. Their characters made it highly evident that this were indeed a kidnapping, and OOCly told me that my character was going to be a slave- and had a chance to work up in the ranks. Having no problem with this, I complied. (I still have no problem with this- it's good RP!). On a random note, things took a turn and they threw my character into a grotesque cage. What's the big deal? It makes sense. Captive in cell? Check. Here's where things got a little out of hand- a random person who was uninvolved entirely with the kidnapping approached and demanded kill perms. Someone else had gotten captured with my character as well. Our characters had no RP chance to get out of this situation at all- and as to not lose my new character, I appealed to the general lore of their race. My character challenged all the members of the group to a duel. The person who asked for kill perms ignored the IC request, and then went on to do a ritual wherein both mine and the other person's characters were completely killed in two emotes, with no chance of fighting back whatsoever.

My issue: This is RP. This is viable RP. But it's not good RP. Everything up until the point where two characters were killed from a distance with little to no interaction from their murderer was character building. Everything after was- for lack of a better- insulting to me and the other players. Now, I'm all for open kill perms. But if you expect people to respect your RP and want to interact with you in the future- you shouldn't go around doing s***s 'n giggles murder. Build a storyline. Create a goal. Don't just say you're taking characters souls and wait for your friends to swarm people and bring them to you so you can spend a total of 3-5 emotes forcing them into a situation where they have to be killed. Even OOCly I was threatened- the person said "you're not making it out of here a live, bud" as if they had no intentions of actually RPing with me (which it became clear they didn't.)

The actual suggestion: This is a suggestion for the community as a whole. If you're going to choose to interact with people, or kill their characters, at least give them somewhat of a chance to hold their own, even if the end it's clear they're going to die. The point of RP is to grow and experience, and ultimately have fun. Not to spend all day making a skin and writing up an idea for a character just for them to be passed off as meat in the RP grinder. If this trend of pointless character-on-character violence with no goal in sight or purpose continues, you'll drive RP off from yourself and the community as a whole. Ultimately, my experience today made me want to RP significantly less. My hope is that people will treat others characters with a little more dignity, and realize that none of us /really/ want our characters to end up dead- not in the first hour, at least. It's why you made your character an 8 foot Orc instead of a senile Hobbit. Or a Celestial fire wizard instead of a paraplegic Knight.

Final notes: It's all love. Names and races weren't shared for a reason- I'm not calling anyone out. I just want to see better quality RP.
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rip gus

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July 05, 2018, 09:12:14 pm
A paraplegic Knight sounds like a good character, Tbh
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July 05, 2018, 10:09:12 pm
I love your write-up, thank you.

I see roleplay as people getting together to write a story. Its much more fun than just inflicting your character on other people.

p.s. I admit I had to re-read 's***s 'n giggles' a few times lmao
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July 06, 2018, 03:30:26 am
I tried to follow but they mcly teleported away, most of them at least, before I could give chase so I moved into Pm's, where I literally played a game of wild goose chase pm'ing all the kidnappers and trying to find a way in where they tried to ward me off saying 'You won't make it out alive, you'll become a slave, you need to accept kill perms before we teleport you, etc, etc'. Giving me literally no time to stop the murderer as they said 'The slaves would already be dead by the time you arrived'. Clearly showing they had no intention of keeping you as a slave.
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Have a nice day! :D

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July 06, 2018, 03:43:23 am
Ely has Too many Edgy people that Seem to Randomly Kill Everyone they come just for the sake of It. I would Blame pop-Culture elements, But pop-Culture elements usually atleast have a Plot, so for now I'm just saying "Lack of Imagination."
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July 06, 2018, 10:43:37 am
Thank you.

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September 13, 2018, 09:40:22 pm
This seems like a real issue. But As I see it I have a few issues with your, dear Original Poster's, RP style, and other things.

Ask your self why, and how, your character got there in the first place. Why were you out in the middle of the wilderness to begin with? or were you just kidnapped off the streets? Where is your character's protection?

This is Mideval RP, meaning there are rogues and bandits everywhere, there are also Town Guards. When involved in an RP like a kidnapping, or Rogue Event, it's probably best to ask someone who's online, preferably one who has no benefit to the situation, to take up a Temporary Mediator Role. With a Mediator you at least have an OOC Player who knows/gives advice on the situation, and stops any "Illegal Actions" from occurring. If the player(s) your going to be RPing with refuse to play with a Mediator present, refuse to be kidnapped. If they say too bad, report them for foul play RP.

RP on this server is much more lenient than other RP servers, but this dosen't justify Foul Play RP. Like I said above, there should always be a Midiator in an RP session, one who has no Direct role in the RP, but who can keep players from doing Illegal Actions; This is especially important to Rogue-Class RP, but generally helpful for any RP session.
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