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Player-Written Lore / Wyvern-kin (Made by _Hozuh)
« on: June 26, 2018, 07:37:13 pm »
Lore: They are simple descendants of The Wyverns. Bornt by nature after the extinction of Drakes. They were given Human bodies as Vessels and now seek peace with Air and Mother Nature of Elysium. The Wyvern-Kin is known as “Shepherds” in the wilderness. With their Razor-sharp claws and Scales, and the Stamina of a True Dragon. Will these creatures defend whatever the cost may be, some of them has given up on that quest, and settled into the cities. But some is still living after the traditions.. The mythical creature is a extinct race. And is easily seen as one of the most colorful ones.

- Majestic Wings, in whatever color you desire, also in whatever shape you’d like them to be.
- They got scales, mostly around their legs, crotch, arms and neck
- Razor Sharp claws and fangs.
- Tall and thin.
- Dragonlike tail if you’d like yourself.

+ The Stamina of a Drake.
+ Quick in their Manouvers, reflexes in shape.
+ Wyvern-Kins has the Ability to Steal Stamina in Fights, this can only happen if its a Race with a Good amount of Stamina. The Stamina they use goes to Simply empower a Limb. Like the Arm.
+ Frost Breathing, contains a lot of stamina to use.

- Can die as a normal human.
- When a Wyvern is losing stamina they get Exhausted and Lazy. Normally it’d take some days to recover after.

LifeSpan: 300 years.

Player-Written Lore / Wax
« on: June 24, 2018, 05:07:38 pm »
Wax is a drug created by Mrakos VI inspired by his mother's talent of creating drugs which saturated one's hunger for months.

To not die, it is advised not to take more than 1 jar if any per day

How to obtain:
Buy from Mrakos for 10 gold pieces per jar and 2 gold pieces per spoon.


Length of effects:
Takes 5 minutes for it to fully kick in
1 hour the first time, 12 minutes shorter everytime if a jar is taken
12 minutes long and 2 minutes shorter everytime if a spoon is taken

*Makes user full of adrenalin
*Gives user wild reflexes
*Gives user extreme pain tolleration, feel little to no pain whatsoever
*Makes user drool
*Makes user's irises increase to the max

*User pukes
*User feels lightheaded for about 3 hours

Very high

Characters / Mrakos VI
« on: June 21, 2018, 09:11:11 pm »
Name: Mrakos VI

Aliases: -

Personality: Curious, smart, enigmatic...

Age: 19

Dead or alive?: Alive

Confirmed murders: -

Species: Dark Elf

Residence: Evathia, Nation of Parsifal, Fei

Occupation: -

Weaponry: Two tomahawks

Physical description

Height: 200cm (6'5")

Weight: 80kg (176lbs)

Eye color: Red

Hair color: Bright reddish brown

Image/reference of appearance:

*Able to lift around 8 times his weight
*Experienced with swords, knives and axes
*Can repair any item by laying all 5 fingers on it at will
*Knows alot about farming and producing drugs

*Sensitive skin
*Low immunity, easily gets diseases
*Unable to use offensive magic for yet unknown reason
Growing up in a prison cell with the rest of his family - his father soon died from food poisoning causing Mrakos to go in an extreme rage and actually break out of the prison cell along with some of his family who were murdered by goblins, lizardmen and feral rats. His brother and his sister only survived as they escaped from the prison. His brother and sister went their own ways after earning money for all three of them. They decided to live alone each to spread their bloodline further.
Mrakos learned to develop drugs to ease his hunger back in prison from his mother - experimenting with goblin and lizardmen feces combined with the moss. This drug he created is known as "Wax" (I will write about this drug sometime).

Characters / Mhark P'Rolae
« on: June 15, 2018, 01:50:40 pm »
Name: Mhark P'Rolae

Aliases: -

Personality: Wisecracking, undecisive, warlike

Age: 113

Dead or alive?: Alive

Confirmed murders: Madelyn Hymiz, Female, Wood Elf

Species: 50% Human
         50% Mountain-dwarf

Residence: Evathia, Nation of Parsifal, Fei

Occupation: -

Weaponry: -

Outfit: Cloaked armor with dark green robes hanging from the belt area to the knee area.
Physical description

Height: 140cm (4'6")

Weight: 68kg (150lbs)

