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June 24, 2018, 04:39:28 am
IGN: nova_176

Reason for ban: "too much greifing, not enough maturity for elysium.

When you were banned (please give a date): back in may or June of 2016, specific date unknown.

When does the ban expire (if there is a date, please give it. If not, put never): never

Why should your ban be revoked: When i got the ban hammer, i was confused. i had only ever greifed once, and that was an accident. as for maturity, i had never caused trouble on the server before, and maturity was never an issue. i wasn't sure what happened. maybe i messed up, maybe someone false reported me, maybe it was all a misunderstanding. i don't know, but I'd love to be able to enjoy this server as much as i did in the past.

Additional information:N/A
  • Minecraft Username: nova_176

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August 08, 2018, 01:07:13 pm
Hi nova,

Your appeal has been accepted.
Please make sure to check the /rules when you log back on, as they may have changed since you lasted played.

Hope you enjoy your time back in Elysium.



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