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General Elysium Discussion / Re: The Case Against a Full Reset
« Last post by Sarah on April 20, 2019, 06:34:48 am »
How can you have a reset without actually resetting everything? I prefer a hard reset or none at all.

JohnnyLes, I am glad to inform you that a hard reset has indeed been carried out. about 4 months ago. Feel free to check it out!
General Elysium Discussion / Re: The Case Against a Full Reset
« Last post by JohnnyLes on April 19, 2019, 03:45:06 pm »
How can you have a reset without actually resetting everything? I prefer a hard reset or none at all.
Active Appeals / _sokol_tv_ ban appeal
« Last post by SoKoL on March 31, 2019, 06:41:50 pm »

Reason for ban:"Alt account of "simbathefatdog""

When you were banned (please give a date): 2019-03-31

When does the ban expire (if there is a date, please give it. If not, put never):never

Why should your ban be revoked:
i believe there has been some kind of mistake
i have never met this person "simbathefatdog" and have never spoken to them
i do not recall being this person
i did nothing to suggest i was this person (from what i can see)
please remove the ban
all i did was login and say "sup"
Player-Written Lore / Chromaturgy and Drafters (Magic Lore)
« Last post by Rosethorns on March 28, 2019, 06:08:08 pm »
(IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT my creation, it belongs to Brent weeks, author of the "Lightbringer" book series.)

Drafting, or Chromaturgy, is the magic of transforming visual wavelengths of light into a solid matter called "Luxin." People who practice this magic are referred to as "Drafters." Drafters train and serve under a greater collective called the "Chromeria" People who cannot draft are refered to as "Non-drafters." but other names are also "Norms" Or "Munds" though these terms are somewhat offensive.

Most drafters believe in a common god name Orholam, he is credited as the god who gives drafters their abilities and the sun is called "Orholam's Eye." Orholam's name can be used as a replacement for "God." Such as "By Orholam!" and "for Orholam's sake!"

All luxin shares some properties, they all decay in the sunlight, a drafter cannot control another drafter's luxin, and once Luxin is exuded by a Drafter and they release control of it, they cannot take that control back.

Drafting has some disadvantages though. Like any activity it takes physical energy, drafting a lot is exhausting to do. Drafting will cause luxin to build up in a drafter's body, killing them slowly and staining their iris the colour they draft. Most male drafters live to 40, and most women to 55. Drafting a lot at once will cause "Lightsickness." An ailment similar to a hangover, including symptoms like: Fatigue, light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, impaired cognitive skills and unresponsiveness. If a drafter drafts far too much their iris will Shatter and they will become a colour Wight, driven insane in the process.

Requirements for Drafting.

Every Drafter needs trained in the art, it takes a considerable amount of time. Very few can draft naturally but some people have a natural knack for it. Skill involves knowing the properties of the colour you intend to draft, and being able to recognise and match exact wavelengths, like harmonising music.

Drafters need to want to draft, they need to command the colour they intend to shape with their own willpower. Simply by imposing enough will onto the colour a drafter can cover certain flaws their Luxin may naturally have, more closely match wavelengths, and change the state their Luxin takes, making a naturally liquid luxin into a gas or a solid, and vice-versa.

Drafters, obviously, need to See a colour to draft it, and thus, hold their vision in high respect. Without light to interpret a drafter simply cannot create Luxin. There has only ever been one case of somebody managing to draft black into luxin, and it didn't end well.

Whilst not required, most, if not all drafters are trained to channel Luxin through their body with movements, dancing, stepping, waving of the arms. More skilled drafters can move less to draft, but all still need to move.

Chromatic Casts
There are four main chromatic casts. Monochromes, people who draft a single colour. Bichromes, people who draft two and are rarer than Monochromes. Polychromes, people who draft between 3 and all colours on the spectrum. Near-Polychromats, people who can draft two colours safely but struggle to draft their third colour and have it be stable.

Colours and traits of Colours.
All Luxin has an effect on personality, it was thought that the colour you draft was based in your personality but it's actually the other way around. Depending what colours you draft it will change your personality in certain ways. Please note: Purple is NOT formally recognised by the Chromeria. It counts as either blue or superviolet.

Sub-red: Wavelengths longer than human eyes can see. Sub-reds can see people's body heat. They are very radically emotional, verging on bipolar, easily pushed to tears or fighting. Sub-red luxin is a gas naturally, it smells of charcoal and smoke, and is very flammable.

