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General Elysium Discussion / Last Post
« on: December 14, 2018, 12:58:45 am »
While not my last post on Elysium, it is my last post here. It was a pleasure being on this forum but now I move on to greener pastures, and hopefully the New Elysium doesn't go badly. Nice knowing ya

Server Annoucements / New Elysian Update Coming Soon (Trailer)
« on: December 13, 2018, 08:12:23 pm »

Coming December 20th! For those who are not in any of the discords.

Share Stories / History of Elysium
« on: September 20, 2018, 08:25:50 pm »
A lot of people have been trying to figure out what exactly is the lore and story of Elysium. Due to the fact that a lot of players only know bits and pieces of it many tend to believe there is barely any, but this is actually not true. While there have been debates on what is considered as part of the lore and what isn't, there has always been a sort of basic outline for players to follow long before the lore team became a thing. I do not know if many of the fact are still true or have been changed to better suit the server currently or the lore team's preferences, but here the Lore of Elysium!.

The Rundown

Before we begin to delve into the lore of Elysium, there are a few pointers that need to be discussed.
  • First, there are currently at least 7 ages in Elysium's canon, although many tend to agree from my understanding that there are actually 8 ages. The reason for there being 8 and not 7 ages is many players believe the release of Fei should be counted as the start of a new age, and so many tend to refer to events between December 2014 - December 2016 (irl) as the 7th age and all events in 2017 and beyond as part of the 8th age.
  • Due to the work done by the Lore team and me being not really active in late 2017 until recently much of the lore here may have been changed or altered. Currently this is the most up to date lore I can come up with and so I will be using the information I know for now. If there are any dependencies please let me know.

Part 1: Beginnings

Age I: Age of Dragons

Many debate on how Elysium came to existence, some say god like cat people created the stars from their milk and worlds from their kibble, others say a person much like ourselves named Sam-moo created Elysium out of boredom, but one of the most widely accepted stories is the story described to us by the Ancient Elves. Not to be mistaken with the elves of today, the Ancient Elves, the ancestors of today's elves, were much different. The Ancient Elves where slightly taller, their skin much paler, their hair always blond or white and they lived immortal lives.

The Ancient Elves believed that Elysium was created to be a Paradise, a crown jewel for their gods. First a giant ball of rock was formed and with what remained around the world shaped into Dragons. The dragons soon aided the gods in created the rest of the world, from the highest mountains to the deepest ravines. Elves however were handmade by Eldari, the Goddess of light.

But not all were invited in the creation of this new world. The Pantheon, in fear of what they may do, tried to keep the world as secret from the Shadow Gods. But they soon found this new world and became jealous of what the others created. So they decided to create an entity of their own which would rival their fellow god's children, and so a creature without mass, devoid of light and full of hatred was born. It attacked the newly formed elves and dragons with great savagery. The other gods tried their best to keep their creation safe but it seemed that this new entity couldn't be stopped. The gods pleaded with the shadow gods, and satisfied with their victory, the dark gods tried to tame their newly formed pet, but they soon came to find they couldn't control the creature, and it soon turned on them. The entity, now calling itself Ityaak Ortheel, declared that it had ascended to godhood and the Gods, seeing no other recourse used the remains of their powers to create a veil of stars and sky around Elysium, forever keeping the new god of the void away from Elysium.

With the World, now filled with life, water, mountains, fields, sky and stars all complete, the pantheon saw their mission complete and disappeared back into the cosmos leaving behind the Elves and Dragons as Elysium's caretakers.

General Elysium Discussion / A Final Option...
« on: August 24, 2018, 12:34:13 pm »
As much as people don't think I am active (Which is true) I do still try to keep an eye on this server just because of the history and fun times I've had on it. But with recent active player numbers getting closer and closer to the single digits and the community, it's economy, nations, and more now stagnate or still in decline I think it is time we consider the red button, one I hate to press but one I think this server needs during these dark times.

That button being the reboot button.

The server is old and full of history but sadly its current status is bleak at best, Elysium needs to re-brand itself, to create a new slate if its to have even a chance to survive past this year. At the current pace this server is going it seems like to me it is filled with nothing but children and pedophiles who stalk them... I ask my fellow Elysians, who in their right mind would want to join a server with that as their current reputation. What I think we need to do in order to possibly help grow the community once more is as follows...

A. Reboot the server and start on a fresh slate, possibly even change to a new more reliable host (We can downsize as well due to our low numbers for the time being as well)

B. Create a new discord, the discord, while a pain in the arse was a very helpful tool for many Elysians to ask for help and communicate with their friends and admins outside of Elysium.

