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November 29, 2016, 08:45:39 pm
- Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns - Prophets and Pawns -

Abbreviation(s): The Prophets, The Prophethood

The Prophets originally were put together during the beginning of the prohibition on certain potions. Their primary ideal was simply to make profit, by selling various contraband, however specialising in the trade of the prohibited potions (those ones that Kryten is always complaining about). The Prophets were originally assembled by a Human, however his name was never known and so it has not been stated in this record, however it is widely believed that he may have been of the Blain family, dating back some millennia ago. This individual acquired the assistance of many Synths, and made them the face of his crime syndicate. Synths were originally chosen by the individual for their enhanced physical capabilities, and as there is no way to reliably  tell a Synth from a Human by eye, they were the perfect choice to carry out heists, smuggle goods, and perform attacks on rival groups or key individuals. Since the death of the the founder however, The Prophets seemed to disappear.

Fast forward a few decades, and the Prophets seem to be back, this time expanding their horizons to information brokering alongside their previous actions. Multiple attacks were carried out, and graffiti stating their return began  to crop up around Kryten, however no-one was able to confirm nor deny their return. At some point during the return and reformation of The Prophets, more and more variation of race began to join them. This is likely due to it becoming less obvious as to who are members of the group, if everyone is a suspect.

Throughout the entirety of the The Prophets existence the leader/s has always remained anonymous to even those among The Prophets, however does have a means of contacting members, as well as an individual alias amongst the gang. Due to this there is still a clear order of authority, however everyone is valid to call upon assistance from other Prophets. There is widespread belief that the new leader may be an AI, similar in origin to Kryten, however redesigned for this new purpose.

There a variety of roles available amongst the Prophets, they are as follows:

Information Broker: The sort of person who can tell you the news before the news has happened. Knives and other small blades are the most common weapons of choice amongst information brokers, as violence is often avoided by them, however despite their lack of firepower they are skilled in combat.

Smuggler: This is the person who can get you anything, from weapons to the more sensual of items, full discretion is guaranteed. Handguns are common amongst the smugglers.

Pawns: Despite their derogatory title, the Pawns are a very important part of the Prophets. Making up the majority of the Prophet's army, pawns are skilled in gun fights, and dirty play. Many of them will carry a gun of some description varying in size and type (from shotguns, to pistols sand everything automatic in between), and often a bat or lead pipe.

Assassin: These men and women have a strong aptitude for killing without remorse, and jumping to haystacks. Long range rifles, bolt action and otherwise, are common amongst assassins, along with small knives, and easily concealed handguns.

Thief: A great start for the younger amongst the underworld. Thieves are useful for obvious reasons, and help bring in a basic income for the gang. Thieves can also be used as a distraction for the Pawns or for assassins, drawing law enforcement away from key areas. The more experienced of thieves can often target more valuable objects, moving away from the streets and partaking in large heists.

Infiltrator: These individuals join the ranks of other groups, such as law enforcement and other gangs. From there they will steal information and supplies for the Prophets.

Runner: Fast and agile, runners are tasked with a variety of jobs. Their skills lie in their speed, and parkour. There will often assist Smugglers, Thieves and occasionally Assassins, and can usually be found with a shotgun in their hands.

Rigger: An expert in hardware of all natures. From combat drones, to synth/omic repairs, to cyber-prosthetics, Riggers are your number one source of tech support.

Should you wish to join Prophets and Pawns, please comment the following:

IGN (Username):

RP name:


Age of character:

Role wanted:

Weapons and fighting style:

Other information:

If you are accepted you will be notified via private message.

Questions are also appreciated.


Update 1

New roll added! (Rigger, see rolls section)

Update 2

IM BACK! After a long period of dealing with IRL issues I have returned, sorry to those who replied to this forum thread and have been waiting, please see the comments for more details.

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November 29, 2016, 08:52:31 pm
Would join, but have another group ;))))
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November 30, 2016, 03:37:28 am
IGN (Username):
 My user name is WeariestLlion81

RP name:


Age of character:
Unknown (His guess is 627 years. He was built to last for hundreds maybe even a couple thousands of years.)

Role wanted:

Weapons and fighting style:
 Is really good with small hand guns, and snipers. Is also really good with switch blades. But prefers doing something from a distance.

Other information:
Was put into  forced sleep mode for a VERY long time. Memory of before we was put in to sleep mode was wiped. He was only recently discovered by a group in the sewers. He is now fixed up and has most of his robotics repaired, replaced, and updated. He is now out to find what truly happened to him and is looking for groups that might help him. That's how he found the Prophets. He heard this group is full of information. He is willing to do anything for information he needs.

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November 30, 2016, 06:46:02 pm
IGN: octoroyal

RP Name: X41

Race: Omnic

Age of Character: 15'ish

Role Wanted: Information Broker

Weapons and Fighting Style: On the rare occasion X41 does fight he has been known to use his bare hands and does not usually carry weaponry. When he does it is never anything more than a small knife or two.

