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Role-Play Groups / The Celestial Paragon
« on: July 08, 2018, 11:57:45 pm »

Characters / Sween Eytod, The Demon Barber
« on: June 08, 2018, 12:23:17 pm »
(Kind of a joke, but I found it funny. Points to you if you understand this at all)

(Format by Beskabee, Adaptation of Format by _Mr_Hyde_)

General Info

Name: Sween Eytod
Age: 57
Race: Demon (No clue if there’s any left)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Small Town in Aria
Relationship Status: Single

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 147 Pounds
Eye Colour: Red, Black Scleras
Skin Colour: Pale
Distinguishing Features: Eyes
Build of Body: Mesomorphic
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Style: Slicked Back - ponytail
Is Seen by Others as: A Demon, Barber (Specifically in that order)
Scars: One his small finger


General Attitude: Gossip, Polite - lots of Small Talk
General Intelligence: Medium
General Sociability: High
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Likes: Bodycare, Fashion, Scissors, Blood
Dislikes: Unfashionable people, environmentally unsafe people, rude people
Strengths: Really good Barber, Expert Bodycare specialist, pretty good with small blades, has Black Magic
Weaknesses: Light Magic, Not much of a fighter
Fears: Being outdone
Values: Fashion
Long Term Goals: Open up a Barber shop


Outfit: Normal Clothes
Jewellery: Ring on his right hand, middle finger
General Wealth: Low - Medium
Combat: Low
Peaceful or violent: In between
Weaponry: Knives, Scissors
Combat Training: High in Knives, Low in everything else
Mounts (At sea.): None
Mounts (On land.): None


Place: Barber Shop
Pastime: Baking
Food: Pie
Colour: Red
Animal: Mice

Share Stories / The Dusk-Blade
« on: June 06, 2018, 11:31:57 pm »
((Small story I wrote as the first of two stories Hyde had requested for me to write. I guess I’m doing small writing commissions now? Not sure...
anyways, don’t hate too much, all rights go to Hyde, and enjoy))

Dusk had descended upon Elysium - the sun’s last rays enveloped the land in gold and purple, and shadows were short. A lone fort stood at the top of a hilly clearing, overlooking the autumnal trees below, many of them bare and lifeless. A single rode ran from the castle, usually busy with traders and scouts, supplying the encampment and running messages between the capital city of Ebonshire and
the small outpost. Soldiers, both Undead and Alive, guarded the gate, and archers lined the wall.

A few meters back, a figure stood within the autumnal shrubbery - light brown hair, and dark eyes. His face glinted in the last of the waning light, and as he crept closer, his demeanor was serious - unsmiling, impassive. He carried no weapons on his form, and wore a tattered blue officer’s jacket. The man crept forward, continuing the job of a nation destroyed long ago - yet he had not acknowledged thus, and continued his work in vain.

But he did not think of it as such. He had a purpose - to disrupt the communications of Ebonshire. The spy crept closer to the walls, his skin taking on a silver sheen, as he seemed to fade into a liquid, flowing under the grass, and then into the small cracks within the wall. Coming out the other side, into the courtyard, he continued forward in this fluidic form, avoiding the light, and staying in the darkness cast by the walls, as to avoid unnecessary reflection.

As a guard made his rounds through the courtyard, the spy would take his opportunity. Reforming into a humanoid form behind him, he quickly placed his hand over the sentry’s mouth, and with a swift motion, dragged him back into the shade, before anybody had even noticed.

The sentry reappeared moments later, his skin now reflective, and a second body of his hidden with the shade, his heart pierced.

The spy, having taken the sentry’s form, would pick up the halberd, and head back into the keep. He continued through the hallways quickly, pulling the helmet low to make sure his face was hidden. It was only a matter of time before the sentry’s body was found - this mission had turned into a race. He moved towards the top of the keep, avoiding suspicion, before reaching the top floor - where the room of the Captain’s office was located.

The spy moves towards the door, before a second guard pushed past him, alarm on his face, blood on his hands, and the spy’s old clothes in his arms. He moved to run towards the Captain’s quarters, urgency in his eyes.

However, the shifted stepped in front of the man, grabbing him by the neck, and moved to aim a jab at the man’s rib cage. However, as he did so, his arm turned from flesh into silvered metal, and the blade pierced the man’s rib cage, silencing him, and leaving him to die.

The changeling moved quickly, his arm reverting back. He went to the guard’s corpse, moving to hide him behind one of the withered potted plants in the shadowed hallway (they were rather big plants). He moved once more to the captain’s quarters, dissolving into the silver liquid once more.

The infiltrator moved under the door, slowly and thinly to avoid suspicion. The Captain was writing a letter at his desk, and in front of that, as the spy’s goal - movement orders. The liquid slowly moved to pool around the Captain’s Feet, though he seemed to note it not. The liquid began to writhe, points forming, but the captain stood, moving to go over to the window, and look at the fort below, smiling.

The spy would silently curse in his mind, before going to reform behind the Captain, his arm turning once more into the silvered blade. Yet, the captain’s smile quickly faded, as the sentries below were riled up, working quickly, and searching for something, hearing faint speak of assassins with his potent dark elven ears.

He would turn to assist his guard, not knowing why there would be an assassin amidst them, but as he turned, he saw the spy, who ran the blade through his gut, and through the window. He then moved to slit the captain’s neck, accidentally pushing him out of the now-open window.

The Captain’s corpse fell to the cobblestones below, a look of surprise on his pale face, and the infiltrator silently swore to himself. He moved to grab the letter, and by the time the guard had arrived in the captain’s office, the orders were gone.

Nothing remained of the spy, but a drop of silver liquid on the window sill.

Thyrasime is a rare arcane disease, afflicted rarely through being subject to non lethal Dark magic, and through the consumption of magical undead creatures. The disease takes the form of a black parasite, which inhabits the afflicted’s stomach. It causes the host to be incredibly ravenous, as the “leech” saps them of energy and nutrition, so that it can grow and survive. However, the parasite does bring some rather strange effects, such as an affinity to black magic, a few “minor” physical alterations, and a chaotic reaction to almost any time of magic that does not originate from the infernal realms, the void, or from pure evil.

The contraction of this magical disease is long, painful, and more importantly - once fully contracted, it is well-nigh impossible to remove. The disease follows several main stages, each stage lasting for somewhere around a week, before the disease completes:

Stage 1: In the first week, the afflicted will feel more tired, yet more hungry - almost as if a need to hibernate. They food they ingest will instead be used by the virus itself in order to grow - the food will remain within their stomachs until the virus has fully bonded. They are more prone to being harmed by all magic during this time, and will react violently to such effects - any time they are hit by magic, the effects are seemingly twice as effective as they were meant to be, and any beneficial effects are only half as effective as they were meant to be. A few afflicted may notice the painful formation of 1 or 2 blackened scales on their stomach, which generally irritate the skin around such marks.

Stage 2: After a week has passed, the afflicted will feel twice as ravenous as they were before (though, they will not digest the food they eat as stated before), and the lack of energy grows stronger as well. They will begin to suffer fevers, aching pains, and shooting pains in their stomachs. Their bodies will have at least developed 4 or 5 of those small scales on the stomach, and will continue doing so throughout the course of the week. They will still have violent reactions to magic, as the parasite begins to take root in the afflicted’s stomach, and begin to bind to the afflicted.

Stage 3: The afflicted’s hunger and lethargy grow much worse, as well as their feverish conditions, and will occasionally put some into a coma until the disease has fully rooted. The afflicted’s stomach will have developed more of these scales now, developing in an outward-spreading pattern. The afflicted will still react violently towards non-Dark magic, though not as violently anymore, as the parasite starts to bind with the afflicted, and create a “nest”. The afflicted may become naturally resistant to darker Magics that cause decay and such, and will start to be able to innately control such magics up to a point. Pain will start to grow within the afflicted’s nerves and muscles.

Stage 4: the pain will increase, and hunger will reach an unbearable point. Comas are common in this stage, though some will remain awake and aware. The parasite will begin to meld in with the afflicted’s muscles and nerves, and the “nest” will start to complete, and the scales will cease to form, completely covering the afflicted’s stomach at this point. The parasite starts to produce darkness and dark magic inside of the host - cures are nearly impossible at this point, and immune systems are weakened.

