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The UC - Underground Communications.

The UC already holds a suitable amount of information and funding needed to fuel this process.
Think of the UC as a division or agency. Perhaps even an insurance company.

     The Underground Communications is an idea first proposed by North Coil - A man who had very defined beliefs and strategies within handling "Illegal" affairs and gang activity. North Coil died right during the kick off of the operation/Organization , Leaving it into ruin at the beginning. Harper Coil has rediscovered this plan, And has begun to initiate it immediately. The Idea is:

A database and validation of various gangs and their core information - Which will be held strictly to superior members of the UC. This includes : Amounts of members, Past activities, Names, And even stuff down to the core of identification. This is so that gang activity can be "directed" in a sense of course : In a more seperated enviroment. This means gangs/organizations will not do such dangerous or "Illegal" activites to innocent people, Or to unknown individuals sparking gang wars or disputes.
In the end, The core goal is to be able to record information about gangs so they can pinpoint and destroy them as soon as they become radical and hurt gangs that are not able to voice themselves.

An "insurance-like" system of sorts. You automatically obtain alliances and trade with other gangs, Creating a large network of protection - Along with what the UC offers. The UC offers:
-Hired soldiers/UC members that will respond and engage certain affairs such as : Trade, Diplomacy, and handling some battles against "illegitimate" organizations (Groups not interacting or apart of the UC, or are not longer participating in them) . They'll supply a very basic amount of weaponry and funding.

Relaying information. Groups in the UC will have access to certain information the UC has withholds, And  other gangs have gotten. They will also be given news and warnings about current events or rumors.

The members/groups of the UC must not fight other groups inside of the UC or do any violent behavior towards them. They should attend meetings and try their best to be present at confrontations, And fights. They are allowed to kill and attack all un-documented/seperate groups.

Groups/individuals will be punished and removed if not cooperative with these tasks.

The membership.

The top members of the UC are slightly secret. They will have certain people below them that help organize and control actions.  - Then there are the RMOIGs/RMOID. Retired members of in-cooperative  groups or deals. You can fill out a thing below to enter the UC as a group or individual, Or a member.

We already have a small selection of people/groups inside the UC.

You can fill out a thing below to enter the UC as a group or individual, Or a member.

(I was tired when I wrote this, And I haven't really posted in the forums.)
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