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June 30, 2018, 09:59:31 pm
Hi all! Its time to make sure everyone is up to date with the goings on of Elysium, and our plans for the future. Quite a few players have been asking what's going on, and I had hoped the information would get out a bit more via Google Docs and whatnot, but really you guys deserve a proper announcement everyone can see :)

Addressing Feedback
Below are some subjects that I've heard of recently. I'm sorry if I've missed anything while writing this post, and will come back to add anything big pointed out in the replies.

More moderation in RP areas
RP Area moderation is an ongoing thing we are trying to get better at. There is definitely room for us to grow, though finding the right balance between strict punishment and a friendly atmosphere is something Elysium has always had troubles with. Later on I'll be discussing what's going on with RP areas, and hopefully this will make it a bit easier :).

Otherwise, we have been playing with the idea of a Helper rank for quite a while. A Helper would be able to keep the peace in RP areas and gently raise the standard of roleplay around them, but would not necessarily represent the Elysium Staff Team. Many players really want to help the server, and we love you for it, though the usual mod or admin rank isn't always appropriate. The Helper rank would show the player is trusted to look after the area, but there are less restrictions and expectations.

More moderators!
We do have quite a number of mods, but we're just coming out of exam season and entering holiday season. We've had a lot more applications come through since the recruitment drive, that I regularly look through, but ASAP we'll go for another drive - Particularly thinking more about the Helper rank.

There are quite a few things to consider when deciding on a new staff member. Maturity is the big one, but this doesn't only include abusing powers - We have to consider what you will do in stressful situations, if you're likely to burnout quickly, if the work will ruin playing on the server for you, will being staff force you to pick between work and friends/towns/nations - As well as your history, if you would set a good example for players, if we can trust you to represent the team, and generally what the community's reaction to you being staff would be.

Extra note: I am now aware that more admins are really needed, particularly for grief-fixing. I'll really look into what we can do.

Resource World
A recent suggestion to help stop the nature-grief in our regions was to have a resource world. A world that would be regularly reset, and only used for things like mining and woodcutting. Nothing built there would be kept, and people wouldn't need to ruin the forests of Aria, Fei and future regions any further.

I am very happy with the suggestion, and with some further feedback I'm happy to try and implement it when possible. This would also potentially include Nether and End worlds.

Do something with Kryten
In the staff meeting on 14/06 we have decided one person will be completely in charge of Kryten. This includes lore, events and advertising. It has always been me personally that has held back Kryten’s development. It has always been the plan to simply release the lore and do a few events there, and I have every confidence that it would then be used from then on.

Monthly End Reset Event
Resetting the End each month was once quite a large and fun event for Elysium. The main problem with continuing the events was when the End world updated. Vanilla dragons die very very quickly to the group that shows up, so we have to make special ones - However unfortunately the special ones love flying away and never coming back. One way to get past this would be to just make a different mob, but the dragons are really the best mob for large groups to fight at once. Another method is using different plugins to handle it as a boss, which will definitely be looked into (with the next point).

For the reset just for resources: As mentioned in the Resource World header, we will look into having that include the Nether and End.

Variety of Mobs
Having more custom mobs in Elysium is totally something we need to get back up. Perhaps we could have competitions that allow plugin-savvy players to submit their own mobs (We use the premium version of MythicMobs).

Custom mobs can be randomly spawning bandits in the wilderness, to event creatures, to special bosses. If you are interesting in submitting your own, you will need your own server to test them on, and they obviously can't cause any lag :).

Longer Day/Night Cycle
Great suggestion, we will definitely look into this.

Server Connection & Voting
This is about the issue that it is sometimes really difficult to connect to the server, and voting seems to give no rewards.
I really have tried different things to get it back, but I fear it is something that can only be fixed by our host. I've been in very regular contact with them, but we can only see what they can get done.

I do realise how big an issue this is for us, so know that I really am taking it seriously. I would hate to migrate to another host, but I also won't let an issue like this hurt the server behind repair.

PVP Area
We are currently playing with a plugin that allows players to toggle PVP between certain people. We used to have the PERFECT plugin, that let you simply challenge someone to a fight, and you’d fight there and then and once someone won it would disable itself. But yeah, we fully intend on introducing PVP back into the world.

A larger PVP area does sound interesting, as most of the PVP plugins we would consider likely wouldn’t allow for group fights. I’ll consider having a special area that anyone can PVP in further.

Event Campaigns
Elysium having long-running event-lines have always been fun, but haven't been around for quite a while now. The root of the reason is they are very hard, and require a whole lot of know-how to get them done properly.