Eye color: One is blue, other is brown

Hair color: Brown

Image/reference of appearance:

*Able to lift around 12 times his weight
*Experienced with all sorts of weaponry

*Incredibly slow
*Can't use magic

Player-Written Lore / Soul Eaters (purposely edgy race)
« on: June 14, 2018, 07:42:14 pm »

The first of the race was born out of nothing in an emtpy dimension called "Agoneus" which is why his name is Agoneus
He had children with a demon and his child had children with a vampire, a werewolf, a dark elf and it all at one point fused into one species we call the souleaters because they eat souls to cure their depressive state and they cry blood

They eat the body of their dead leader and the eldest always take the place of the leader
there is 1 leader and that is the eldest descendant of Agoneus
the children of the leader live with the leader in a dark castle
the rest is warriors and warlocks and mages


-White skin
-Sharp teeth
-White/gray/black/pink hair
-llean body build
-smooth skin
-black and red eyes or one of each
-no facial hair for both
-big black horns
-black lines from cheeks to chest


Males are taller than females
Females are shorter than males

*Very fast
*can turn into a wolf
*stronger at night
*have magic chains they use to kill enemies and victims
*regeneration for all magic and attacks except holy magic

*Weak to holy magic



Any race except if its like a wolfy souleater he will not be able to breed with other animalistic races apart from theirs

Characters / Marukou Irikneg (AGAIN)
« on: June 12, 2018, 07:46:35 pm »
Name: Marukou Irikneg

Aliases: M, Mark...

Family: Well at this point he has children who have children who have children...

Personality: Amoral and wisecracking (ALSO A 4TH WALL BREAKER)

Age: 6021

Dead or alive?: Alive

Species: 12.5% Ancient Elf
         87.5% Mage

Occupation: Wizard

Weaponry: -

Outfit: A fireproof runed
Physical description

Height: 203cm (6'6")

Weight: 60kg (132lbs)

Eye color: Dark purple

Hair color: White

Image/reference of appearance:

*Able to lift around 6 times his weight
*Moving at the speed of sound (1234.8km/h)
*Geokinesis (includes turning body parts into certain minerals)
*Limbs and head are able to fully regenerate in a matter of seconds
*Inhumanely elastic limbs

*Blood magic
*Being choked/strangled
*Loss of oxygen
*His heart being completely destroyed
*Blood magic
*Highly perverted
*Anti-magic (duh)
*Easily posessed
After Marukou turned 1 year old, the village he and his family lived in was savagely attacked by a group of Liches.
His parents tasked his mother's cousin (Zaor Irikneg) to keep track of their three children who were Khan, Evie and Marukou.
Zaor scattered to Dunta with them and raised them. taught them magic and medical things until he died of old age. At that point, Marukou was about 14 years old, Evie was 18 and Khan was 22.
Marukou fell into a cult when he was around 18, which tested a ritual on him. He lost his eyesight for 6 days and woke up seeing perfectly fine. After that, he somehow gained regeneration abilities.
They both went their own ways except Marukou. He stayed in Dunta, with his friends Jay, Xena and Spirit.
Spirit was a dragonkin, and Marukou's future lover. (no children tho)

Jay was his best friend, who was an ice mage.

Xena was his other best friend, who was a neko. (ew no)

They lived happily, until Marukou left to find a new place to live after he burned his house down upon being drunk.
When Marukou returned unsuccessful, he did not find anybody he knew and decided to look for new friends.
After getting in a fight with a man named Roxas Marukou, Roxas and his wife eventually became friends.
Soon afterwards (a few months later) Marukou had a girlfriend, who was a werewolf named Jasmine. She was the adoptive daughter of Jonah Hellsing (he changes his last name quite often so I'm not going to be updating this, his IGN is Loser_Master though) who was a good friend with Mara Crowley. They had a child together which Marukou had no idea about, and constantly beat up Jonah because he was annoying. (Yes, Marukou was that idiot)
Shortly after, Marukou met his cousin named Lumi. Lumi was for some reason a Shylkerin (I dont recall how and why) but she dated a guy (Kindered) who Marukou hugely despised and wanted to kill, until he cheated and they broke up. Eventually, Lumi married Aaron Alevi who was a great guy - but one time Marukou beat the f*** out of him because Lumi and him had intercourse on his bed while he was gone, and it left suspicious stains on his bed. He always sleeps on the floor from then on.
After they broke up (Jasmine cheated), Marukou met a girl named Lozzle. She was a Shylkerin, and YES. Marukou had a child with her, who eventually had a child, who had a child etc...
Marukou and Lozzle lived in a farmhouse in a town named Oddyssey, but after Marukou found out it was in war with Ivaris and some of his friends lived there - he decided to move there instead with his wife.
His wife misteriously dissapeared one time, leaving Marukou to live and raise his son alone.
Marukou's son was called Mitsuo, and after Maruko underwent terrifying amounts of time of "mana hibernation" his son was raised by Jasmine and her mother.
Alot thought that he was dead - in his "mana hibernation" state he didn't wake up for 6000 years.
The rest is up to him.