Stage 5: A few afflicted will be dead by this point. The parasite continues to take root, and the afflicted become even more attuned to dark magic. Their muscles will still ache and so will their nerves, but they will start to stir from their rest. The veins in their eyes will have taken an orange hue, and their thoughts will be disjointed and alien - they aren’t themselves at this point. Feverish symptoms still persist through this time.

Stage 6: Parasite fully roots into the host - the afflicted is beyond cures at this point. Their blood takes a deep orange hue, and their stomachs are completely covered in scales, stretching partially to their backs. They will be constantly hungry, and have an aversion to direct light, instead finding solace in dark areas. The parasites are constantly producing black magic, and the leeching the host of food and energy. They may be unpredictable, but they have regained full control now.
Physical alterations

After stage 6, the afflicted will have a few substantial differences. First off, are the pitch-black scales that cover their stomachs, and stretch to their backs. These scales are created as part of the nest, and are to help protect the parasite inside the afflicted’s stomach. The next noticeable part about an afflicted host, is their orange blood. The blood becomes a vibrant, deep orange, for reasons mostly unknown, though many scholars have assumptions.
Not, we’ll move onto the changes not visible to the eye, mainly, the Thyrasime parasite. The parasite, as stated before, inhabits the afflicted’s stomach, and uses the host to survive. The host is ravenously hungry as a result of the disease, though the food they eat is instead consumed by the Parasite, instead of their bodies. The parasite returns some energy to them, but quite a bit less than if they could’ve eaten such food normally. In addition, the parasite grows depending on the abundance of food within the host, and only shrinks back down in times of extremely little food. As such, a host of a Thyrasime virus can often appear incredibly engorged, though they appear to have little body fat, and nowhere beyond a normal amount of muscle mass. The Thyrasime parasite is one of darkness, and as such, it invokes an antipathy of sunlight in the afflicted, but grants them increased physical prowess in darkened areas. While within shade, a host will have somewhere near half the strength of an Orc, and are about as swift as an Elf. In sunlight however, both traits are reduce to that of a normal human, and they will have their sense dulled, though most importantly, they will have a bit more trouble seeing than anything.
An afflicted will have an innate immunity to the normal effects of digested poisons, and digestive diseases, though both will cause the parasite to become irritated and it would swell, and heat up considerably in order to remove such toxins from itself.
Magical alterations

The magical that such a disease introduces are quite interesting, to say the least. The diseased will gain a resistance to any and all “Dark” magics, such as infernal magics, or voidal magics, and a bit of a vulnerability to light magics, though not in the way one would expect. If the diseased attempted to magically cure themselves of the affliction, then they would instead end up being harmed, as the Thyrasime parasite is both magically and physically bonded to them. This “vulnerability” also applies to other magics, as whenever they themselves try to cast magics or sources aside from the void and the infernal realms, then the magic can turn chaotic, and instead the magic may hit a random target instead of themselves. However, this does not apply to magics if darker origins, and instead this chaotic casting empowers such spells.
In addition, the Thyrasime is constantly producing darkness and magic much like a faucet. This is dangerous but also powerful, as the magic is a potent decayer, but it can also build up if not expended, leading to fatal results (use your imagination). This magical liquid can be expended in many ways (If the afflicted has a hint of creativity), but must be channeled through their body - no other things will work. The most basic way this is channeled, and wielded, is as a pseudo-dragonbreath, but it can be shaped and animated into what a caster may need, provided they have enough mental fortitude, creativity, and enough of the Thyrasime’s magic.
This lore was requested by Hyde, and I figured: it’s the least I can do for him. It’s a bit of a rough write-up, but the main point and stuff is there, and I hope y’all like it (especially Hyde, because, y’know, I wrote it for him.)

Characters / Tevis Malore
« on: May 05, 2018, 10:14:57 pm »
Name: Tevis Malore
Age: 246
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Dominion of Varimon
Relationship Status: Single

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 137 Pounds
Eye Colour: Red
Skin Colour: Olive
Distinguishing Features: Red Eyes, Extended Incisors
Build of Body: Mesomorph (Suprem Vampyr Genes)
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Slick-Back, Medium
Is Seen by Others as: Scholarly, Idealistic, Noble, One of house Malore
Scars: None


General Attitude: Reserved, Methodical, Manipulative
General Intelligence: High
General Sociability: Low
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Likes: Power, Wealth,
Dislikes: Rough living, Idiots
Strengths: Intelligence, Swordplay, Magic (Blood Magic/Hemomancy, Theurgy, Vampire Innate Magics), Dexterous, Long life
Weaknesses: Tunnel-Vision on goals, Detached, Wilderness Living, Holy Magic
Fears: Religious Zealots, Idiots
Values: Wealth, Knowledge, Power
Long Term Goals: Take over as one of the rulers as the Dominion


Outfit: Scholarly Robes (Muy caro)
Jewellery: Holy Symbol (Of Telos Darkmoon)
General Wealth: High
Combat: Graceful, yet Savage - Powerful Swordplay, very proper
Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
Weaponry: Rapier
Combat Training: Very High
Mounts (At sea.): None
Mounts (On land.): Horse.


Place: His manor
Pastime: Studying
Food: Blood (Duh)
Colour: Crimson (Duh x2)
Animal: Dogs (Doggos!)

Player-Written Lore / The Sah
« on: May 01, 2018, 11:58:07 pm »
The Sah are a race of voidal creatures, borne of the shifting realm of Somna, better known to certain casters as the realm of dreams. As befitting their origins, they are maters of Illusion and enchant, bending light into images as real as if they were reality themselves. Enigmatic as the dreams which they control, it’s best to keep a close eye around these ones - you never know whether what they say is reality, or simply an illusion.

The Sah are exotic, to say the least. Their skin is light (near-white), with undershades of Magenta, Purple, or Blue, and their hair, shades of dark purple and blue. They are physically built like humans, with similar muscle structure, though more pointed features, and they are quite a bit light than normal humans. They are about as strong as a human, and a bit faster, and more dexterous (When it comes to things such as hiding, or making entrances. They’re good at that part), though their eyes are more attuned to darkness, seeing as how Somna, their home-realm, is incredibly dark. These eyes are slightly cat-like, with the scleras being a light gray, and their glowing irises ranging from all colors of the spectrum (the light from these eyes is incredibly evident, despite these creatures being masters of hiding in darkness). Their ears, adapted to the enigmatic shifting sounds of the void, are slightly pointed, and slightly larger than a human’s ears. Their minds, in addition, are built for their shifting, voidal homes, and they are able to easily adapt mentally, and react quickly to situations, despite seeming aloof and detached.

The Sah originate from Somna, one of the two shifting realms of the void, known as the plane of Dreams. The realm is known to the scholars to be completely dark, constantly shifting, and hiding both deadly horrors, and blissful realities. The Sah’s history about their creation within Somna is entirely unknown, though it’s their ascension to Elysium that matters the most. The Sah lived as nomadic architects within Somna, creating rifts into blissful realities, along hunting, and gathering in order to survive. They were seen as a merciful race, creating these realities to protect sleeping mortals within Elysium from the horrors of Somna (If you haven’t guessed yet - many in Elysium find the source of their dreams and nightmares within this realm. What they dismiss as images in their mind, are really visions into this realm, into what they most desire, or what they fear most).
When the Mages in Elysium started to gain their power from the dragons, the sheer chaos of magical power weakened the ties between Somna (and the second of the shifting realms) and Elysium. Turmoil racked the land, as all the creatures within Somna attempted to breach into the material realm. It was through the cunning and illusions of the Sah, that they were not only able to reach Elysium and throw off their restraints to Somna, but also make sure that no other of the nightmares could escape.
Since then, for the longest time they have hidden themselves from reality, hiding in shadows, and appearing in dreams and blurred visions. They lived as nomads and wanderers, learning the lost lore of Elysium, and perfecting their many powers, now that survival isn’t a problem for them anymore. They lived as hidden scholars and idealists, but as of late, have started to become a bit more open about their existence. A few Sah have even begun to build nations, but most of them still are secretive with their existence.

The Sah are masters of Illusion and Enchantment. Their main power draws from their ability to draw light from the world around them, and shape it into a form as they please. Though it is not physical, Sah have perfected this art, making the images are lifelike as possible, and even able to channel emotions into onlookers of the illusions. This power is limited by two things - connection to the light, and how much Enuurm they can channel at a time. If they cannot do both, then they cannot create their illusions.

