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Player-Written Lore / The Split Souled
« on: August 26, 2018, 07:54:32 pm »
The Split Souled
*He began to speak in a folk accent* "Well, it all happens at birth. Something happens up there," *He points up to the sky* "and our body gets two half-souls instead of one whole soul." *Christian's voice then switched to a Wild West-like accent and continued on the subject* " 'cept that ya don't know it happened 'till later on when I starta speak outta 'his' mouth."

    The Split Souled are people of any previously existing race whose body contains not one soul, but two half souls. Similar to a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder (or Multi-Personality Disorder), there would appear to be two different (often times very different) people residing within the same body, who share control of the body 50/50. These specific individuals are very far and few in between, and, being that they are the result of what is perceived as a mistake from the heavens above, are typically shunned from the societies they once lived in.

Young Age Experiences
    Most Split Souls experience similar pasts. Once born, unless a powerful mage of sorts was present to detect the schism of the soul, no family would notice that their newest addition contained of two people. The child would grow up with one of the two souls primarily being present, known as the Dominant Soul, or Dominant Personality. The people around the child would only know the child by the Dominant Personality, as the other personality would tend to retain itself within the child's head. The child may talk to the other personality inside their head, which parents and family may believe to be the child's imaginary friend. By around 7 or 8 human years, the Dominant Soul may have full conversations with the Non-Dominant Soul, who at this point would adopt a name of their own creation, while the Dominant Personality would retain the name originally given to the child.
...*The Human would speak first in a folk accent* "Well, as I was the Dominant person, I kept our original name-" *Christian would cut to the Wild West accent* "And I got tha short straw. Name's Ricardo."

    However, the child would further grow up as more and more self-conversations may mark the person as an oddball or may cause family members to worry about their mental health. Eventually, near 15 human years, the Non-Dominant Soul would begin to speak out loud, typically first occurring in response to some form of an argument between the two personalities or another event that would drive enough emotion to cause the Non-Dominant personality to us generate enough power to speak out of the teen's mouth unintentionally.
    From this point, experiences typically differ. A family member or friend may catch the person speaking as a separate entity and tell others, resulting in medical attention, attempted religious intervention, and, in some rare cases, excruciating experimentation. In other cases, the Split Souled may keep this to themselves until they work up the courage to speak to their family or close ones about the odd occurrence, which very well may result in similar events of being discovered accidentally.
    Whatever the turning point event may be, the one result that is very common across this rare race is that the Split Souled are shunned by their society. People may believe them to be bewitched, cursed, or possessed, or maybe too freaked out by the concept of two people in one body that they cast them out.

    As the Split Souled are cast out, they begin to travel the lands, looking for a place to start fresh. At this point, the two souls are fully splitting the capability to control their body, but the Dominant Soul typically retains control and identity of the full person under the mutual agreement to find someplace to settle down. The Non-Dominant Personality typically does not assume control of the body, as they are normally inexperienced in interacting with society.
    The person may find a place to settle down for some time, but eventually, they will get too comfortable and the Non-Dominant may speak out, due to either an emotional response (causing them once again not to talk in the person's head but unintentionally out loud) or the belief of it being necessary to speak out for the sake of the Split Souled (which typically backfires). Unless they have others within the establishment that care for them enough, the person will typically be cast out of another society.
    One major aspect of the Split Souled that can be overlooked is that, for every one Split Souled in existence, there will be two others who share the other half of each soul (there may be another person who contains the exact same pairing of Split Souls, like a doppelganger, but this incredibly rare and will most likely never occur). This fact leaves the possibility of a reunion of soul halves, and often this meeting will create a supernatural attraction (not in the sense of being smitten, but similar to a magnet's attraction to one another), and will most likely result in the two halves searching for a way to separate from their original body and fuse together to create one complete soul of the same personality, leaving the other personality with either a half-empty shell of a body, or stuck in a different body with a different personality (which may result in internal conflict).
    As the Split Soul begins to cope with the reality of their existence, depressingly, suicide is also somewhat common among the race, as constant rejection from society and the thought of being a free individual begins to glorify the afterlife and over-shadow the possibility that, as the souls are together within the body, they will also be together in death.

Keeeping Tabs
    First off, thank you for reading through all of that. This is my first custom race, so I apologize if the explanation is a bit everywhere.
    Now, as the Split Souled is a very rare and intertwined race, I was thinking of keeping tabs on those who are Split Souled, if anyone is interested in trying this very interesting and, often times, comical race.
    By no means am I limiting access to this race, and by no means are you obliged to inform me of your character and their personalities, but for the very little amount of continuity I'd like to try and have, if you could just comment with your char's Dominant and Non-Dominant Souls with their name and, if they are intertwined with another, what Split Soul your character shares with another. I'll maintain an "official" list of Split Souls up on this topic.

Split Souls of Elysium
Format: {Base Race}, {Character's Nick/Dominant Soul} ({Shared Soul's Name, If Any}), {Non-Dominant Soul} ({Shared Soul's Name, If Any}); {PLayer's Username}
Human, Christian Ramaos (N/A), Ricardo (N/A); Rydogdav

General Elysium Discussion / A Defib for Elysium
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:34:48 pm »
I joined this server about 2 months ago, courtesy of a referral from a friend. I had never RPed, and I hadn't played Minecraft in over 4 years. But, within a solid week, I had been playing religiously on this server. The last time I had this much fun on Minecraft, heck, even a video game, was back in MC 1.5.2 when my friend and I discovered how to make LAN servers work :D . Now I've been playing and I've begun to notice the consistent lack of players on this fantastic server, so, from an inexperienced but fresh POV, this is my two cents on how we might be able to take the medical paddles to Elysium and revive this server.
The primary crowd killer for this server (in my humble opinion): technical issues. Obviously, there are technical glitches on this server like any other server would have, like the player shops that apparently used to exist. But the most pressing issue here, as I'm sure most of you have noticed, is the initial connection issues. I'm no computer expert, but I'm pretty sure that I shouldn't have to attempt to join 6 times in a row before I can log on. I had a look at the server stats on the other day and noticed that, while the server's player count has been on the decline a little bit, the major drop off of players began to occur exactly when this server started to reject/drop initial connections. Basically, this means that the new people that we're trying to attract to this server are being deterred by a) the lower downtime percentage on Planet MC and other similar websites caused by this issue (which isn't an accurate read, as we all know), and b) that, when they receive the "Disconnected" error message, they turn away thinking the server doesn't work or is too buggy to play, causing the player count to dip dangerously near the single digits.
Of course, this is only a single problem out of the multitude you could choose of this aging server, but I personally believe this issue (which, according to, has now dragged on for nearly 4 months now) needs fixing ASAP. I understand the admins addressed this in their most recent server update, but that update was in June. Now, if the admins don't have the time to fix this or something along those lines, that's an entirely other problem of leadership that needs to be addressed, but I certainly won't be leading a charge against the owners of the server.
If we want any hope in this server's revival, this needs to be our primary focus. Voting daily is fantastic (I plan to start voting constantly on Planet MC myself), as are media teams and personal referrals to the server, but if people won't log on simply because they can't, then it's all for nothing.
(Thanks for having a read. Please keep in mind before you comment that this is merely the opinion of a person inexperienced in this server, so don't beat me up online just because I missed something I never came across. I'm just saying what I believe needs to be addressed for this server to flourish once more ;D )

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