Other Info: X41 acts a robotic reporter. He runs a small news website and posts sarcastic articles monitoring current affairs from time to time. While he may put a pessimistic spin on whatever he writes he has never been known to lie. For the right price he may also be able to provide information or services discreetly and he has stores of knowledge beyond what he posts as news
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November 30, 2016, 07:48:32 pm
Sounds neat, but the reference to the Blains can't be, unless it's an alternate dimension version of them you're talking about. Kryten is a city, not in the world of Elysium.
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November 30, 2016, 08:23:01 pm
Sounds neat, but the reference to the Blains can't be, unless it's an alternate dimension version of them you're talking about. Kryten is a city, not in the world of Elysium.

I merely used the reference to the Blains as it was a well known, large family name that I had previously been a part of.
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December 01, 2016, 05:28:20 pm
That is allowed, in Kryten no one knows what 'Blains' are
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December 04, 2016, 10:29:50 am
IGN (Username): NaoQuinn

RP name: Fox (Real character name: Unknown)

Race: Human

Age of character: Unkown but he looks 28

Role wanted: Assassin

Weapons and fighting style: His weapons are: Hidden blades, a glock m9, DSR-Precision GmbH DSR-1 and a flare gun to set people on fire. His fighting style is made by himself. It's a fast action mostly ment for freerunners but he uses knifes and small handguns with the style.

Other information: Hes a really good hacker  No one knows whos his family is or what his real name is.
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December 05, 2016, 03:09:45 am
IGN: repeatt

RP name: Lu_Perlman

Race: Human

Age of character: 19-20

Role wanted: Information Broker

Weapons and fighting style: Ambidextrous with switchblades and basic firearms, however only uses weapons when the situation calls for it. He attacks from short distances.

Other information: Growing up in the poor sectors of the city is never easy, but for better or worse, Lu is here. Intrigued by rumours of this organization, he wants to put his skills-- specifically, his incredible memory-- to use. He doesn't show it, but he has a serious side beneath his casual exterior. He is materialistic, and can be easily persuaded with money.
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December 17, 2016, 04:25:49 pm
"Weapons and fighting style: His weapons are: Hidden blades, a glock m9, DSR-Precision GmbH DSR-1 and a flare gun to set people on fire. His fighting style is made by himself. It's a fast action mostly ment for freerunners but he uses knifes and small handguns with the style."

Right, there's no such thing as a 'glock m9'. There's Glock 17-43, and an M9, but a 'glock m9' simply doesn't exist, my friend.

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December 22, 2016, 04:15:51 am
IGN(Username)- Azar04

RP name- Orval Coil

Age of character- 20

Role wanted- Rigger/Information Broker/Assassin

Fighting style- Uses a sniper rifle to pick off enemies from a distance, he also uses a uzi in case his enemies come to close and he cant use his rifle, he always travels light so he can move freely without extra weight.

Extra info- The only reason Orval is able to do three jobs is because of his skills, his knowledge with technology helps with Rigger, he has friends and coms in places that help with being a information broker, and his kit of weapons is able to make him quite a effective assassin.

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January 09, 2017, 09:51:51 am
I would love to sign up for this group!

IGN (Username): Alniyat

RP Name: Isela (Means thief in an African language)

Race: Human

Age: 14 (But acts older and tougher)

Role Wanted: Thief

Weapons and Fighting Style: People underestimate her because of her age and size, she uses that to her advantage and is often a user of the 'hit and run' tacit. She uses small knives or pipes, because she doesn't have enough money to buy any better weapons, but could easily be taught how to use other weapons.

Extra Info: She was neglected by her parents at a young age and took to the streets. She learned to be tough and defend herself. She is still a child, though, and will look up to anyone who seems to be a role model in her life (This could be the gang leader/s). Especially if her role model takes her in as one of their own. She would be a very loyal companion and would do anything for that person.   
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January 23, 2017, 08:31:15 pm

Well then, it has been a LONG time since I've come to this forum page....

Sorry about that, there have been some unavoidable IRL issues which I've had to get through, but it's (mainly) all good now. So, I'm back!

It should be fairly obvious at this point that I am not nearly active enough to run the Prophets... and so the position is open. I will personally select the new leader who will take my place whilst I am offline. Currently I am thinking of promoting Azar, simply because I have known him for some time through a town on Ely, and know that he is reliable enough not to just drop away like I did.

I will be retaining a position of some importance (perhaps a co-leader) amongst the prophets, however as it is less of a hierarcy, and more of a community, power doesn't mean much amongst the members, as we all have an equal say.

Should Azar not want/be able to take on the roll, I am willing to let others take the roll should I see it fit.

That being said, moving on to the "Acceptance".

I have read through all of the applications posted thoroughly, and they are all great, everyone that I haven't already messaged before my downtime is accepted.

Glad to see so many people appreciate the Prophets (especially over the other gangs :3)

Wren out~
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January 23, 2017, 11:50:24 pm
I gladly accept the position, thank you Wren I shall not fail you!
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