C. Wipe the lore clean and create new lore for Elysium. We can use ideas from the lore we currently have but the current lore is no buano. Custom lore will also need to be more heavily regulated and should confirm to the official lore NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

D. The Economy (If the server is rebooted) will have a fresh start, but we will need to make sure it stays healthy and not go into a flaming trash can like before. A good way to keep the economy rolling is sadly allowing pvp into the server. While many do not like the addition of pvp into the server, pvp and the items destroyed in the ensuing fight or taken in the process helps keep many server economies in minecraft alive. Everyone hates getting their items taken but now it gives incentive for them to buy more items as well as gives a purpose to people working as blacksmiths or other specialties. This of course will not totally fix the economy, but another suggestion would be to also keep chest shops or any variants of the plugin off the server. I love chest shops but they truly killed the economy, to require players to actively seek out other players for items is a great way to keep the economy running.

I have other ideas I would like to bring up but currently have to get back to my job, I will add more ideas later.

Player-Written Lore / A King's Tale
« on: June 03, 2018, 03:15:48 am »
Long ago, in an ancient land
There was a great king whom ruled fair lands.
And by his side, there was a queen
Considered the most beautiful of elves she was seen.

And for many years, the king’s lands prospered
His people merry and his fields proper
But not all was right in this kingdom of old
As treachery was instore for the King of it all.

For the Queen was jealous, that much is known
Of the king’s secret love affair with a mistress at home
So she concocted a plan to ruin her mate
A dangerous plan, one filled with hate.

In the dead of night, her and her men
Entered the city’s temple to enact their plan
With their sacrifice in hand, and her magic all but ready
The queen began the dark ritual which was all very bloody

By the end of it all, the room turned pitch black
As a dark figure emerged from the precipice of darkness
The creature offered its hand to the lady below
She took a step forward and shook it naively

As she shook his hand, her body began to change form
From the beautiful elf to a new monstrous shape
Now her inner jealousy was laid bare for all to see
For she had become the monster that she was afraid she might be

And as for the dark figure, with the elf’s price now paid
Swooped into the night sky to begin his crusade
Against all who do live and all who worship the light
He would try to snuff all life from out of his sight.

And so for many years, Elysium fought on
Against a villain whose might brought all to their knees
But when all hope was lost, the king came up with a plan
One to save his people and as much land as they can

The King stepped before the figure, who laughed at this challenge
The King said six words “Fight me if you can manage!”
The figure chuckled more at the mortal’s request
But he did oblige to the king’s seemingly final request.
So the Dark Figure charge forth, with all of his power
Confident that he could devour the king in less than an hour
But the king dared not move, not even an inch
As the dark creature came close to ending his life by an inch

The Figure was impressed by the King’s own moxie
But felt the battle was already won as they battled on
And as they fought, the king grew weaker
All seemed lost for Elysium and its people.

But before the Figure could end, this little bout
The king’s final plan began to sprout
And all around the figure and the king’s broken body
A light was shown that was seen by all who left

The darkness and king, who was now united as one,
Set forth to imprison themselves, far away from even the sun
But as they departed, they gave a tale of caution
For that one day they will return to finish what was started
Thrice they will come, bringing destruction to bear
Upon the peoples of Elysium and beyond its tender care
But there will be happiness after the long winter’s night
As new heroes will arise to finish the fight
And in their hands will be the fate of all things,
The destiny of the world and the void and their lives.

~Hope you enjoyed the poem, not really good at these but had the idea pop into mind while working on other things.

General Elysium Discussion / Elysium's Consistancy Issue
« on: May 13, 2018, 02:35:43 pm »
I know I haven't been on Elysium a lot for a few months now (nor do I plan to be) but recently on the forums I've noticed a lot of people complaining about lore, how player characters are bad and how they can be "Fixed" and other related issues. Originally this post was going to be a response to Hyde's Roleplay Guide but as I began talking about how to make a good character and stuff I noticed a reoccurring theme, Consistency. The more I thought and looked around in Elysium, the more I noticed the same underlying issue, Elysium in fact has a major consistency problem.

This isn't an issue that is found in one aspect of the server however, this is an issue that can be found almost anywhere on this server. From the race lore to the "edgy" characters we've come to both love and hate, it is easy to see that Elysium suffers from this consistency problem. As almost any storywriter will tell you, one of the keys to world building is to have it be consistent. This is true in almost any story out there, be it in a book, movie or video game, this also includes Elysium. Without consistent elements in the world people will simply begin to not really become immersed in the story.