In addition, Sah have the ability to corrupt, and take complete control over the dream of a person. There are no limits to this ability, except that the Sah needs to be able to see their target. Beyond this, the Sah can do whatever they please, including cause short-term trauma and paranoia in the target, or trapping them in a blissful reality filled with the target’s wildest dreams. As a small note, the Sah only dream lucidly, and can not only perfectly recall all of their dreams and nightmares, but control them without a second thought.

The third ability of a Sah is to create illusory “Shadow Realms”. These realms are perfected to a Sah’s choosing, and the Sah can only travel to these realms through deep, and practice meditation. These realms are generally as complex as they are, and through their shifting and near-incorporeal existence on Elysium, they can occasionally transport willing creatures into this realm for a short time. However, this generally requires both creatures to be in meditation, and requires consent on both parties.
A masterful Sah can sometimes imprison a target within one of these realms for a brief period of time, replacing all of their senses as if they were inside of the “Shadow Realm”, and leaving them vulnerable in the physical realm. However, this only happens in moments of extreme terror and as a last resort, as it transports the Sah to this mental state as well, and drains them terribly, leaving their mind disarrayed and their bodies vulnerable along side their opponent’s.

A fourth, slightly smaller ability of the Sah, is the ability to communicate telepathically to those around them. This is a one-way connection, and though the Sah can read the thoughts of a target limitedly, the target cannot talk back to the Sah. Even if the two creatures don’t know the same language, a Sah can still communicate perfectly to them, through the use of mental images, thoughts, and ideas. In Somna, the Sah had only communicated through telepathic speech, as they lacked language. Today, most Sah only speak in this manner.

The final ability of them, is to take a mist-like Wraith form. This form ranges in color, though always has a dreamy look to them, their bodies taking on a cold, dew-like mist embedded with motes of cold light resembling stars in a dark galaxy. This list is generally black, with hints of magenta, purple, and blue, though all colors are possible. In this mist form, the Sah becomes unable to interact with physical objects, but is unhurt by physical weaponry. This form does not last forever, and is incredibly taxing, both physically and mentally, though allows a Sah to escape for reposition in a strategic spot, seeing as how they have limited flight, and can go through cracks of any size without trouble.

As a quick side-note, Sah are especially adept at learning Illusion, Conjuration, Enchantment, Divination and Voidal Magic, but it is incredibly hard for them (near impossible) to learn other types of magic.

The Sah are weak to many things: for example, many of their powers require specific conditions in order to work, however, these aren’t weaknesses, but rather restrictions. The Sah are weak to lightning magic, as a result of their ethereal and incorporeal nature. Lightning disrupts their minds, and scorches their flesh, causing a great deal of disarray within them. On top of that, Sah are as strong as a human and only a bit faster than one. They are as vulnerable to physical weaponries as humans, and they require light clothing and vestments to keep their minds open. Spells that banish creatures are incredibly effective on them, however it is easy for them to return to the material plane once more, as they are well-versed with the traveling between Somna and Elysium. Still, it is a powerful way to remove a Sah from the realm for a long time.

This is the end of the lore (So far). I didn’t come up with it, but instead, it was Acidiest (Prisod). I was but his scribe, and he had basically put all of these words into my mouth for me. He came up with every idea, and all of the history and everything, really. He worked long and hard on the development of this, and all praise should really go to him.

Role-Play Groups / The Wandering Mages (Magical Wares Caravan)
« on: April 29, 2018, 08:54:18 pm »

We, The Wandering Mages, are a caravan that deals in the trading and selling of magical items of all rarities, shapes, uses, sizes, and origins. Dark or light, legendary or mundane, we have them all - with some exceptions, of course. We will be starting sales soon, but before we can do so, we will require a few assistants to help us in making sure we have as safe and productive and in-come as possible. If you have the skills, and are looking for a bit of extra coin in your pocket - then come find us. We’ll be willing to welcome you with open arms, if you’ve proven yourself.

- Ja’Ree Astara

The Wandering Mages is a caravan of nomadic merchants, who’ve thrown away the safety of society to make money selling magical wares. The first question many would think, would question the acquisition, and the answer, is that they either “make” their “own”, or they delve into dungeons, ruins, and places where such items are located. Ja’Ree is an experienced traveler, and has been delving into dungeons for years, along with caravanning by himself.
However ludicrous the trade may seem, bandits, hunger, disease, and misdirection are constant threats, and those who join are seen as either incredibly crazy, or incredibly confident. The same man who joins the Mages is often different than the one who left - beyond the economic aspects.

- Moderate/Advanced Roleplaying skill
- Fitting Character design
The following format must be used if you want to apply a character to the Wandering Mages caravan. Applications may be posted in response to this, and I will try to inform you through PM if you are accepted or denied.

Character Name:
Character Race:
Character Age:
Quick Backstory:
Current Members:

Juan_Plays [Me] (Ja’Ree Astrava), _Mr_Hyde_  (Zero Al Hashem), Jyecarson (Ja’Avi), ThereIsNoSam (Ganchi Forian)

General Elysium Discussion / The Power of Ranged Weapons
« on: April 23, 2018, 05:17:50 pm »
Hullo. Fixed my problem. Sorry about before.

So, I research stuff, simply for fun. One thing that I’ve been researching as of late is Martial Weaponry, or more specifically, Ranged Martial Weapons - Bows, Crossbows, and Blow Darts. For now, I will talk mostly about bows, and how powerful they might just be in the hands of an experienced roleplayer.

So, bows. They are simple weapons, typically made of wood bent into an arched shape, with a piece of string between each ends.
However, most people know that, so kind of irrelevant to open with. I still did so anyways.

Anywho, the most common bow used my expert marksmen of the Elysium time-frame would be Longbows. These are some of the largest bows, almost as big as one’s body, and with a draw weight of 90-110 pounds, which equals a force of 400-490 Newtons. That’s an impressive amount of force.

Now, an average arrow for this type of bow weighs around 30 grams, not too heavy, but not the lightest either. Doing some rough math, we can calculate the speed of an arrow fired from such a bow, and it comes out to around 225 Feet Per Second. That’s 150 Miles Per Hour, and 241.5 Kilometers Per Hour. Quite a bit faster than a normal human can react, if they’re within 100 feet of the arrow.

Now, most people would say “Wow, that’s fast, but what point are you trying to make?” Well, arrows are made for piercing objects - be it flesh, thin wood, brittle metal (including chain links) and bone. Bows and Arrows are dangerous tools in the right hands, and the only downside to them, is the fact that they are unwieldy in a range closer than 10 feet, and the fact that bows require a few seconds to knock, draw, aim, and release.

That being said, hiding is the perfect solution to this. In history, Archers were efficient because they remained in the back, unnoticed. The one misconception is that people believe Archery is supposed to be fought, while in the open, staring your opponent dead in the eyes. That’s not the case, if you want to succeed with as much efficiency as possible - you can do that, as long as you stay mobile. Archery is about mobility, steady aim, and hiding. You use your surroundings to our advantage, and you should remain in well enough shape.

Now, your final question might be something like “Juan, why did you write this in the first place?” Well, I’ve wanted to try Archery for a while now, but it gets infuriating when people simply dodge out of the way of a surprise attack that you prepared for three turns, without even a second thought. I’ve also though that if I do this, a few more people may be interested in making Archers (They are an extinct kind, in Elysium). I just want to see more variety, and help any Archers on the server where I can. A Robin Hood type of deal - Take from the Rich, or in this case, the Over-Abundant, and give it to the poor, or in this case, the Under-Used.

I mean no harm, just simply sharing some science is all.

Introduce Yourself / A Late Introduction
« on: April 21, 2018, 05:32:14 am »
(In my defense, late is better than never)

3/4 Asleep, can’t think at all, and just spent my whole day playing ESO and thinking about how my life ended up here - Perfect time to write an introduction!

Most of you know me by now, as Juan, or Lizehrd, or some other obscure name, but because of my sheer paranoia, I’ll just say my actual name is Juan, despite it only being similar to Juan. I live in America, few hours away from the Canadian Border, and so is common. Like, seriously, can it please stop snowing now (Thanks environment for ruining any chance I have to actually have a warm summer). But, enough of that.

