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May 14, 2018, 11:53:59 pm
The Nieheart Religion

Religion in Nieheart society is not like Religion in other societies. To the Nieheart, they do not worship their Gods, pray to them or offer sacrifices, have statues or figures to represent them or anything. They do honor and respect the Gods greatly though, because in most religions the Gods are made up (In Elysium that is, because the only Gods that actually exist in Elysium are the canon ones, and who worships those?), but the Gods in Nieheart society are not made up. To the Nieheart, the term God is a rank, one of the highest achievable.
 Those with this rank have proven themselves to hold great power and great skill in the battlefield, and have done some sort of feat worthy of the title. The title is given to people in a ceremony by Talos himself, the King of the Gods. Becoming a God is a great honor, and the title comes with requests. While the God does not have to follow these requests, most if not all Gods have followed the requests, because why wouldn't they?
 The Nieheart aren't a selfish people, and they care for their community and one another. Some of the requests are protecting Fulgarde in the time of attack, helping take care of the community, helping build, and helping establish diplomatic connections with the nations and lands of Elysium, as well as training other Nieheart to become great warriors. All Gods are given a room in the Great Palace where Talos resides, which also holds the Great Hall in which the Nieheart people hold an annual feast and celebration.

Sometimes Gods use titles, such as "God of Strength", to represent what they are good at.

List of Current Gods

Talos, King of the Gods

Mary, God of Nature, Wife to Talos

Izikashi, God of War

Duhlkuhm, God of Metalsmithing

Aerius, God of of Waters

Arnha, God of Archery

Ghyro, God of Earth

Jyra, God of Trickery

Aesthela, God of Light

Borinos, God of Protection

Kha, God of Destruction

Aer, God of Creation

Banllho, God of Music

Kibetera, God of Magic

Brehnn, God of Strength

Khorona, God of Flames

Eilla, God of Speed

List of Deceased Gods

Eironaka, God of War

Wakitashi, God of War

Tacitus, God of Storms

Bauhnna, God of Metalsmithing

Rivoto, God of Waters

Ichor, God of Flames

Benillo, God of Metalsmithing

Ira, God of Spirits

Eimengar, Gatekeeper God

Scyllo, God of Protection

Tembrei, God of Beasts

Khal, God of Strength


Not much more for now, I'll probably get around to writing more later on if I forgot to add something or fixing the list of both living and dead gods incase I forgot one. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or anything at all just leave it down below and I'll be sure to answer anything!
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May 15, 2018, 12:51:16 am
And Give them More ideas for Exclamations.

Also, Why did you have 3 Different gods of war.
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May 15, 2018, 12:54:39 am
Hyde is kind of right with the war gods thing...

There’s currently four God of War games I believe.
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May 15, 2018, 02:48:13 am
You guys are silly. There's only one god of war (In this thing), which is Izikashi. The other Gods of War are currently deceased and are the former War Gods, the current is Izikashi.
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