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June 27, 2016, 05:57:20 pm

Where is the brewery/plugin/staff contact details/store/wiki link?
It is located in the Useful Links below.

Is there an admin I can talk to?
Usually, it is better to ask a staff immediately on the server. If you need staff assistance, please use: '/helpop'. '/helpop' messages are private and may only been by yourself and the active staff members who are online at the time.

In most cases, a staff representative will message you directly in-game to discuss your query. You may reply directly to the staff member after they have contacted you through regular private messaging. If no staff member has replied to your query, it is possible that no staff were online at the time, or the query was missed. We suggest trying /helpop again in about 30 minutes.
To help staff get back to you as quickly as possible, please also state your username (IGN), not your nickname, when using /helpop.

Furthermore, if it isn't a pressing matter, consider asking in the 'Discussion' channel of the server chat (/d) or the 'General' channel of the Discord. You can also ask in the 'Problems and Help' section of the forums.
Most members of staff are constantly busy helping players whenever they are online. Please do not send them a direct message to ask for help.

If it is a pressing matter (this does not include race changing, etc.) then please contact a member of staff via Skype. Their contacts, whichever staff are willing to share their Skype details, are located in the links below.

I've been griefed/Someone has stolen from me/Blah blah took my things
Griefing is not tolerated in Elysium. If you believe that a player has stolen from you or griefed your property, please use Core Protect to check who has caused the damage. The command for this in-game is /co i (use it once to activate it, then again to deactivate it). The core-protect plugin will also detail the exact coordinates of the grief.

Once you have ascertained who caused the grief, please send a report to our staff via /helpop. Admins are able to assist with rolling back any effected damage. Please keep in mind that moderators do not have the ability to rollback - even if they have responded to the grief, they have to wait for an admin to come online to do anything.

A preferable way to report grief is by saying:
/helpop I am <username>. I have been griefed by <username of person(s) who griefed> at: <coordinates>

Can I be mod/staff/admin?

I kid. There is an application you can fill in for moderators. You cannot apply directly for admin positions (this will be earnt after observing your moderating duties). However, please keep in mind that staff will only be recruited when the server needs more, so if you make an application, there is no telling how long it'll take, if anyone does, for someone to get back to you.

I think [this idea] is really cool! Put it on the server!
Have an idea for the server? It could be a plugin, an event, etc. Post it in the 'Suggestions' board. Better yet, if it's an event, why not host it yourself? Advertise it in the 'Advertisements and Services' board!

I need help on [insert thing needed help with]!
Check out the Useful Links below before pestering someone for help. Usually, players ask the same thing over and over again, which can be quite tedious if it's been answered 5 times the same day. More than likely, whatever it is your looking for can be answered by something below.

If you need help with something online, ask in global (/g) or in discussion (/d). The community usually has someone who is willing to help you with whatever issue it is you have.

I have a general query, what should I do?
For most general queries, our "friendly" community may be able to help point you in the direction. Or you can also check the information on our wiki.
The wiki also has a search bar, which may be of assistance.

Useful Links (outside of the forums)

Wiki -
Store -
Discord -

ElysiumRP Rules -

Brewery Link -

Staff Skype Contact (Only certain staff members share their Skype) -

Races & Custom Races - ||

Plugins -

Is your question unanswered? Link you're looking for isn't here? Make a new topic!
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