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November 28, 2016, 01:53:24 am
In those times at least according to newspapers there seemed to be lot of serial killers and other madmen loose. Maybe it was the twin-standard morals of the era, readily available drugs or something else...

Wealthy aristocracy is flocking to get new "improved" electrical and magnetic treatment from man claiming to be grandson of Franz Anton Mesmer, those who have received the treatment feel energized in whole new way. The Society of Honour, clinic established in original Mesmer's name carries out the treatments.

Player characters soon discover the dark side of Mesmer's theory of "animal gravity" as they notice that there is rash of murders and other irrational behaviour committed by those who recently been to the clinic, like something would have mangled and distorted the very soul of the patients.

During the course of the investigations they find out that grandson of Mesmer is in fact the original Mesmer himself, thought to be dead since 1815, they find out that doctor Mesmer has sustained his life by transferring energy of his patients to himself, or "feeding on souls" like you more religious people would like to say. Quite recently he has find out process of reversing aging process and looks like only 20 years old young man, downside of his method is that those who he feeds on with his magnetic transfer machinery become insane and without consiense or any morals. He thinks that he is just setting them free of any artificial strains of civilized society.

It is clear that deranged madman like this who defies natural world must be stopped.

Here is bit of history about the fellow:
"Mesmer and his dramatic, live "cures" created quite a storm of adulation and outrage across France. So much so that King Louis XVI, before later losing his throne and head, appointed a "commission" to investigate Mesmer's cures. The skeptical, scientific-minded American Minister to France, Benjamin Franklin, headed Le Commission. Franklin's commissioners concluded that Mesmer and "magnetism" were frauds. He stated rightly so that all Mesmer's cures and outrageous claims and miraculous, but inexplicable results, based on magnetism were actually caused by the "imagination" of the tranced out people."

He was very early hypnotist so there is lot of potential for "manchurian candidate" styled scenarios; assassins working on instructions given in while in hypnosis, and of course in rigid system with great differences in social classes his connections to people in high positions can make the stalwart investigators life hard. Good grief, wonder if he has mesmerized some people inside the parliament and even in the Buckingham palace.

His treatments were described like these:
"Gathered around a large oaken tub filled with magnetized water, iron filings and glass, Mesmer's patients grasped iron rods, held hands and waited for healing to take effect. "

You can propably easily imagine some infernal marvel of technology were patients float in strange liquids and electrical pulses administer them the dubious treatment, while the Mesmer himself charges himself with their lifeforce.

So we need someone to play as Mesmer and a few other people to help me with this adventure.

RP Name:
RP Age:
(Choose 4 traits for each one)
Short Bio:
Anything else you feel like you need to say.
  • Character name: Andur
  • Minecraft Username: WeariestLion81

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November 28, 2016, 09:34:07 pm
I'll play Mesmer if you want me too, I'm good at playing those types of people. Need me to put down the information from the layout or something else?
  • Character name: Ryan
  • Minecraft Username: delilah1002

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November 28, 2016, 11:01:59 pm
Sure you can
I'll play Mesmer if you want me too, I'm good at playing those types of people. Need me to put down the information from the layout or something else?

Sure you can be Mesmer
  • Character name: Andur
  • Minecraft Username: WeariestLion81



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