I’m a huge appreciator if art in all methods, and while I’m an adequate actor, I am a beginner at drawing, and I’m thinking of relearning guitar, and learning ukele, along with possibly stage-make-up and costuming. I’m intellectually minded, and I’m interested in Psychology, Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Philosophy, and Pherenzics, though the other sciences intrigue me as well. Beyond that, I’m very much a nerd, and I commonly play Video-Games such as: Rainbow 6 Siege, Destiny 2 (Hah, Dead game [RIP]), ESO, Halo, Minecraft (Unnecessary to put this in, but don’t judge), Rift, Archeage, GW2, and Paragon (or as most people now call it, Paragone [RIP x2]). If none of you knew before, In very much self-vicious in my actions, and I screw up quite often, though I try my best, y’know, never really cause any harm. I write a lot of lore and stories, and have a rather enigmatic mind that even I can’t figure out yet. I’d like to think I’m kind if you can look beyond my eccentric nature, and I am rather loyal, genuine, honest, and insightful. Along with that, I have been described as a hippie, and a nerd by all my friends, and I’m an idealistic pacifist (INFJ FTW! [16 Personalities theory - I recommend you take one of the tests, results may shock you])

So, yeah, that’s me. Not really much else you need to know.. Oh, nearly forgot - I’m confident everybody on the server thinks I’m a Lizard Furry. Not sure if anybody does, but I get that vibe (I really hope that’ nobody does think that, however).

Player-Written Lore / Nagas - Elysium Snake-Folk
« on: April 16, 2018, 02:44:17 pm »
(God, it’s been so long since I’ve written a lore like this. Feels good, if I’m being honest. Expefy edits for grammar and additional information. I also may write some additional lore later, not sure. Comments and criticism are welcome!)

Naga, The Snake-Folk of Elysium
The Naga are a race of lesser-known beings, their rich and vibrant history, sciences, and culture locked within the trees and vines of the jungle, and buried beneath the wastes of the deserts in which they inhabit. They are quite visibly of ophidian heritage, with serpentine heads and scaled bodies that end in tails meters long. Just like their appearance is that of a serpent, so too are said of their personalities. They are dangerous foes when faced against, but stalwart - even if a bit uneasy - allies.

The Naga, as I have stated before, are serpentine in appearance and biology (They are Cold-Blooded, though still have a limited ability to draw heat from food). They stand between 5’ 4” and 6’ 8”, with very similar muscular mass to humans. Their bodies are covered in many different colored scales, ranging from green and yellow, to brown and black. Occasionally, there are shades of azure and teal, but these are more uncommon among the race. The scales of a Naga follow a unique, genetic pattern, such as banded, shaded or striped. Generally, the Naga have a beige, white, or tan under-belly, throat, and bottom jaw, and their backs contain their colored scales.

Another distinct part about the Nagas, are their lack of legs, and their serpentine tails. These tails grow with age, and can be upwards of several meters long, though are generally around 10 feet long. They are surprisingly strong, as a Naga can use them to hang from trees for hours, if they’re waiting to ambush, or they can be used to fatally constrict prey with a scary amount of efficiency. In addition, their tales allow them to dodge blows dealt to their upper-body with ease, as their tales are quite flexible, and provide them with the ability to or have to worry about falling, or tripping. As another result of their tails, genes, and even environment, they are extraordinary climbers and swimmers, able to do so quickly, and silently.

The next important part about them, are their heads, odd as it may seem. Besides their serpentine appearance, they seem rather normal, however if you take a few moments to observe, you may notice a few distinct details about them. First off is their canine teeth, which aren’t canine teeth, but instead two needle-point incisors. These teeth can fold into the back of their mouth, much like a serpent,!to prevent them from possibly stabbing themselves, as these teeth are connected to glands in their throats that produce a potent toxin. This toxin isn’t lethal, but is both paralyzing, and causes unbelievable amounts of pain (Physical effects of the venom are development of hives and blisters all over the body closest to the veins and arteries, extreme sweating, and a pale complexion). It takes about a shot-glass of this venom to deliver the full effects to an adult human, and as much as a wine-glass can bring a fully grown human adult into a coma. The next trait are their eyes, which are more than just colorful (Their eyes can come in almost every different color in the spectrum, except for white or black). Unlike popular belief, they cannot mind-control with their eyes, though their eyes have a slightly hypnotic effect on weaker-willed creatures, but that is irrelevant. Their eyes, or more accurately, their forked tongues, identical to serpents, allow them to see heat signatures. The way they do this, is as a snake does: by tasting he air with their tongues, and by using it to “smell”, they detect the heat signatures of the creatures and landscape around them. They have slightly worse eyesight than a normal human, but this ability more than makes up for that weakness, and can be considered their strongest trait, as it allows them to be fierce predators and hunters, paired with their camouflaged scale colors.

Along with all of these main traits, are a few lesser traits, though are still good to keep in mind when crossing paths with these beings. The Naga have an innate immunity to most poisons and venoms, including resistance (Note, I say Resistance, not Immunity) to their own. Along with that, they can breathe underwater with ease, able to take the oxygen from the water they breath, and turn it into breathable air, so that they can stay underwater for extended periods of time. The final of these lesser traits, are ability of the Naga to swallow creatures whole, up to several times their own size (Up to approximately 3 times their own size, though if they do so, they cannot move for several weeks, and even when they can move again, they are lethargic, vulnerable, and very, very slow) as a result of their serpentine nature. Despite this, even if the creature is only 3/4 as big as them, it can take upwards of several long, painful minutes, and may even become several hours, in order to fully swallow a creature.

The Naga are omnivores, but almost exclusively eat hunted game. However, Nagas will occasionally eat berries and other jungle and desert herbs. They are not very skilled chefs, hence their choice of simple foods, but that is more of a trivial detail than an important fact. Why I add this, is because food plays a large part in the mating of a Naga. In order for a Naga to go into a mating, the female requires a stockpile of food, as the process and the months afterwords are tiring, leaving her debilitated and lethargic, until the child is born.

The Naga have a rich culture, divided into two different groups: The Ophimar, and the Ssethian.

The Ophimar are the oasis-dwelling Naga,  nomadic and nature-worshipping. They are traders and hermits, wanderers and trappers, druids and rangers. Their culture revolves around the worshipping of a single Naga-Emperor, the Pharoah. The Pharoah is said to be filled with righteous power, gifted from distant, unnamed gods, and the Pharoah must go through several debilitating trials and rituals before taking the throne. The job of the Pharoah is to rule, and to continue to rule until the return of Ophimar God-King, who was said to be the one to grant the Ophimar their serpentine appearance.
The Ophimar worship not many gods besides their Pharoah, or their God-King. They acknowledge the Ssethian gods, and the distant gods that give their emperor power while the God-King is silent, but worship neither. For now, they only worship their Pharoah, and feel a reverence to the sands they walk. They follow a set of beliefs that ingrain into the Ophimar, that they are apart of nature, and if they live life to the will of their Pharoah, and are kind and giving to all who they meet, then they shall be rewarded in their afterlife. The Pharoah is almost never corrupt, as some of the many trials they must face, are those of Virtue, Benevolence, and Solidarity, also known as the final three trials.
The Ophimar are not extraordinary craftsmen, besides their weapons, armor, and their sand-shaping ability. They are know for crafting some of the most beautiful, most impressive weapons and armor ever to be seen, and their sand-stone pyramids, which hold the bodies of Heroes, and Pharoahs are filled with the best of their art, beyond the very structure of the building. The Ophimar palace of the Pharoah is the biggest building ever constructed by them, and is filled with arches of all sorts of seemingly impossible angles, conjoining together to create a sense of awe, and breath-taking beauty.
The Ophimar are nomads, and many go into hermitage in order to catch a glimpse of the beauty their God-King had set before them to build and shape for the better of their world. They are benevolent travelers, though they do not fully trust everybody they meet, and prefer to avoid travelers, to fear of missing a possible omen in nature.
Magic is openly practiced among the Ophimar, but they tend to focus solely on Natural Magic, such as Druidry and Shamanism. They partake in such Magic’s in order to preserve and protect the wild world, and shape the world into a visage or beauty, as that is what their God-King has requested of them: to build the world in his visage. They are healers and protectors, but also mix Druidry with masterful blade-work, many of their best mages, their best dervishes. It is odd that such an culture based around the protection of nature, benevolence, and the worship of their Pharoah, and their God-King can be so War-like, but the Ssethians have given them good reason to try and protect themselves, as they before have been attacked, and unable to defend themselves, and will not let that happen again.

