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August 19, 2017, 06:25:15 am
Do you remember when EVERYONE was on Kryten? And then only a month later, nobody got on? Well, these are some ideas that can bring it back!

Make an area outside of spawn, to bring you to Kryten.
The only time you hear of a warp to Kryten, is from before you enter the server, when you look at your list of servers. It's right under the title. And even then, new players wouldn't ask due to unfamiliarity with the server in general, and maybe even lack of interest. And older players don't go because either they see nobody's there, or they don't know about it, which leads to my second point:

Make it more interesting!
Don't just say, "Oh, here's a cyberpunk server for cyberpunk roleplay, have fun", and merely put a map, texture pack, and some races in! Actually do something with it! Make it interesting! Events! Story! Villains! Heroes!

Have some rules.
Yes, it's a 1984 Big Brother-esque society. But not much else is told! What about technology, how advanced is it? How do people get weapons? How do people live their daily life? How do people relax in such a state of paranoia? Basically what I'm saying is, have some rules that regulate RP to CRP. Have weapons work on a roll, due to the weapon's technological advancements. A bullet is something you can't dodge, so rolling would be important. (For once.) Or plasma, lasers, or whatever the "bullet" is. Again, people don't know how advanced technology is, so they don't know if plasma and laser weapons are even allowed!

Have some staff in Kryten.
I'm only saying this because once people get on Kryten, it will be chaos. So staff would more than likely be needed.

Make beginner-level and high-level roleplaying areas!
Another way to help make it seem popular, is to make either two separate maps, or two different areas on the map now, to keep high and beginner-level roleplayers separate. High-level roleplayers tend to stick with each other, as do beginner-level roleplayers, so when some of their level join Kryten, more would come!

For now, this is all I have. Kinda made this on the spot, and I truly do want some of that sweet Kryten cyberpunk roleplay. Just make it more popular, changes are surely to come! Don't leave it a barren wasteland!
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Both you and I can agree that nearly all of Elysium's custom races are trash.

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August 19, 2017, 07:47:53 am

Love these suggestions and wholeheartedly support. I didn't go on Kryten much, but if this was all in place, I think I would've played more on it lol.

Idk if +1's are ever still a thing, but uh, cool post.

the title made me do a double take and go 'WHA? O_O' tho
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August 19, 2017, 09:04:46 pm
I remember I actually came to Elysium because I saw on the front page after it's initial release that they had a Cyber Punk, and all I did for a couple months was play Kryten. In it's entirety, people had trouble with combat because of a lack of set technology, and that whenever a fight broke out, more people wanted to join because there was /nothing/ to do. I loved Kryten but I agree, these things would make it better. I fully support this. +1
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August 20, 2017, 01:15:58 am
I think one problem Is the lack of areas.  the only place you can really get to in Kryten is the city, which gets kind of small and boring after a while. they should add more warps on Kryten, like a bunker or a nuclear town or something.
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August 20, 2017, 06:55:13 pm
I think Kryten needs a bigger city in general, Sure you can add more areas, but personally when i imagine cyberpunk i imagine, expansion, innovation, Just Technology just exploding everywhere. Like a high and low area a place where the poor are poorer and the rich get richer. the world of steampunk is all about risks and change. No single thing could ever last, You see a brand new steam pistol? a better one just came out the next day.

   Another thing i would like to consider is the possibility of maybe a ganglord situation, maybe a secret vault hidden in a older outdated version of kryten that was buried because of the new city expansion, who knows what's in that vault experimental tech? Explosives? Money? Virus that could end the world? What do we as the characters of kryten need to step up and use our technology for? what do we need to do to keep our city constantly expanding?
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September 04, 2017, 05:42:45 am
i really like this! keep it up, mi- i mean nia.

ya, nia.


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October 31, 2017, 03:01:18 am
Kryten needs a bit of lore. It's hard to rp because everyone uses their own idea of what cyberpunk is. (Even when there were people there...) I don't think the area is much of a problem.
also woo late replies to things :p
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October 22, 2018, 04:35:38 am

^ This is Cyberpunk
My favorite Nobody Music Artist, He does a lot of strange stories like this, and a lot of Cyberpunk-esk stuff.

Pesonally haven't played on Kryten, Is it any good?
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