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June 05, 2017, 03:06:30 pm
Me and a friend want to host an RP in Kryten since its usually dead.

There are Four Teams:

Criminals: MeatSink
Leader of the authorities: None
People: Me
Outside Sorce: None
More information below
We Will be working with a custom lore since we think it would be more fun!!!

Kryten is a town taken over by the government, forcing its Citizens under surveillance and
making them work for little to nothing, giving them what they need to survive.
Things like Food, Water, and drugs are scarce due to this money is worth little to nothing

We Provided a few extra laws:

No smoking, no drinking, no bad talking authorities, no weapons, No skipping work,
No Vandalism, No possessing of Illegal Items, No Suicide, No not being married Before 27
No Bringing unknown Chemicals, Illegal Anz displays of affection below the age of 18
No Walking around without an ID,

How people are Identified

People are Identified by RFID Chips the Robo-Cops can scan, the criminals know how to have these
removed so visual sight or conversation would be necessary to identify them.


Scissors, Guns, Drugs, Glass, Knives,
Steel bladed boots, Swords, Rope,
Shoe laces, Blow Torches, Foreign Food,
Bullets, Masks, Trenchcoats, Radios,
Gasmasks, Bikes, Rollerskates,

Seek as much as they can inside

Motivation - Want to live simple
Goal - To stop the Goverment

Authorities Team:
 Motivation - Want Food and to be happy, causing them to make people work for them
Goal - To stop the criminals

Outside Sorce:
Motivation - Help people get a better life
Goal - Stop the Authorities

To join please answer the following:

Name / Character you'll be using


Name/ Character: Max Reddel
Age: 17
Team: People

(Thanks Meatsink for helping!)
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June 05, 2017, 09:54:59 pm
Name / Character you'll be using: Viper, the omnic.... A massive amount of guns hidden in his arms, and is quite known as a professional killer.
Age: Character age - unknown.
Team: Hired. I suppose he would be hired by the criminals, to help them and do quite a job at that... He had been known to destroy massive buildings with little to no effort with his gun collection.
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Isn't it nice to have a russian friend?
I do.
Because I'm fecking russian.

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June 07, 2017, 12:52:45 pm
Name / Character you'll be using: Jamie. She is really serious and boring. But she likes to make jokes nobody understands.
Age: 19
Team: People
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June 07, 2017, 04:35:54 pm
Name / Character you'll be using: Tyler Moses
Age: 36
Team: Criminals
  • Character name: Tacitus
  • Minecraft Username: MasterThor

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August 09, 2017, 03:38:03 pm
Probs is dead.
  • Character name: The Randomass Characters. My newest one is Ad Astra.
  • Minecraft Username: Sansrriorar
Isn't it nice to have a russian friend?
I do.
Because I'm fecking russian.



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