Red: Reds are brave, inspiring, caring people by nature, Quick tempered and fearless. Red luxin is a jelly or glue-like sticky substance and also extremely flammable. Red luxin smells of tobacco and tea leaves.

Orange: Oranges are very creative, emotionally intelligent people, often artists or entertainers, They are good liars and can be very manipulative. Orange luxin smells of almonds and is a viscous, soapy liquid.

Yellow: Yellows tend to be clear thinkers with intellect and emotion in perfect balance. Cheerful, wise, bright, balanced, observant, brutally honest at times, and excellent liars. Thinkers, not doers. Yellow luxin smells of Eucalyptus and mint, and is a very thin water-like yellow fluid but can be shaped into super-hard spikes with enough willpower.

Green: Greens are wild, free, flexible, adaptable, nurturing, friendly. They don't so much disrespect authority as not even recognise it. Green Luxin has the consistency of Leather or rubber, flexible but still sturdy. it smells of fresh-cut grass and tree sap.

Blue: Scholarly, wise, musical, logical. Blue drafters are very calculated and love order and hierarchy. Peace is a big part of their life and they are often mathematicians, composers, or Scientists. Blue luxin feels like stone or crystal, but can be flaky and weak if drafted poorly. it smells of refined minerals, steel and fresh water.

Superviolet: Superviolets tend to have a removed outlook, dispassionate. They appreciate irony and sarcasm. They are often cold, psychopathic even, viewing people as puzzles to be solved, or ciphers to be cracked. Irrationality outrages superviolets. Superviolet luxin isn't "Invisible" as it is "Hidden." You can still detect superviolet as a place where light doesn't look quite right. Superviolet luxin  and can be either a fine fabric, or solid and metal-like. Superviolets can see bodily fluids glow, able to see people's scent in the air.
for updates and all that jazz join here
Player-Written Lore / Gravewalker - Custom Player Race/Curse
« Last post by G3NOC1D3 on February 24, 2019, 11:19:32 pm »

DISCLAIMER: This race has been inspired by a LOTR curse. Please do not tell me that I am copying it, as I have made many changes to it.
Rare are the Gravewalkers who are born with the ability to defy death. Most are cursed by powerful dark mages, or have the cursed passed on to them when a Gravewalker decides that it's time has come. They do not seem to decompose, although their organs are slowly failing, causing anyone afflicted by the curse to require magic or medical attention to retain a human-looking form. If they do not get said attention, some of their organs will completely fail. Symptoms include, but are not limited to : lacking the ability to breathe/having difficulties doing so, total heart failure resulting in extremely pale skin and protuberant veins surrounding the eyes, mouth and other body parts. However, while the Gravewalker curse does affect the body, it mostly affects magic powers and mind. Gravewalkers do not age, and many have gone insane and tried to take their own lives in vain after seeing their loved ones die, forced to remain on the mortal plane until the curse is lifted. Now, that seems pretty average for an undead race. The difference is that Gravewalkers gain magical powers when cursed. They commonly include astral and dark related magic. I will now list the most common, but some gain other powers depending on what magic they used before the fatal day they started defying death : Wraith form (Ability to shift between the mortal plane and the plane of the dead. In this form, they cannot interact with anything or do much other then walk and use Wraith step, which I will explain later. They can switch at will. The transformation is progressive and takes about three seconds. It typically starts from the top right of the head and ends at the left foot, although it may vary where it starts and ends. Only people with the ability to see things on the plane of the dead can see Gravewalkers in wraith form, yet their aura remains and can be  felt by someone with the required magic.), Wraith step (Very similar to blink, it has been observed to be more of a dash with an unlimited range. The only requirement is that they must have a direct line of sight with their target. The dash is instantaneous and cannot be stopped, or so it was thought. They can still can be stopped by something located in the plane of the dead only, like another Gravewalker in Wraith Form.), and a ability to control minds called Dominate (This ability is extremely complicated, but in short it can be resisted if your will is stronger then the Gravewalker attempting to control you. It requires direct contact with the face of the target and approximately 3 minutes to accomplish for someone untrained this ability. Once controlled, the person will have a direct link with the Gravewalker and will get sometimes gut feelings when their master is in danger or is calling them. Only born Gravewalkers are able to remotely dominate someone. Dominated persons will bear a mark on their face at all times, depending on what the Gravewalker has chosen. When their master calls them, when they are close to him or when he is personally giving them orders through their minds, their eyes will glow typically a bright blue. They can break the spell by willing strong enough or seeing something that would enrage them in their normal state, like a loved one being hurt or their master behaving in a way they do not approve.). Now, to the curse itself : To curse someone, it requires an enormous mastery of dark magic and dark rituals. The person must be unconscious in a pentagram of their own blood the entire time the spell caster is reciting the words required to cast this spell. The ritual takes about half an hour to accomplish, after which the target of the curse will be killed. It only works 50% of the time. If it worked, the soul of the cursed one will fly to a nearby object. It is recommended, but not obligatory, to be holding something in front of the body, which will draw to the soul to said object and bind the person to it. When killed, a Gravewalker will always appear in the same condition that they were in at the moment where the curse was cast upon them unless hurt by a silver weapon enchanted by any holy spell, in which case they will keep scars of the wounds done by this weapon upon resurrection. If a limb is seperated from their body by this weapon, it will stay like this upon resurrection. The head showed resistance to this, instead bearing a large scar around the neck. Gravewalkers will always reappear within 25m of the object they are bound to. If this object is destroyed, they will be unable to resurrect, forced to roam the world in Wraith form, unable to talk to anyone or make their presence known. Resurrection time may vary, going from as little as one day to an entire week, depending on the severity of the cause of death. To be born a Gravewalker, both of your parents must be cursed. If only one of them is, the curse will not be passed on. When two Gravewalkers have a child, they will pass the curse unto them. If their organs did not function correctly, both parents will die at the birth of the child. If the organs were still functional enough, the curse will be lifted and they will lose all their powers related to the curse, including the ability to resurrect. The curse can be lifted by two other ways : The curse caster can lift it himself by another ritual, very similar to the first one, with the main difference being that there is no pentagram required, only a 25 minute long speech done by the same person who had cast the spell. The curse can also be lifted by killing them while they in Wraith form, which will also kill them for good.
Please let me know if you want this to be expanded, nerfed or explained more!I would also like to know if this is approved, and if so to have it applied on myself on the server. Thank you!
Active Appeals / The ban appeal.
« Last post by Disabled_Koala on February 12, 2019, 09:25:46 pm »