Most staff members with proper event experience have moved on or are inactive, which means the future is going to require a lot of practice! The plans are to train up a team from scratch, starting with smaller one-off events, learning each time and building up to doing full campaigns once again. This will hopefully go hand-in-hand with new mobs being added, and work from event staff playing with small groups to teams managing a multi-group event-line.

As for player-led events: Players have always been welcome to figure out their own campaigns, the main difference would be official backing for what transpires to be recognised as completely true and approved within our lore. There are two directions we can go with this: Players having the freedom to do non-lore events mean they can do whatever they like (assuming the characters are event-only), or the server could back players to do small official events, but there would be less freedom and generally the scale would be quite small.

We really do appreciate your patience with this, if you have suggestions on what we can do to make the process better then please give it us!

Upcoming Changes
Let's talk about some of the things we've been sorting out in the background!

Official Elysium Lore
Lets really get into what we want the new lore to be.

The main feedback Elysium gets roleplay-wise is about consistency. We're known for the freedom we give players, but also the downside that freedom entails. Finding the balance between freedom and a consistent universe has been very difficult, but we're getting closer.

The lore to be released will basically act as a giant extension of '/rprules'. Players will still have the ability to decide what they want to be and use, just as long as it falls within the boundaries we have set.
For example, our Magic Lore will explain the entire umbrella of magic - If you want to create your own magic, you will just have to make sure it falls into one of our categories, and then follows the limitations we set.
Another example: Our technology section should clearly show the most advanced of what is allowed. This way certain things will become obvious without being an unwritten rule, it will explain exactly how powerful a gun/flintlock/handcannon is allowed to be - regardless of if your character is a genius inventor.

Our goal is for everyone on Elysium to really be playing in the same world.

Players are not the only inhabitants of Elysium!
Something we will be pushing a LOT is the idea of unseen peasantry and bustling cities. Particularly in RP Areas, we will be using signs to show players the sights, smells and sounds of the area around them.

New Mage Race
Whilst we haven't completely decided everything about this race yet (like the name), we do have a very special change coming up.

For a long time, most players haven't really understood why we separate Mage and Human into separate races. The idea was so if you see a Human, you know they're magicless - but a Mage had been completely changed, like a Vampire with vampirism, or a Werewolf with lycanthropy. Another big part of the Mage race is to do with custom-races, and that we allow 'alternative names for default races'. This meant that donating players could have racenames like 'Witch', and it would be allowed as it assumed a Witch was different enough to show that it is its own thing.

Well, finally it is time to make it easier for all of us! Mage will be completely replaced by a new race

There will be another announcement in the future giving all of the details about the new race, but for now I'll say what we're thinking.
Humans will still be magicless, and will simply have no magic at all. They will not be able to learn magic, but can perhaps still use magical items like runes.
The new race, with a new name, will look very similar to a human, with slightly changes (brought on by the magic). Our aim is that anyone that wants to be a human-with-magic won't have any problems choosing this race instead. So it will be humanoid, the same usual features, but may have a slightly altered skin-tone, greater living age, slightly taller, and/or the option of (ram) horns.

Custom-races will stay exactly the same. Whilst we may tighten the rules a little bit, we will still generally allow custom mage races that are specific enough to refer to a special breed of mage.

New Spawn, New Roleplay Area and New Build Team
When players first join the server, and finish going through the tutorial, we would love to have a proper introduction to the server and lore. An in-character walkthrough of the player finding out about the world, and the people in it. Whether this is a Morrowind-esque 'character getting off a ship to a new land', or venturing through a new forest to find an abandoned village, we want the intro to Elysium to be roleplay focused.

Once the player is finished, they will be sent to the actual '/spawn'. A proper Elysium-hub with the usual pet-shop and Region warps, based in a really well built section of a city. The player can choose to go building in Aria/Fei, or they might look at the main city entrance: A big, VERY obvious entrance to a roleplay area. 'RP AREA' plastered everywhere around this bridge/corridor/arch/door, and all the whistles to go with it explaining '/rprules' and what we expect of people in this area. - We want to be able to show off the spawn city and what Elysium is, but also make sure that new players aren't wandering into the area without knowing the rules.

Elysium has a very large city that we have would love to open for proper use. Our aim is to make this area into the server's main roleplay hub, with Ro'ark and Turu still available via ship (and warps). The city itself is slightly separate from the mainland by rivers, but a large bridge allows access to the surrounding forest (for us to fill with secrets).

Before this can be released we will be forming an Official Elysium Build Team. There will be more information about this coming out in the future, but it has been in the works for a while now. We will be recruiting from both inside and outside of Elysium, as build-quality is the most important factor.

With the new rp-heavy spawn, consistent lore, and various plugin fixes, I see the server coming back up to what it should be :). That's everything I can think of right now! I'll see all of you around Elysium soon!
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