Introduce Yourself / Oh hey
« on: June 12, 2018, 03:44:23 pm »
I'm Marko. People on the server call me Mark, Prolo, Maruko, idiot...(alot of names)
I'm a 14 year old boy from a dump called Bosnia and Herzegovina, but now I live in Croatia. (also a dump)
Many of you might remember me from the Dunta days, where I played weeaboo idiots with colorful hair and OP abilities.
Yeah, I was in that group you called the cringies of Elysium back in 2015-2016...
I'm 176 centimeters tall.
I don't think anyone cares.
Why am I writing this? I'm bored as - not even going to say that word it's getting cringy please stop
I'm sitting on my plastic orange chair while writing this.
I can't sit on my big orange ball cause it's out of oxygen inside. It keeps getting softer for some reason.
I usually f*** around with Perik, _Hozuh, EuropeanRamen and countless other budale. (budale means idiots in croatian/bosnian/serbian heheheheheh)
God there's too many I's in this thing.
I think that's enough, thanks for reading.

b y e
(p.s. I like rap too and I draw I bet that makes me a special ass snowflake doesn't it?)

« on: June 11, 2018, 04:22:48 pm »
Hello there!
The title says it all, just reply to this and add an image of the skin.

P.S. I don't do digital because I suck at it

Characters / Lando Applewood
« on: June 01, 2018, 05:14:26 pm »
(Original Format by Beskabee, Adaptation of a Format by Hyde, and Adaptation of the Adaptation of the Format by Mark.)

General Info

Name: Lando Applewood
Age: 13 years old
Race: 98.4375% Human
       1.5625% Ancient Elf
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Country Flats
Relationship Status: Single ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Physical Appearance

Height: 5 feet tall (About 155 centimeters)
Weight: 88 pounds (40kg)
Eye Colour: Black
Skin Colour: Red
Distinguishing Features: Cool dreadlocks, pitch black eyes, red skin, horns
Build of Body: Mesomorph
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Dreadlocks
Posture: Good posture
Is Seen by Others as: Wise, young, intimidating
Scars: None
Voice: Mid pitched and raspy


General Attitude: Medium
General Intelligence: Very high
General Sociability: Medium
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Meat
Dislikes: Ignorance
Strengths: Cannot be affected by anti-magic as he does not use magic, very skilled weapon fighter, extreme pain tolleration
Weaknesses: Runs out of stamina easily, holy magic...
Fears: I haven't thought of this yet
Values: Being wise
Long Term Goals: None, really


Outfit: Hellfolk Attire (i dont have a picture)
Jewellery: A sort of shiny rock on his belt
General Wealth: High
Combat: Very adaptable style, can use alot of weapons...
Peaceful or violent: Peaceful until somebody attacks him
Weaponry: Two heavy tomahawks.
Combat Training: Trained by Bornuz Trakkan
Mounts (At sea.): None
Mounts (On land.): None


Place: Hellfolk temple and his farmhouse
Pastime: Stalking commoners
Food: Meat
Colour: Dark green
Animal: Ram

0.25% Other weird things
0.5% Kuma
3% Mages
4% Orcs
4% Wood elves
6% Dark Elves
6% Humans
8% Nekos
8% Shylkerin (Even though they are not an official race, they are probably THE biggest custom race to ever be made)
11.25% Undead
14% Dwarves
17.5% Vampires
17.5% Werewolves

Made by _prolo and LordYuki

This is probably innacurate.

