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Advertisements and Services / An Elysium Sendoff Party
« on: December 13, 2018, 08:58:59 pm »
An Elysium Sendoff Party

Well, since the New Server is coming out, and this one dying soon after it, why not make this event a sending off party?

Well, remember to join us this Saturday, December 15th at 8:30pm EST (5:30 pm PST, 7:30pm CT, or 1:30am GMT), more info to come on the Discord.
Hey Tree, as long as you don't try anything scummy, you can come too.

General Elysium Discussion / The Case Against a Full Reset
« on: December 12, 2018, 07:40:28 am »
Hello, I'm h2hermit
You might know me as the leader of the Ordo, I led that for awhile, or as a couple other RP roles I've had across Elysium.
Over the two years I've been on this server, I've had memories, and spent upwards of 300 hours on many of the projects my friends and I have built. I came back, just a couple weeks ago, and I've tried my best to build up a nation once more, even with the lack of activity across the Server. When we heard from Munzie a couple hours ago, that a Reset is imminent, our hearts dropped. Yes, I do understand why a rest occurs, but I think that the positives of the reset can be kept while keeping the active towns and nation's stuff alive. Just keep these active towns/nations, as well as some active player settlements, and reset the rest. I don't see the major issue in that, it's a compromise between a full reset, and keeping it how it is. You could even just compensate the towns with resources and enough money to re-found the towns and nations. It is much worse on the builders (and time consuming for the large builds), but with all the resources you could run over it with Schematica and it shouldn't be that big of an issue.
But going from having alot of money, builds, and lored-items all cached away across Elysium, and it'll all be gone in an instant. Munzie saw the controversy first hand when he came online and practically announced it. Again, I see why a reset is needed, and I do support it again in some regards. But, as I said before, the same results can be kept either via keeping the active towns whole (just check player activity in conjunction with the nations/towns).I do not want a full reset, everyone's hard work and effort will be gone, it will discourage, and even make many leave (they said it themselves after Munzie's announcement) due to all their progress going down the drain for nothing. It's a 50:50 shot, you'll end up pissing off others who have poured their souls into their builds, with some even leaving, just to appeal to new members. We all know Minecraft's popularity isn't what it used to be. A Reset and a New World, and maybe a new face to the server won't draw in Good Members, maybe Edgy Nekos, but who wants those? The Server has been growing up from the grave, slowly, over the past couple weeks I've been back. Even as I'm writing this I'm VCing with some guys who just joined. Sure, recruitment isn't great, but the people coming in aren't Edgy Nekos, but mostly quality RPers.


Constitution of the Interim Government of the Kingdom of Eldrichia

Read in the Google Doc Below!

Advertisements and Services / The Eldrich-Vergenesse Festival
« on: December 09, 2018, 12:31:28 am »

Eldrich-Vergenesse Festival

Come to the Eldrich-Vergenesse Festival, All are Welcome!Except Treepuncher
To be held next Saturday, December 15th at 8:30pm EST (5:30 pm PST, 7:30pm CT, or 1:30am GMT)

Enjoy Fun, Games, Alcohol, Legalized Recreational Drugs and Patriotic Speeches from your favorite nation leaders!

General Elysium Discussion / Made a Discord
« on: December 04, 2018, 09:41:11 am »
Seeing as Elysium really has no easy to use and open community, save this forum. I wanted to restart an Pan-Elysium Discord Server. I tried to get into contact with staff, but they are never online, so I just did it myself.

Join if you want to:

Player-Written Lore / Hestarius Ironheight
« on: October 20, 2017, 05:40:52 pm »
Hestarius Ironheight
The last Kaiser of the Ordo Alliance.

Little know what occured to make the Ordo Alliance into what it is today.

But know you do:

General Elysium Discussion / There Needs to be a Staff Abuse page.
« on: July 25, 2017, 08:57:07 am »
Staff Abuse
I've been on this server for awhile now, much less than Mara, or  Blade1212 for that matter, but I have seen staff power abused a lot in my time.
I suggest that a staff abuse page be added to the website, to report staff abuse. This could minimize staff abuse, and could allow a standard way to report staff, instead of having to use helpop, and having a chance of only being able to talk to the staff which could be abusing you.

Player-Written Lore / The Religion of the Ordo Alliance
« on: July 19, 2017, 03:50:22 pm »
We have none. 100% Secular

Role-Play Groups / Void
« on: July 14, 2017, 08:46:37 pm »
The idea sucks, and it has no use anymore.

Player-Written Lore / High Eldrichian
« on: June 10, 2017, 08:31:05 am »
High Eldrichian

High Eldrichian is the national language of the Free Eldrich States.
It is also used within the other nations within the Ordo Alliance, yet is in a minority.

Remember, in lore only members of the FES and/or Ordo Alliance would be fluent in this language.
(This conlang is a work in progress and will be updated asap)

Awful, will update soon
Rough Draft Of Alphabet(6/10/17)


Suggestions / Map Of Elysium
« on: April 21, 2017, 04:33:19 am »
I don't know if this has been suggested in the past, but I suggest that a server map is
added to the server so we would be able to map out countries and the like to make nation-shapes.
This would help to place new towns near other towns.