Reason for ban:"Your use of chat is not appropriate"

When you were banned (please give a date):12/02/2019

When does the ban expire (if there is a date, please give it. If not, put never):15/02/2019

Why should your ban be revoked:Hello, I would like to start this by saying thank you for taking your free time to read this appeal. As you might be aware I was banned (Not good.). So this ban had to do with me (Myself) saying some things in chat for example "My uncle touched my no no hole" I agree with the fact this statement is totally un acceptable especially for the reason that it is a child's game. I would also like to make it clear that the things I have said can also not be forgiven. Due to their "unacceptable words". I'd like to bring the point up that myself being banned from Elysium has taught me a lesson. That lesson is that it is a serious server and not a server that does not give a poo about words..etc. But I should not be taking it all for granted rather I should be trying to behave due to someone takes their time to keep the server running so people like myself can enjoy it.

Due to the many mistakes I made I do personally believe that this won't be forgiven but I do request it is due to this being one of my favourite servers out there. Although it is one of my favourite servers this does not mean an excuse for my ban to be lifted.

I'd like to also thank the Admin 'Hashbr0wnie' for giving me this ban; it has let me have some thought to what I have done wrong. It has also given me time to figure out why I said such horrible things to the community.

Additional information: I am deeply sorry and if this is not forgiven I will just have to accept it and carry on with my ban. Thank you again for reading this.
Server Annoucements / Re: 2019 Elysium
« Last post by Sarah on January 20, 2019, 10:39:33 am »
Random Discussion / Re: A Year?
« Last post by Sarah on January 02, 2019, 09:30:29 am »
Hi Galhac,

Elysium has been re-made. You can find the new elysium here:

P.s. We are on MC 1.12.2 now.

Random Discussion / A Year?
« Last post by Galhac on January 01, 2019, 06:10:20 pm »
Yikes lmao, it's been a long time since I've seen this page/server. (I found a modpack with the same name and found it very familiar to I decided to google it.)

It's been like, a year and a halfish? oof. I doubt anyone I knew is still around, about time I log in again.

Is Kryten still a thing?
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