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April 29, 2017, 03:08:08 am
As civilization began to quiet down in the city of Kryten, it was the perfect moment for the new antagonists to arrive. Civilization feared them and worried that they would rise. They were called ... The Grail Association.

What is the 'Grail Association'?

The 'Grail' Association is a powerful organization that rebels against the government, thinking it's corrupted. The 'Grail' Association, as others view it, is bad, and highly dangerous.The 'Grail Association' consists of assassinations to world leaders, bounty hunters, spies, hacking, programming, etc. Despite of their antagonistic image, the 'Grail Association' can assist with problematic needs, such as a terrorist attack. The 'Grail Association' was originally founded by Gawain Pendragon, only passing the own of the 'Boss' to his offspring, Leon Pendragon, after his death. Currently, the 'Grail Association' lurks within the cities of Kryten .. Nobody knows where their main base is, or their current whereabouts.

How can I join the 'Grail Association'?

To join the 'Grail Association', you must be at least be an intermediate roleplayer, and you must have a Skype account, for easier communication to all members. You must be experienced with combat RP, as well as communication with civilians without looking or sounding suspicious. You must /msg excaliburia to join, or reply to this forum with an application form.

Anything else I should know about?

In the 'Grail Association', we discuss plans and participate in closed SL events, and sometimes,
official RP events as well! Please do not go around Kryten saying that you're part of the Association,
or you will be kicked out.

Application Template
Please, be honest, and do your best to fill out this application! Good luck!

What is your IGN?

How old are you?

What's your character name?

How old is your character?

A short summary of your character's backstory.

A short summary of your character's skills and abilities.

If your application is accepted, then we'll probably give you a training/test IRPly!
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  • Character name: leon
  • Minecraft Username: excaliburia
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April 29, 2017, 06:04:30 pm
IGN: Lunakei
Age: 15
Character name: Nakei
Character age: 18
Summary: She doesn't remember her past. She doesn't let this bother her too much though. She focuses mainly on the future more than anything.
Abilities: She is very fast and agile. When she's mad, her red eye "takes over" and she can do some serious damage. Acting is also one of her strongsuits.
  • Minecraft Username: Lunakei

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April 29, 2017, 10:52:31 pm
What is your IGN? Flooff

How old are you? 14

What's your character name? Jack Cardinal

How old is your character? Looks to be the age of 31

A short summary of your character's backstory. Jack being a Synth was not born but made, he was made by a mega corporation who was focused on the project of large scale anti-gang weaponry for Kryten, this weaponry being Synths, the company failed to upload the right AI into system of the Synth's made after a large scale hacking of the project occurred. This hacking placed a virus into the synth's made which allowed free thinking for them. The Synths out of production by this time revolted against their creators but few escaped. Jack being one of these Synths ended up on the streets alone and confused. Quickly learning and adapting to his surroundings he became the only thing he knew how to become, a killer. Giving himself the name Jack Cardinal he quickly climbed the ranks and became a well known mercenary having been used by many clients. His service comes for a price though.

A short summary of your character's skills and abilities. Jack being made for the task of taking down gangs is an almost perfect fighter, having elegance and deadliness in skill, not to mention being a master with guns. He usually carries a electric stun stick and a gun that can switch from a sniper to an automatic rifle. He's a good planner and can work with the toughest of situations. As well he is a pretty good hacker and can bypass quite a bit of things. 
  • Character name: Henrik Otto
  • Minecraft Username: Flooff

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May 02, 2017, 11:23:43 pm
Was forced to repost it in order to edit it.

What is your IGN?
How old are you?
 I am 16
What's your character name?
 Joseph Rickard Patton
How old is your character?
 Joseph Patton is currently a 17-year-old
A short summary of your character's backstory.
 After rejected by the army, Joseph Patton began his downward spiral into what some would say madness. Having spent most of his teenage life learning about tanks and how to repair them, he was left with a very impressive skill set, from repairing tanks to how to drive one. Currently, he lives in a small "penthouse" in Kryten, repairing an old  M551 "Sheridan" AR/AAV and a damaged M26 Pershing, which, like him, were cast out of the military. He continues to work on his two tanks, though making little progress due to lack of proper parts.
A short summary of your character's skills and abilities.
 Joseph has acquired a full-functional decommissioned  M551 "Sheridan", along with a damaged M26 Pershing, of which only the cannon is operable until he is able to find usable treads and a working engine. Along with this, he is quite skilled with an assault rifle and relies heavily upon his Galil. Arming the Sheridan is a case of HE rounds (stolen), and a supply of AP (also stolen). He has no special ability but is skilled in both repairs and tank piloting. Additionally, he has a robotic arm, with allows him to switch from a hand to a drill wrench or a blowtorch, extremely useful for repairing damaged vehicles on the go.
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  • Character name: Inaho Kaisaka, Creator of the KCS
  • Minecraft Username: Chili105



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