The Ssethians are the jungle-dwelling Naga, secretive, zealous, and outright dangerous. They are the Priests, Rogues, Hunters, Artisans, scholars, and cultists of the Naga, their culture vibrant and wide, though unaccepting of outsiders. They build great cities of stone and jungle-wood, and in those cities, are hundreds of temples and libraries, devoted to many of their gods.
The Ssethians worship a wide pantheon of gods (I’ll get into that another time), led by a single main god: The king of the Gods, and the creature of the mortals. This God goes by the name of Sseth, and is feared as much as he is held in reverence among the culture. The capital of the Ssethians holds the largest temple, and the largest building of either culture, and is devoted solely to him. Made of Bronze, Stone, and Gold, it towers above all but the tallest trees, and the long steps up to the altar at the very top, are stained with blood.
This blood is from the many sacrifices devoted to Sseth. The Ssethians take those they’ve capture, either from war or from intruders, and sacrifice them to Sseth, cutting out their heart, and burning it in a Brazier, as a sacrifice to him. Many culture disapprove of out-right sacrifice, but they see no problem with it, as their god requires blood to live, and they wish their god to continue living, so as they may continue their quest: to build the world in his visage.
The Ssethians are some of the greatest scholars and scientists, beyond zealous priests. They have managed to separate emotion from magical power, allowing them to channel raw Arcane power without a second thought. They have studied all manner of creatures, and magic, and keep their records in their many archives and libraries. They have built great temples for their ruler - who, is instead a council of the eldest, wisest, smartest, and strongest members of the civilization - and adorned them with all sorts of art, be it pots and urns made from painted clay in serpentine shapes, to daggers made from obsidian, gold, and turquoise. They are more impressive artisans than the Ophimar (though the Ophimar still have the more impressive masonry). The Ssethians value idealism and art more than physicality, and their government and cultures reflects that. Their council is incredibly effective at executing tasks, and the Ssethians have developed several systems of agents, and spies to get jobs done, instead of out-right warfare. Their artists are some of their most well-known people, and so too are their scholars, though their priests are held in infamy and with fear. The Ssethians believe that Sseth wishes their culture and beliefs to become the dominant religion, and that all others should be swept away, as they are as impure as those that worship him.
The Ssethians have before fought the Ophimar. The Ophimar were the first to strike against them, and though the Ophimar have forgotten and forgiven, the Ssethians have held the grudge against them. It doesn’t help that self-righteous heroes have tried to dismantle the Ssethian empire before, on account of disapproving of their sacrificial And overzealous nature, which has led the Ssethians to be largely distrustful and aggressive of other species, believing them all to be the same.

The history of the Naga is long, but completely unknown to the populace of Elysium beyond the Naga themselves.

It all started out with a single event: an event the Naga call “The God-Call”. Before this event, the people of the southern jungles an deserts were simple farmers, traders, and artists; elves, and humans. They were peaceful, besides the occasional battle, but nothing extraordinary happened during these times. After the God-Call, it as unsure. Most of the accounts describing this event were lost, but what does remain describes it as a time of tumult and danger. Most scholars have agreed it was some rift between one of the lesser-plains, causing high magic to radiate onto the area, twisting the people their into serpentine figures - the first Naga. These people were confused, vicious, and dangerous, and none of the other people stood a chance.
Blood had painted the towns red, and these feral Naga ruled, until something changed. The God-Call had remained over the area, but it began to close. As it did, many of the Naga began to find reasoning, and but the madness still remained. Because of that, an incredibly large creature - a titanic figure as describe in the Naga history - emerged from the Rift above the land, his body adorned in silver and gold, and his head adorned with a golden serpent mask.
It was said that the emergence of this creature cleared the Naga of their madness, and they began to build. Many small cities were built, all making religions, but these beliefs coincided and they conflicted. These conflicts brought forth fighting, and from this fighting, wars broke out. The tribes fought and fought, none of them willing to compromise their religion, and preferred absolute destruction over anything else.
By the end, the jungles and deserts were laced with blood, and only two tribes survived. These two tribes, originally calling themselves the Sun-Walkers, and the Verdant-Tooth, fought, but the great being above intervened, to prevent the destruction of each other. The “God” above instructed the Sun-Walkers to find a new holy land, on which to build a new empire, and they followed, led by a prophet and mighty warrior named Ophire. The jungles of the Verdant-Tooth were cleansed of blood and desolation by him, and the two cultures grew into small empires.
After several decades, the god left, his final wish left on the air: “Build the world in my visage.” The Sun-Walkers took this as a call to arms to cleanse the deserts and forests with which they littered with blood, and make them as beautiful and as revered as the god himself. The Verdant-Tooth saw this as a call to arms to grow their culture, and to turn the world to worshipping their great god, whom they had aptly named, Sseth.
Both cultures continued to grow, their names shifting: The Sun-Walkers changing to the Ophimar, after Ophire, who had taken the first role as Pharoah, and the Verdant-Tooth changing to the Ssethians, after Sseth.
These empires grew, until once more, they met on the borders of the jungle, and conflict arose. The conflict started when an Ophimar by the name of Sriusk, had struck down a Yvuirn, a Ssethian Naga. The tension arose, and when Sriusk was assassinated in order to pay for vegeance, the Ophimar marched on to battle the Ssethians. The first battle they fought was a success, and so too was the next, and the one after that. The Ophimar has continued their campaign of vegeance and conquest, until they were finally stopped by a desperate Ssethian soldier, leading an ambush on the army. They retreated, and the Ssethians soon launched and attack on them, ignoring the smaller towns, and instead attacking the capital directly. Blood was spilt on both sides, and in order to prevent self-devastation, the Ophimar hastily surrendered, and the Ssethians returned home.
These cultures continued to grow over time, until what they are not today. While the Ophimar have all but forgotten the old wars, and have lived in peaceful seclusion, the Ssethians have kept their grudge, and have been held in distrust, disdain, and hate by the people of the world.
This history, as said before is unknown to all but those who have visited the Ophimar capital, or are Naga themselves. The Ophimar don’t generally talk about their history however, instead looking to the present, and to the future.

Player-Written Lore / Displacers - “The Aeon”
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(Small lore I wrote, which I’m proud of, but please note that I might change it later. Please enjoy, and suggestions are welcome!)
“The man had stopped in his tracks, and turned back to us, smiling slyly. We didn’t know who he was, but when we saw his eyes, we knew we were wrong in assuming him human. He stood there, and when we blinked, he was gone. And when we turned back to our horses, they were all dead, the blood leaking from their necks.
The Aeon are a race of seemingly human creatures, but do not let their appearance deceive you. They are born from the void, primal hunters bent on surviving and thriving at all costs. Deceitful and intimidating, they are masters of illusion and enchantment, and incredibly knowledgeable in both the natural and unnatural. The Aeons are both unpredictable and methodical in the tasks they undertake, and if you manage to align yourself one, they can make for a good ally.

The Aeon appear as any normal human would, with the same physicality, but with one exception: their eyes. Their eyes are similar in all aspects, except for their unique color (Their eyes are only shades of Purple, Blue, Red, and Teal), and for the fact that they glow quite vibrantly, causing the iris to be visible in all light conditions, and make them especially visible in the night. Their hair is commonly shades of brown, red, and black, and even though it is much rarer, blonde is sometimes evident. Another thing that are noted on these creature are things such as tattoos on their face, and body, the colors and shapes varying wildly (though, they always have a cryptic, enigmatic, and eldritch feel) and highlights of color in their hair. Both of these aspects are part of an unspoken system of laws and traditions that it ingrained within the complex minds of these creatures.
Physiology and Psychology:

The Aeons are a race of hunter-gatherers, though they lack the latter half. They are carnivorous, feasting solely on meat and blood, and require them to sustain themselves. Because of their primal, voidal anatomy, eating anything besides meat can lead to sickness, similar to the effects of a human eating bread after months of eating meat, but much worse. Their eyes are made for seeing into dark, distorted spaces, which in turn, grants them superior vision both in darkness and underwater, and slightly blurred vision in direct daylight. They are amphibious, able to breath air and water, though they are as good a swimmer as a human is.
Their mind is incredibly complex, nearly indecipherable by most scholars. Because of this complex cerebral structure, they are able to focus on multiple things at once, generate several “personalities,” and recall information to near-exact perfection. Their thinking is chaotic, but also methodical, and reminiscent of that of most predatorial animals.
Powers and Weaknesses:

The powers and weaknesses stem from a Aeon’s unique voidal biology, but also from their years of hunting and preying on sentient races.

