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November 28, 2016, 04:06:26 pm
The Children f Kryten are one of the most deadly assassins in Kryten. They are highly trained in combat and there are specific suppliers that are trained in alchemy and tailoring.

The Children f Kryten has one leader, also known as the Vater. The leader chooses his well trusted warriors, that are named the Fratelli, and he has them as his closest men to work for him.

The Group started when the Vater's only brother got killed. They were living out in the streets after their parents mysteriously vanished. They would steal watches, wallets and pretty much anything they can get their hands on that was valuable. They was in dept by the Mafia when they promised money to them when the younger brother that is the Vater stole a pocket knife and a wallet from one the the members of the Mafia. They did not pay the dept so the older brother got killed for his younger. The Vater was then took in by a man the witnessed the whole thing and then from there he pretty much raised him. Taught him combat, how to steal good and how to loose sight from the authority. After The Vater came to the age of 19 he began to think that the man that raised him was working for the Mafia because every time a new body was found dead he would of left the day earlier. So the younger brother stabbed his carer six times in the chest and twice in the face. When the police arrived, no evidence was there, only the body. This was the start of him getting a group together. Blackmailing, stalking and training was all he needed to start the Children.

The Children are characterized into four different classes; the watchers, the suppliers, the assassins and the brutes.
The Watchers: They watch out for the assassins in a mission, they are long range attackers that are equipped with a gun for backup.
The Suppliers: The Suppliers supply the assassins and the brutes with things like weapons to armour to poison to EMPs. They sometimes go out to the battlefield.
The Assassins: These are the ones that complete all the missions, theft and murder are the key ones but they will do anything for a price.
The Brutes: And finally the brutes. They are the heavy equipped mercenaries that back up the assassins, or they do missions that would be too dangerous. They are the heaviest set warriors that are the biggest.
The Minions: The minions are Omnics or Synths. They obey the Fratellis and the Vaters for whatever they want. They all have an AI chip that is a custom to listening to every order by them.

If you wish to join just comment this format in the comments:
RP Character:
Age of Character:
Weapons and fighting style:
What class you want to be:
Additional Information:
Skype (Optional):

2 Notes: Orcs can only be brutes and you may not always get what class you want, it depends on what other people are.
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November 28, 2016, 04:43:32 pm
RP Character:Kappo
Age of Character:20
Weapons and fighting style: Kappo prefers to be long ranged as his main type of weapon is a long ranged rifle, but when put in close combat he uses electric weapons to disable or kill people
What class you want to be: Assassin Or Watcher
Additional Information:Nope
  • Character name: Segar
  • Minecraft Username: Promotey
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November 28, 2016, 06:16:31 pm
Username: Rooby01PvP
Roleplay Character: Dana Merwin
Age of Character: 17
Race: Neko
Weapons/fighting style:
When fighting she tends to like using hand held weapons such as knifes, bats etc but her strongest fighting point is with a pistol.
What class would you like to be: Watcher
Additional information:
She is a very loyal person but can have a big attitude at times.
  • Character name: Evilyn Darkmor <3
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