So where does this fit into Elysium? Well for starters let’s look at Elysium's lore, and to say the least, the lore is kind of broken. We have official lore which is somewhat consistent, although there are some contradictories between different areas of it. Then we have the lore that players have made, and sadly these two sets of lore tend to conflict with one another, with each typically contradicting the other in some regards. Because of this mishmash of official and unofficial lore, players tend to have no clue what the bounds of the world are. There are no rules on what can and can't be done, and because of this there tends to be this feeling of artificialness to any rp situation on the server. Why should the player invested in the world that has been crafted if they can die or be revived on the flip of the dime. There is no consistent lore on how magic works or even lore up to this point. The only thing really set in stone currently is that...

A. There have been two wars with darkness creatures in the past.
B. There was once a giant elven kingdom that fell into ruins.

This however is not all. While the lore does need to be reworked, there are also a lot of consistency problems with Player Characters. A lot of players have made guides on how to “become a better roleplay!” Most of these guides consistent of “don’t do this, but do this.” And a lot of them tend to be biased because of this. A Character isn’t bad because they are a demon or a Neko or a werewolf. A Character is bad because it fails to be what its name suggests. One of the major reasons why a Character isn’t a Character is that the OC the player makes isn’t consistent. Here is an example, let us say the Character is a… “Shy Neko who keeps to themselves. They tend be emotionally void, showing very little if any emotions at all.” Alright, but let us say that the player who plays this Neko one day gets angry and decides that they will have their Character get angry as well, this is out of character now. The Emotionless Neko is now showing feelings when it has been established they don’t show their feelings outwardly for no reason at all, this establishes a very real Consistency issue. That is not to say a Character’s attitude or motivations can’t change, but they should be natural and make sense. Going back to the Neko, let us say this time the Neko’s parents died recently and now she is showing emotions. In Roleplay this makes sense and actually adds to the Character in a meaningful way.

The overall theme of this story is Consistency. While there also many other issues on this server, I feel like this is both the easiest and the largest issue we can fix. All it takes is for players to look through other people’s lore to make sure their lore fits in nice and snug and for player characters to follow the very lore personality given to them. If a player says a Character is a Demon who is Powerful and Sadistic and hates the living then that Demon in Roleplay probably shouldn’t be having a beer with the boys at Turu after making love to a beautiful elven lady, makes very little sense.

This is going to be a brief discussion, I am creating a new nation in aria (With possible plans of making a nation in fei as well) for towns to join who are looking to be apart of a nation (Be it for plot benefits and/or having other towns they can chat to outside global and/or discussion as well as outside of rp) without all of the drama and hassle that joining a nation typically gets you. The way it works is basically just comment here or message me (Mellonlord33) in game and I will add you and you're in, nothing else is asked. While I do ask for people in the nation to donate to said nation to help with costs that is all I really ask of members, the nation itself will not participate in any conflicts with towns inside the nation being given pretty much full autonomy over it's domestic and foreign actions. The nation is more or less just there again for players to get the benefits of being inside a nation without the drawbacks (Most of them anyways).

Player-Written Lore / The Fatal Flying Machine (Story)
« on: December 27, 2017, 05:01:04 pm »
A little story about a flying machine I had at one point tried to create. (And ultimately failed brilliantly).

General Elysium Discussion / Legitimate Criticisms of Elysium.
« on: December 05, 2017, 04:56:42 pm »
I started this document a few weeks ago after spending nearly half a year banned from the site. While I've spent most of this time either working on other projects outside of Elysium or working on stuff in college, I have had time to reflect on what really is wrong on the server. For much time I was just an angry old man yelling at the young peeps stepping on my lawn. But after having cooling down a little, I think with a relatively calm mind, I can reflect and think of the issues that affect Elysium. You can disagree or agree with my opinions tis be your right, but I am here to offer my side of the story, not of my ban, not of my past but of what is currently effecting Elysium.

Due to the fact that the document I made for this is approximately 7 to 8 pages long, I will have to ask people to please use the link to my google doc here:

General Elysium Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving!
« on: November 23, 2017, 01:08:55 pm »
'Ello guys, while we all don't see eye to eye, I'd like to wish all ya Americans a happy Thanksgiving. If you're outside of America and don't celebrate this holiday, then I hope you have a wonderful day. But there is one tradition I think we can all be apart of if you allow, one of which I like to do around this time of year. I ask you guys, what are you the most thankful of this year? I will start us off.