- The Aeons have an innate knowledge of Arcane, and Natural things, and a near-perfect sense of Survival and Tracking, including above ground and underwater.

- Aeons are able to learn Voidal, Illusion, and Enchantment Magic with ease, though they are unable to learn any other magic as easily as any other race.

- The Aeons, as a result of their divided mind, are able to focus on multiple spells, or tasks at once.

- The Aeons are able to make use of their surroundings to both fight and defend themselves. They are proficient with all manner of exotic, unorthodox, and alternative weaponry, but are not so well versed with things such as Longsword, Battleaxes, Spears, or Warhammers.

- The Aeon are able to create up to four physical “phantasms” of themselves. These illusions can be up to a mile away from the Aeon without being dispelled, and the Aeon can freely teleport between these phantasms. Each of these Phantasms has its own personality, and will act a bit different than the real Aeon.

- Aeons are not phased by poisons, and instead, find nourishment in certain poisons.

- The Aeon’s human form is not their true form. (How spooky)

- Aeons are innately good climbers, able to scale and hang off of ledges for hours. They are quite strong and fast as well, about as strong as a Half-Orc, and as Dextrous as a Half-Elf.

- The Aeon’s eyes are visible in all light conditions, giving away their position, and letting others know what their true race is.

- Aeons have slightly blurred vision in direct daylight, leading to a decreased ability to spot certain things, and notice certain details in broad daylight.

- Aeons have the same bone density as humans, and a blow to the heart or the skull can be fatal, as with most creatures.

- The Aeons often lose sight of task at hand, or will often find themselves falling off of task, if they have not eaten sufficiently

- Their complex anatomy is very energy-consuming, often leading to a need to be constantly looking for sufficient food, and blood or water. Those that can supply them with such nutrients that they need to survive can often be of heavy value to an Aeon.

- Aeons can only eat meat. If they eat anything besides meat, they can get horribly sick, leading to debilitation due to ailments such as bloating, weakness, and feverish condition. However, these ailments are non-fatal, and fade after a few days, depending on the quantity of non-meat food they ate.

- An Aeon’s complicated mind can cause them to have drastic mood and personality changes, and lead to them to being unpredictable, but in a way that endangers themselves more than others.

- Because an Aeon’s anatomy is built for the void, diseases can be dangerous to an Aeon. Aeons can be easily cured, but if not, diseases can be an effective tool against an Aeon. However, diseases caused by meat, Aeons are mostly immune to.

- Aeons have an innate craving to be around Sunlight, above ground, and to be around Voidal Light, in dark places. Reason is mostly unknown.

Share Stories / Silva (Dreams of Dragonfyre, Part 3)
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Days had passed since the Warlock's unnerving slumber, as he watched the world once more from his balcony. He wore the same billowing robes as before, and looked rather stressed. He was lost in a trance, however the large calling of a church bell summoned him forth from his room, and to the court-yard of the citadel, where a small town thrived. He watched as two slaves, one Farian, the dark elf from before, and the other the stable-hand, a dark elf who was quite strong physically. Between them, they were leading a lady, garbed in robes of olive and green, and her face lined with runes of all colors, shapes,  and sizes.

"Thank you, Farian and Nefarel." The Warlock said to the slaves, before they continued on with their work. The witch looked at the lord with a sly smile, seemingly only one of pure joy, but all who knew the witch knows she always had an ulterior motive.

“Mirana,” the warlock said to the witch, his body as still as a statue.

“M’lord,” the witch said jokingly, bowing before him with feigned extravagance. “What do I owe the honor of being requested here?”

“I’m sure you know, Mirana.”

“The Dreams again?” The warlock glanced about the townsfolk. Everybody in the small fief respected the lord, and some even feared him, but they all knew of the lord’s Dreams. The Warlock knew this, and this made him nervous, for he knew that knowledge is power. Thankfully, the townsfolk seems completely oblivious to this fact, though the witch knew this all to well.

“They’re worse than before, aren’t they?” The lady said. The Warlock looked up now, a raven circling above the Witch’s head. How he had missed the bird once more, he knew not, but he had, and he let his guard down. He though he would always remember to keep his guard up around a diviner, and yet, he seemed to forget this more then not.

“Shall we talk elsewhere?” The Warlock asked, motioning to the castle, and turning around. However, glancing back, the Warlock saw that the witch stood where she was.

“If you want my help, you follow my rules, remember?” The Warlock had never liked Mirana. She was a wolf among sheep, and he feared that he may be nothing more than the prized ram, in her world. He would not let himself bend to her wishes, but the townsfolk started gathering, and he did not wish to start a scene. With a sigh, he walked past Mirana, towards the gate of the stronghold, and to the open wilderness outside.

The forest near the keep was thick and dark. Several villages were carved in the wilds, wood-elves, half-elves, and humans, though the Warlock’s stronghold was build on the closest hill on the plains that stretched outwards in the opposite direction. Mirana, the witch, knew these woods as well as any hunter, if not, even better. She had lived in this forest her entire life, and rumors were spread that she was raised by Dryads and Pixies. But the Warlock dismisses those, for he knew the truth, or at least, he thought he knew. She was nothing more than a Wood-Elf Sorceress, skilled in Divination, Abjuration, Enchanting, and Transmutation. She was a master alchemist, and knew the name of every plant in the woods, if they were beneficial or poisonous, and if they can be brewed together to stave off death, or bring it to one’s doorstep. It was rather fitting, her preference of the woods to the plains. The Warlock preferred to know all, and wasn’t afraid to let some secrets stay, but the witch was all-knowing, and all secrets. He was intimidating and persuasive. She was secretive, deceptive, and venomous.

The duo travelled down the old dirt trail, autumn leaves starting to paint the broad-leaf trees in a rust-brown Color. It were almost peaceful, if it weren’t for the tension between the two. They continued on together, before turning off the trail, the Warlock leading the way now. He knew where they were headed better than Mirana, considering the fact that he had ordered this place to be built the first time they met. The Witch never trusted him enough to be in his own, even when he gave her permission, and they both knew that she had the power when it came to situations like this.

Soon, they finally arrived at a small stone hut, and Mirana took the lead once more, opening the door, and heading into the dark building. She snapped her fingers, and orange runes appeared at interval on the wall, before torches alit with fire, shedding the whole building with orange light. In the center of the small hut, was a large steel cauldron, various plants hanging above it. There was a small stove, and a wall of books and vials, and a small table, with two chairs. The final thing in the room, was a small hammock, the blankets barely used, but the bed in disarray. The witch and the warlock sat down at the table, unease between them, but after a few minutes of silence, they relaxed back once more.

But, the Warlock only closed his eyes, and sighed, lying back. Something about the witch always invoked fatigue in him. He almost let his mind drift into light slumber, but the witch snapped her fingers, and he awakened once more, and this was conversation. Mirana stood, and so too did the Warlock, before they both moved in unison to the cauldron, darkened water sitting in it. They both stared down, and the Warlock couldn’t help but wonder that this may be the reason why they distrusted each other so much. The Warlock knew more than anybody about the Witch, and the Witch, knew more about the Warlock than anybody besides Farian. They knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, they knew each other’s actions before even they themselves did, and above all else, they knew that they were more similar than different. The fact of that matter is why they distrust each other; they are so similar, and with such a personality as theirs, distrust and deceit was a way of for them.

But, the Warlocks mind returned back into the clear water of the cauldron. But, he realized it had only been darkened earlier. And then, he looked up at the witch, and found her staring back at him with dark violet eyes, all the runes on her face the same color, as she glanced back down at the water. The Warlock did the same, and the dream from so many nights ago played back, the reptilian carving a path of ash and desolation through the forest, the fire rising up, and clutching at it’s body. But, it didn’t stop there, it continued. He was the great beast consumed, and he felt the burning on his own body. He saw the world burning in fire, forests reduced to ash, seas bubbling with fire, blood, and energy. He saw the world burning, and he looked back into the fire, and he saw the great beast rise once more. He saw the blackened scales of the beast, his blood-red tongue, and the beast’s violet eyes... His violet eyes. And below the beast, he saw the stronghold, and though it was so impossibly small, he missed not a detail. He saw the roof of the library open, the great skeleton gone. He saw the books burning, his slaves burning, and yet, he saw no trace of himself, or the skeleton.

