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May 24, 2017, 06:00:03 pm

Reason for ban:"If you are not going to be respectful don't come at all :)"

When you were banned (please give a date): 5/24/17 at 11:54 CDT

When does the ban expire (if there is a date, please give it. If not, put never): 24h

Why should your ban be revoked:it wasn't disrespect i just asked how a memorial in minecraft to a terrorist attack would help more than action on public forum or real life it wasn't that disrespectful. It was meant as a serious question and not meant to be disrespectful. To me the memorial seems like straight up virtue signalling and not really effective in much.

Additional information:
people are way too sensitive on this server
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May 24, 2017, 06:13:48 pm
A. I think you can wait 24 hours before playing on Elysium again.

B. The way appeals work is for bans that last more than 3 days or so (Typically week bans to perma bans respectively).

And to the admin who is reading this comment, I think you guys need to find a way to emphasis this since a lot of players seem to still not get that appeals are for people with a ban of more than 3 days.  ;)
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May 24, 2017, 07:08:21 pm
Hello Noah,

I've gone over the chat logs of the incident, and have concluded that you did in fact, not "ask" it, instead you went:

"Lol is this about the ariana grande concert, a minecraft memorial won't do anything for it, real life debate is the solution."

Which will be considered disrespectfull, as such the ban will stay.

Next time, be more respectful on the topic that was at hand, and especially watch the way you phrase it, what you may presume as acceptable can be felt otherwise by others, especially if it hits them personally.
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