I am thankful for all the fun and learning I have been doing this year, I am thankful for all the friends that I've made both online and off and I am thankful for the fact that Donald Trump has yet to launch a nuke and kill us all in a nuclear blaze of glory.

Random Discussion / To those in the North Eastern United States
« on: November 01, 2017, 07:10:23 pm »
I know I don't come on the forums often nor do I come on the server (Because you know, being banned ;) ) But I just wanted to say that I hope of you are alright after the events that have transpired this week. Between the giant wind storm that brought massive outages across the North East and the recent attack in New York, I wish you all good luck and to please stay safe, one neighbor to another.


Completed Appeals / Mellonlord33 Ban Appeal
« on: October 20, 2017, 01:42:13 am »
IGN: Mellonlord33

Reason for ban: Advertising (2017-06-03)

When does the ban expire: Never ending...

Why should your ban be revoked: A few reasons to list, one of them being that I didn't advertise, I simply threatened to (Ask Misstify if you want the details). So technically this ban is false and I had broken no rules, at least involving advert. But if that isn't enough, then also because its been nearly half a year since the ban and I have been relatively not that cancerous, especially compared to others who are still on Elysium.

Additional Info: If you're wondering why I am returning to the server, there are a few reasons, most of them my own. Although the main reason is to help a friend with a project he's got cooked up. So I leave it up to the staff team to decide my fate...

General Elysium Discussion / A funny May may (that could become serious)
« on: August 14, 2017, 01:28:06 am »
So here is my thoughts on Elysium:

If I come back I will be doing a few things:

A. Asking Rikkert for museum stuff back and then giving them back to players (Since that's been a problem)

B. IF like 20 to 50 players agree to it, "create" an army of reforged (Aka spirits trapped within metal plates that can reform into different shapes such as humanoid creatures with sword like appendages, etc.) and then carry out a crusade against the greater population of elysium in an "Player Official Event" :3

That's my may may for you all. Hit that like and subscribe button and don't forget to comment down below.

As of late, I've been not feeling it anymore. It's been this for the last year or so, which means I guess "as of late" is no longer viable for this server.

I've played on Elysium for nearly 5 years now, since 1.4 I have watched this server go through many changes. Nations have risen and fallen. Players have come and gone, friends have had fun and cried. All and all I've experienced a lot of what this server has come to offer. But now it is not enough, call it old player syndrome or an honest problem, either way I have many gripes with this server and it has made my mouth sour every time I come on and try to do anything meaningful.

I have many problems with the server, and have expressed my concerns both jokingly and seriously to staff and players alike, and while I will always hold a special place in my non existent heart for this server, I can not bear to play on this server anymore. Sure I will come on here and there but overall I feel that today is the start of my retirement from Elysium Officially.

Between College, my social life outside of internet may mays and a, what I hope to be a greener pasture on the horizon; I've come to the decision to leave Elysium. To those who are in Dwair, I will discuss this with you all later in discord or already have. I would also like to ask Rikkert, to carry on my legacy. Earlier this year I started a museum which would later be briefed, many of it's items were recovered but I haven't had the time to re-establish it. I would like to ask Rikkert and any other staff member who gives a f*** still to use the items well. I will probably keep Dawn's Edge up along with the nation, if anyone wants to have the nation and town give me a call and I will see what we can do.

Overall it's a combination of bad choices made by the server and my own "old age" that has soured my experience of the server. I still love to role play and play Minecraft but this server, with all of it's politics and problems I just can't stomach anymore. It's no ones particular fault, and either way this is where we part ways. To those who care, take care of yourselves and continue being amazing. To those who think of me as just another annoying old player, good riddance and all of that rot. Well, all I've got to say to you is... my name... is Jeff.

Introduce Yourself / Hola!
« on: April 29, 2017, 08:16:02 pm »
Welcome to my introduction, because this is apparently a trend now. So who is Mellonlord33? Well that depends on the version of the story you wish to hear. You may have heard that he is a just a dumb bell who doesn't know what he is doing; which isn't wrong. You may have also have heard that he had done so many great things for the server; again, not exactly wrong. Or you might be the 99% of the server population who doesn't know who I am, in which case. Good, leave this page now, it gets more narcissistic and cringey the further you read, just stop now!

Your still here? Well, you must have a death wish. Very well, let's give the viewer what they want. I joined this current version of the server two years ago, and prior to that I've played on this server for three more years. During which time I have helped Hash create and maintain the wikia (more or less), created a dozen nations and towns with varying degrees of success, and made a lot of melons (mmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh).

So who is Mellonlord33? That is for you to interpret yourself.

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