And then, the trance was broken. The Warlock stumbled back, catching his breath, as Mirana simply watched, grabbing herbs from the hanging ceiling, and throwing them into the cauldron.

“I’m afraid there are no cures, for this is not something of your choice,” the witch said, her face completely impassive “this is the will of the Eldritch.” She continued to place plants into the cauldron, some poisonous, some magical, and others simply mundane.

“There is no cure for the will of the elder beings. These times are shifting, and the best I can do, is help you change with them.”

The witch looked down at the Warlock, and he looked back at her. Then, she through in one final ingredient into the cauldron, and blue-white smoke filled the room, blocking both of their vision, but widening the Warlock’s mind to the truth of the coming times.

Share Stories / A Cat's Game
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(I wanted to right a story about Dao and Jra, and then Hyde wanted to compare my writing to his, and then this happened. I wrote this all while kind of tired, so yeah.)

The sand blew through the desert town of Jinan, a tubby, black-furred, robed Kha striding through the crowded streets, looking about. Dao was no stranger to this, and was confident he knew even more than Jra did, but he was quite a bit unsure about this newest job. What Dao didn't know, was that Jra felt the exact same way. On the opposite side of the city, the armor-wearing, black-furred, and even fatter older brother of Dao was making his way through the crowds, flipping a dagger as a way to try and calm his nerves.

Dao finally reached their target: A well known lord's house in the town of Jinan, and soon Jra did too, preparing everything he'd need to do his part. Dao went up to the main entrance, and cleared his throat, looking between the two aptly dressed, hired guards.

"Care for a trick?" Dao said, raising his hands, as the sand shifted about him, forming into a perfectly spherical shape in front of him. The guards eyes it suspiciously, as Dao began to create shapes, and pictures, writing whole stories in the sand, before letting it fall back to the ground, and then creating symmetrical art beneath his feet, and kicking up stand in an almost rhythmic way. The guards, watching all this, were thoroughly entertained and pleased. Clapping on for the Kha, and even tossing a few coins his way, of which he quickly grabbed.

Jra was on the other side of the house, Dao drawing a crowd, and even grabbing the attention of the guards where Jra was. Jra, using this to his advantage, quickly dashed between them, a flash of steel, and a splash of blood on the sand, and both guards dropped, their jugulars cut, and bleeding profoundly. Jra quickly carried the bodies to a small alley, burying them in sand, before going into the house. He methodically went through the house, hiding, sneaking, and making sure all guards were knocked out, restrained, and then hidden.

Out front, Dao had kicked up a miniature sandstorm, everything a blur. Nobody could see anything, but the tiniest creek of the door, and two thumps, signified that it was time for Dao to enter in with his brother. And so, as the sand died out, all the citizens thought that the two guards had taken the Kha entertainer into the lord's house, but the reality was quite a bit worse... for the guards, that is. Dao and Jra slowly walked through the sandstone mansion, pocketing valuable trinkets, art, and artifacts as they went through, to sell for later. A few minutes of slow searching, and the Kha finally found the room they were looking for.

Jra pushed open an old acacia wood door, to reveal a pantry of huge size, a large painting hanging above the door.

"There it is." Jra said, pointing the dagger at the painting. "You know what to do, right?"

"Yes brother. Have some more confidence in me," Dao said laughing, and getting a small smile out of Jra, as Dao took the painting down, and place it on the sandy floor, moving it under neath the sand, and through a locked back door leading to the alleyway.

"Now what?" Dao asked, looking at Jra confused.

"Our buyer knows where to get the painting. He'll dig it up, and once he has it, and we're clear, we'll get our pay."

"Getting payed for robbing a corrupt lord? Dao is pleased." Dao then sat down, seeming in no hurry. He took a small bit of what was in the pantry, before his eyes widened in amazement. "Dao corrects himself; a corrupt lord, who can cook."

Jra went over, and looked through the pile of pastries on one of the sand-stone counters that Dao had taken a cake from. He took a bite of one, before shoving it into his mouth, utterly savoring the taste.

"We have enough time to spare, right Dao?" Jra said, grabbing another Pastry, and quickly shoving it in his mouth. Dao watched this action, and did the same, only grabbing two pastries, trying to urge his brother into competition.

Of course, as soon as Jra saw this, all attempts to limit himself were thrown away, as he began gorging himself on pastries, Dao quickly following suit. The Kha's belly expanded a tiny bit as they ate, having a bit more noticeable pudge to them, and Dao's tight robes beginning to ride up on his stomach. However, soon the pastries were finished, and the Kha set out, hell-bound on utterly depleting the pantry of food.

They raided cabinets filled with dried fruits, and quickly demolished those, finding nothing but a snack. Fresh meat, still hot from ovens, which they devoured, their bellies distending quite a bit, black fur showing from Dao's belly, and some of the straps on Jra's armor beginning to undo. They drank bowls of freshly made soup over burning hot kettles, and drank every bottle of alcohol they could, their bellies filling up more and more, and expanding larger and larger, faster and faster.

However, when in this act of gorging, Dao whistled over to Jra, and together, they stood before a small closet, filled to the brim with multi-layer cakes, each one at least five layers, and the closet filled with about 20 of them. The Kha went to work, their clothes being absolutely destroyed. Dao's shirt was torn at the sides, hanging over his belly which was almost the same size as he was, his legs, and arms developing a lot of fat, very quickly. However, Jra had it even worse, his belly having already surpassed that margin long ago, and his armor's buckles having broke off, leaving him in nothing but torn clothes, in worse condition than Dao's.

By the end of this, both Kha layers down against the wall, propping their hugely bloated bellies up on their knees. They looked like they had eaten 2 people whole, and were in no shape to move. The pantry was completely cleaned out, and both of the hugely overweight Kha felt rather pleased with themselves.

However, this pleasure lasted but a moment, as the door leading to the man hallway burst open, a finely dressed man wearing fine silken clothes and holding a curved sword burst in, followed by two guards. He looked at the two Kha in surprise at first, slowly turning to disgust, before turning to disdain. The Kha only felt fear and terror.

"So.. you generally though you could get away with not only trying to rob me, but eating all of my food, that I worked hard on! You.. you truly are evil. I will make sure every kingdom in this land outlaws you, and that's if you manage to escape prison, or possibly death." The man said, utter fury on his pristine face. He waved the blade between the two Kha, his words slurring together in his fury, getting closer and closer to stabbing both of the Kha right there and then.

However, by the grace of the angels above, three darts shot from the main hallway, hitting all three men square in the neck. The lord only felt a moment of surprised, before he fell unconscious, his memory being wiped of what happened an hour before, as same with the guards.

A man, dressed completely in desert, nomadic gear walked into the the room, holding a blow dart, and a scimitar.

"Thanks again... Tyurin." Jra said, stopping mid-sentence to massage his pain. The man nodded, putting both the weapons away, and looking between the two hugely bloated Kha, their stomachs the size of small boulders.

"Don't mention it," he said, offering a hand to them, but both of them denying. "The fact that you were able to get the painting, and being able to see Lord Jrin's face when he learned that two bloated balloon-cats wiped him clean is enough payment in itself. Look at yourselves! You're stuffed enough to make a turkey jealous." The man laughed, his voice crisp, deep, and collected, very fitting for his desert nature.

"Seems like you two won't be moving any time soon. I'll take the painting, and get the guards off of your back, while you two think of an escape plan and... Get a bit smaller, shall we say." The man chuckled once more, shaking his head at the two Kha.

"You will keep in touch with Jra?" Jra asked the man, as he made his way to the back door, proceeding to slowly and efficiently pick the lock.

"Sure thing. You two are reliable, and quite entertaining. I'll be sure to keep you two in mind if I ever have any other jobs." Tyurin picked the lock, and headed out back, closing the door, and departing with the painting. Inside the house, the two Kha just looked at each other, dazed, and full beyond imagination.