Player-Written Lore / Ghouls
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:05:07 pm »


Ghouls are an undead, grotesque race of monsters that are generally the souls of those who died unsatisfied or the souls of cannibals.
They tend to be hiding in dark places such as caves, thick forests, and sometimes even public graveyards!
They prey upon the flesh of every race apart from ghouls and undead.
Ghouls are very straight forward thinking and feel no empathy towards their food, and often have small gangs of 3-5 members each, or as they call them "rots".
After they eat one, they have the ability to morph into who they've eaten, only gaining appearance and NOT their abilities and powers. They are also able to morph in their living form, which is the form they kept while they were alive.


Feral ghouls
*Eat everybody they can find including dead bodies
*Live in rots

Civilised ghouls:
*Eat only dead animals
*Live in cities, towns, villages...


They do not have a culture as they are merely wild, disgusting beasts who only seek for bloodshed and food.
Though, civilized ghouls are like humans.

Essential features:
-Blue/gray/brown/green/sallow/white skin
-Sharp teeth
-Hair or not (depending on the corpse age)
-Skinny or lean
-White/red eyes

-Tumor-like growths on their back/arms/legs
-Elongated spine resulting in sort of a tail
-Digitgrade legs

Ghouls are genderless and do not interbreed while they are a ghoul, not even civil ghouls.


*Very fast
*Teeth so sharp that they bite through rocks like pudding
*Strong at night

*Weak to holy magic
*Fragile body
*Sunlight blinds them while it's daytime, which is why some tend to wear goggles




Characters / Grunt Applewood III.
« on: May 11, 2018, 08:19:34 pm »
(Original Format by Beskabee, Adaptation of a Format by Hyde, and Adaptation of the Adaptation of the Format by Mark.)

General Info

Name: Grunt Applewood III.
Age: 23 years old
Race: Ex 96.875% Human
       3.125% Ancient Elf
       Currently a ghoul

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Physical Appearance

Height: 7 feet tall (About 213 centimeters)
Weight: 249 pounds (113kg)
Eye Colour: Dark purple
            White (ghoul)
Skin Colour: Fair
             Blue (ghoul)
Distinguishing Features: Has difficulty speaking, dark purple eyes, slightly pointy ears, scarred face (human)
                         A goddamn ghoul
Build of Body: Tall and armored in muscle
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Style: Unkempt
Posture: Good posture
Is Seen by Others as: Quiet, odd, friendly, grumpy at times...
Scars: One spreading across the left side of his forehead and right cheek, a burn scar spreading from the right side of his neck to his left cheek, and a scar spreading from little above his right ear towards his right eye.
Voice: Low and gutteral.


General Attitude: Medium
General Intelligence: Very high
General Sociability: Low
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Fighting, eggs, milk, meat...
Dislikes: Snobs, some vegetables...
Strengths: Cannot be affected by anti-magic as he does not use it, very skilled axe/dagger/sword fighter, very physically strong, extreme pain tolleration, extremely sharp teeth (bite through rocks like pudding)
Weaknesses: Rejection, being choked, doesn't know when to quit in battle, blind in the sun,
Fears: Dying without reaching his long term goals
Values: Being wise
Long Term Goals: To have many friends, and a family.


Outfit: Beige baggy pants, a belt over his shoulder to his back, a chestplate and waistplate he wears at all times, a dark green cape...
Jewellery: None.
General Wealth: Low-Medium
Combat: He usually fights with a sword or an axe, can swing both weapons very quickly due to his physical prowess.
Peaceful or violent: Neutral

Weaponry: A tough, thick, steel axe and two heavy tomahawks
Combat Training: Fought all his life, basically. Trained himself.
Mounts (At sea.): None
Mounts (On land.): None


Place: Ro'ark forest
Pastime: Sleeping, eating or working out
Food: Meat and fruit
Colour: Dark green
Animal: Horse

Characters / Marukou Irikneg
« on: May 08, 2018, 08:27:18 pm »
(Original Format by Beskabee, Adaptation of a Format by Hyde, and Adaptation of the Adaptation of the Format by Mark.)