Town Information / -The Free Eldrich States-
« on: April 17, 2017, 08:26:14 pm »
-The Eldrich Civil War-

The Fall of Glavni
Backed by the Blackcloak Society and the Oshor Union
The capital of the Eldrich Republic (ER) was taken by
Free Eldrich States (FES) Troops. With little opposition.
What troops the ER had surrendered and joined the FES
force. There was no bloodshed

The 'Battle' Of Kun Lun
Oshor and FES troops closed into Kun Lun, where
the ER officials were hiding out.
FES approached the town from the south, and the
Oshor from the north.
The ER officials then hid deep in a bunker located
on the site. The area was barren besides the FES and
Oshor forces. The armies then fled the area, and with
the other towns demilitarized the FES easily took
all the remaining towns previously owned by the ER.
The FES then captured Chairman Dachi and Chairman
Hazel, and both were charged with treason.
Kun Lun is now owned by the last High-Chairman
and a small government in exile has been created.


Governmental System
The government in the Free Eldrich States
is strongly authoritarian (Fascist).
With a strong central government to oppose
that of the former ER's extremely weak central
government. At the top of the governmental
system are the Emperor and Empress, or one of
the two depending on the circumstance.
Below these are the lords, which own the
specific towns. They form the New Eldrich
Council, which directly advises the Emperor
and Empress. Yet the Emperor and Empress
have the final say over every matter.

The main allies of the Free Eldrich States
are the Blackcloak Society, which helped
the FES tremendously during the Eldrich
Civil war, as well as the Oshor Union
which gave troops to the FES during
the war. The FES also is allied
with all of the ER's previous
allies after the Eldrich Civil War.

-The Eldrich Military-

The Eldrich Military has two main divisions,
these being the Adventown Guard and the
main Eldrich Milita.

Adventown Guard
While titled 'Guard' these soldiers on occasion
attack with the main Eldrich Force, yet are more
specialized with defensive maneuvers. These soldiers
are not trained at the capitol with the rest of the
army, and are trained at Adventown.

Eldrich Milita
This milita has general training in all conditions,
and the majority of this force has fought in the
Eldrich Civil war. This force is categorized
with the roman army ranking system:

(Will Be Updating Soon)

Characters / Rylan's Last Letter
« on: April 16, 2017, 09:13:26 am »
Rylan, the High-Chairman of the Eldrich Republic was assassinated today.

A letter was in his possession at his death, it seems to be encoded.

We have also found a slip of what appears to be of some black rubber-like material, with what
seems to be randomly placed holes. It looks to be a key of some sort.

Town Information / -The Eldrich Republic- (COLLAPSED)
« on: March 03, 2017, 07:00:26 pm »

The Eldrich Republic has broke out in civil war.
And the winner of this civil war was the 'Free Eldrich States'
This information is not of interest anymore

Progress: 35/100

Update! 3-28-17
As of today, the Eldrich Republic has been officially
created. We have also created a nation-wide motto
"De cineribus tyrannis libertati"
(Out of the ashes of tyranny comes freedom)

Update! 3-19-17
As of today, the the capital of the Eldrich Republic
(Glavni) has been formally created! We are now accepting
members. You can contact me (h2hermit) if you want a tour!

Governmental System:
The Eldrich governmental system was made to be as fair as possible.
At the lowest level are non-chairman civilians. They would vote in
their individual settlements for a chairman representative.
This Chairman would then be given a seat at the Capital within
the Eldrich Council.
These council members would then vote and
debate regarding every issue that comes up in each of their
council meetings. Yet there are 2 more types of chairman within
the council.
There is the High-Chairman, which is similar to that
of a president. The High-Chairman would be voted in from Chairman
status by his or her fellow chairman. This High-Chairman would
facilitate productive discussion between chairman. Yet in the
end if the sides of the Council are split than the High-Chairman
would have the final say.
The High Chairman would then elect one to two advisors. These
Advisors hold no more power than that of a normal Chairman, but
they would personally advise the chairman regarding important issues.
The Council votes every two IRL months for a new high-chairman, and the
individual settlements vote for their Chairman on differing terms depending
on what they have decided on.

The Eldrich Republic as no formal militia, but the Council has devised
plans that in time of war, a militia will be formed.

Update! 4-1-17
We are currently developing an army for an upcoming war.
(contact TheRunnerGaming for more information)

While such plans have been devised, The Eldrich Republic would much rather have peace and will strive for it in any way possible.

The Eldrich Republic used to be a Kingdom. It's Queen (Queen Katrina)
was in power, and ruled over all the settlements which are now represented
on the Eldrich Council. But unbenounced to the queen a coup was staged. Many people with
royal blood were killed. Yet the Queen managed to escape, and now is in an unknown location.
After the coup, leaders of each of the settlements arose and came together and devised
a plan to fairly represent all the settlements of Eldrich. And out of the fires of
the Eldrich Kingdom came the Eldrich Republic.

Foreign Trade Policies:

The Eldrich Republic relies heavily on materials imported from other regions and towns.
But the Council is still very weary regarding foreign trade; because of this there are
many items which have been banned from being traded outside of the Eldrich Republic.
These items are as follows: Maps of Eldrich Territories, Eldrich currency, and Eldrich
Chairman Garbs. The Eldrich Republic's main export is wool and due to this, wool and wool-like
products are openly traded outside of the Republic.
(The Eldrich Flag:

The Eldrich Republic and all its settlements are located in Fei.

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