"Another-" Jra burped in the middle of his sentence, covering his mouth with the back of his hand, and clearing his throat. "Another successful job, no Dao?"

"Indeed brother.. Dao is very fond of the new payment we will receive... and Lord Jrin's cooking." And with that, Dao burped once last time, as the two Kha layed back, thinking about how they would escape their rather large predicament.

Characters / Sekret
« on: January 24, 2018, 09:46:54 pm »
Well, a few people have asked me to make an actual character sheet for Sekret, so I finally have. Here it is, enjoi:

(Format by Beskabee, Adaptation of Format by _Mr_Hyde_)

General Info

Name: Sekret
Age: 572
Race: Drake
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Current Residence: The Cold-Stone Keep (His lair)
Relationship Status: Single

Physical Appearance

Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 9,734 Pounds
Eye Colour: Red
Skin Colour: Black, Gray (Scales)
Distinguishing Features: 9 foot Tail, Ivory white horns on head, large leathery wings, big belly
Build of Body: Muscular, Large
Hair Colour: Doesn't have hair
Hair Style: Doesn't have hair
Is Seen by Others as: A giant lizard, prideful, tad bit of a glutton
Scars: One right under left eye, and one on his back left leg


General Attitude: Prideful, Protective, Naive
General Intelligence: High
General Sociability: Medium
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Likes: Food, Lesser-Beings (People), Strange artifacts, wealth, magic
Dislikes: Ro'ark, Slavery
Strengths: Physical Prowess, Natural Weaponry, Minimal Magic, Huge Size, Acid/Venom, Flight
Weaknesses: Lightning, Fire, Weight, Huge Size, Unagile
Fears: His Childhood, Weakness, Being trapped
Values: Alliance, Loyalty, Strength
Long Term Goals: Create a big hoard, learn all he can, possibly be worshipped


Outfit: None
Jewellery: Some pieces, doesn't wear them though
General Wealth: High
Combat: Claws, Teeth, Tail, Acid, Venom
Peaceful or violent: Varies greatly
Weaponry: Claws, Bite, Tail, Acid/Venom
Combat Training: High
Mounts (At sea.): None
Mounts (On land.): None


Place: The Wilds, His Lair, Ruins
Pastime: Eating, Wandering
Food: Anything
Colour: Orange
Animal: Himself (Duh)

Role-Play Groups / The Tribunal Councils
« on: January 24, 2018, 02:51:07 am »
(Hey, small groups are popping up everywhere, so might as well finally post my small group! As a notice, this may come down, as I may need to fix some stuff, or I may not)

The Tribunal Councils are a fairly old, yet not so well known organization, bent on preserving the history of Elysium, and making sure that ruins, ancient wonders, and books are not destroyed as of the aftermath of certain races, wars, and other horrific events. They also will attempt to recover, repair, and restore such things to their status before they were destroyed.

The organization is rather small, and close-kept. The Tribunal Councils is split into five different councils, each with its own set of ranks, rules, and standards. Though there are many different people in these councils, one thing stays the same: almost everybody in the council, besides a few exempted others with special jobs, have learned to use some form of Magic.

The councils commonly meet in old, abandoned places, and send out arcane beacons, weeks, or even months before these meeting starts, one council always staying until every member is present. They also keep in contact through birds, and commonly host smaller meetings based on more private matters between the higher ranking members in the group.

All members of the Tribunal Council live modest lifestyles. Hermitage is not uncommon, nor is picking up strange quirks, that make them stand out among society. If anything, these quirks are normal among members in the councils, and most are often described as mystics, druids, or shamans, even though not all practice such arts.

Each Tribunal Council is lead by a group of 7 people, 3 male, 3 female, and one indefinite. The indefinite member is the leader of the entire council, often called the Tribunal Magistrate. The six members directly underneath them are called Tribunal Advisors. Below that, there are a series of honorary titles, and rankings, some varying between each of the five councils. However, each of the five councils has a special, honorary title, given to well trusted, powerful people who have done notable deeds within the councils.

First Council Honorary Title: Sorcerer

Second Council Honorary Title: Psion

Third Council Honorary Title: Enchanter

Fourth Council Honorary Title: Mystic

Fifth Council Honorary Title: Magus

Along with this, there are several different jobs and rankings within the councils. The rankings are listed below:

Delegate: A person with promise of magical talent. Often spend much of their time studying, alongside doing simple chores in preparation for meetings, or for their teachers.

Trainee: A mage with minimal magical training, but still has a lot of room to grow. A delegate becomes a trainee as soon as they start to get a grasp on magic.
Jobs do not change, and a Trainee may start to get more involved with the councils than a Delegate.

Trustee: A Mage with novice or amateur magical affinity. They may start to work on smaller matters in the councils, and may even be called upon to assist in missions, if need be.

Sage: A basic member in the councils. Called upon for basic, mundane missions, and are typically well versed in magic, perhaps even mastering a whole type of magic in this type.

Speaker: A powerful mage in a council, possibly mastering two types of magic. They are called upon fairly often to missions, are free to give advice, and may even take up a Delegate as an apprentice.

Archus: The most powerful mages in the councils. They have possibly mastered more than two Magics (though, it is not required), and are known to be exceedingly wise, and able to hold their own in many situations. Archuses are allowed to become a Tribunal Advisor with enough support, and even a Tribunal Magistrate, with a general reliance among the whole of the Tribunal Councils.

Along with these basic ranks, come certain specialization within the Council. These are given to mages who have shown an expertise in a certain, non-magical field. They are only open to mages in the rank of speaker or higher, and it requires a significant amount of effort to acquire such a specialization. Many mages in the councils lack such specializations, and are still invaluable to the councils.

Alchemyst: Mages who are known to be incredibly well versed with the alchemical arts. They are trained to be healers, researchers, and have even discovered ways of helping to renew ink in time-worn books without damaging the frail pages.

Inquisitors: Mages who are adept at removing magic. Often called "Mage-Killers", they are taught effective ways to hunt and kill rogue mages, but they are more commonly used for removing ancient curses, and getting through wards and barriers to find secrets and hidden libraries of lore. Still, the councils keep a close eye on Inquisitors, as they are quite dangerous to them.

Magisters: These are mages who have been trained in diplomacy, persuasion, and deception. They are often sent out as agents, in order to help secure relations with the councils to other organizations, cities, and clans. They are rather powerful socially, often understanding how to get what they want in most circumstances.

Ciphers: The ciphers of the council are trained to understand any language they come across, and be able to decrypt any messages they find. However, they are also relied upon to encrypt messages for the council, and though seemingly rather boring, they are invaluable to all of the councils.

Sextants: Sextants are the explorers of the Tribunal Councils. They are masters are creating maps, and following them. They are trained to be aware of their surroundings, and are taught how to use many different types of vehicles, both on land and on sea. Sextants are always the ones leading expeditions, and are aptly named, as they always make sure others can find the right path.
The following format must be used if you want to apply a character to the Tribunal Councils. Applications may be posted in response to this, and I will try to inform you through PM if you are accepted or denied.

Requested Rank/Specialization (You don't need to choose a Specialization):
Character Name:
Character Race:
Character Age:
Quick Backstory:
Open Slots (As a quick run-down for those applying):

First Tribunal Magistrate: Open

Second Tribunal Magistrate: Open

Third Tribunal Magistrate: Open

Fourth Tribunal Magistrate: Open

Fifth Tribunal Magistrate: Open

First Tribunal Advisors (Male): Open, Open, Open

First Tribunal Advisors (Female): Open, Open, Open

Second Tribunal Advisors (Male): Open, Open, Open

Second Tribunal Advisors (Female): Open, Open, Open

Third Tribunal Advisors (Male): Open, Open, Open

Third Tribunal Advisors (Female): Open, Open, Open

Fourth Tribunal Advisors (Male): Open, Open, Open

Fourth Tribunal Advisors (Female): Open, Open, Open

Fifth Tribunal Advisors (Male): Open, Open, Open

Fifth Tribunal Advisors (Female): Open, Open, Open
First Tribunal Members: Juan_Plays (Mayain Sundar [Sorcerer Magister])

Second Tribunal Members: _Mr_Hyde_ (Jeden [Sage])

Third Tribunal Members: _KnightSolaire_ (Amerigo [Alchemyst])

Fourth Tribunal Members:

Fight Tribunal Members:

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