General Info

Name: Maruko Irikneg
Age: 6013 Years
Race: 87.5% Mage (Wizard) and 12.5% Ancient Elf
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Ro'ark Graveyard
Relationship Status: Single :)

Physical Appearance

Height: 7 feet tall (213 centimeters)
Weight: 135 Pounds (61 Kilogram)
Eye Colour: Purple
Skin Colour: Fair
Distinguishing Features: Purple eyes, a scar on his left eye, slightly pointed ears
Build of Body: Tall and lanky, has only a bit of muscle
Hair Colour: White
Hair Style: Gandalf hair
Posture: Good posture
Is Seen by Others as: Nihilistic, annoying, wise...
Scars: One on his left eye.
Voice: Raspy, somewhat deep.


General Attitude: Very high
General Intelligence: Very high
General Sociability: Medium
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Meat, fruit, fighting, annoying others...
Dislikes: Liches, nekos, white-knights...
Strengths: Unbelievable strength for such a weak body (able to punch at 543.3 kilograms of strength which is 1197 pounds), unbelievable speed (able to move at the speed of sound), able to regenerate limbs in a matter of minutes
Weaknesses: Unable to use fire magic, unable to use wind magic, easily injured as his body isn't that endurant...
Fears: His sword being destroyed
Values: Sarcasm, being wise...
Long Term Goals: To be recognized for his courage and "good looks"


Outfit: Dark purple wizard robes held together by a belt with a gold buckle.
Jewellery: None
General Wealth: No money whatsoever.
Combat: Uses magic and minor martial arts,
Peaceful or violent: Depends
Weaponry: A bright purple, glowing sword which is able to cut through the toughest of rocks like pudding.
Combat Training: Knows a little bit of martial arts
Mounts (At sea.): None
Mounts (On land.): None


Place: The turu tree
Pastime: Annoying commoners
Food: All meat
Colour: Purple
Animal: Dragons

Gang Warfare / -Older Gods-
« on: May 04, 2018, 08:46:20 pm »
Older Gods is a gang founded by Mark Sagrurz, and co-founded by Nyruf.
These are the following ranks and characters (and their owners) assigned to them;

Boss(es) -> Mark Sagrurz (_prolo) and Nyruf (_Hozuh)
Suboordinate(s)-> None
Hunter(s)-> Nyruf (_Hozuh)
Thug (s) -> None
Plug (s) -> None
Rat (s) -> None


Your experience on Elysium:
Character name:
Character race:
Character age:
Character appearance:
Character fighting style:
A test for RP skills -
*It was about 10 o' clock at night, when a tall, muscular man approached you while you were walking home from a long day of work/school. As he pushes you into the wall of a nearby shop and asks for money, what does your character do?*

Characters / Mark Sagrurz (Kryten)
« on: May 04, 2018, 10:31:08 am »
Format by Beskabee, Adaptation of Format by Mark)

General Info

Name: Mark Sagrurz
Age: 21
Race: 24.5% Human and 75.5% Orc
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Somewhere in Kryten (I dunno)
Relationship Status: Single

Physical Appearance

Height: 7 feet tall (213 centimeters)
Weight: 230 Pounds (104 Kilograms)
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin Colour: Pale olive green
Distinguishing Features: Pointy ears, small tusks
Build of Body: Armored in muscle
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Style: Short back and sides
Posture: Good posture
Is Seen by Others as: A good leader, intelligent, sorta annoying when someone is not listening to him...
Scars: One on his chest.
Voice: Very deep, somewhat raspy, gutteral.


General Attitude: High
General Intelligence: High
General Sociability: Medium
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: His race, weapons, adrenalin, 20th century rap music, 20th century jazz music, 20th century rock music, reggae, 20th century videogames...
Dislikes: His enemies (duh), most 21st century rap music, smoking, omnics...
Strengths: Very strong, very smart, fast reflexes
Weaknesses: Slow, too heavy to do certain things...
Fears: Losing sight
Values: Positivity, sarcasm, brains...
Long Term Goals: To have the most dangerous gang in all of Kryten


Outfit: Gray long sleeved hoodie, wide blue jeans, huge gray shoes.
Jewellery: None
General Wealth: Broke, barely living by himself which is why he's starting a gang
Combat: Uses guns and kickboxing.
Peaceful or violent: Depends
Weaponry: GLOCK 19
Combat Training: Medium experienced - went to judo and kickboxing lessons from age 7 to age 18.
Mounts (At sea.): None
Mounts (On land.): None


Place: The streets of Kryten
Pastime: Selling drugs, guns, vehicle parts...
Food: Burritos, ćevapi and other meat...
Colour: Green :)
Animal: Huge dogs

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