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Fliers have been posted all around the Realm, scattered on the paths, hung up in taverns everywhere. These fliers detail a very extravagant gala that will be hosted by the Greythorne Ward. The Greythorne Ward is a mercenary group that runs out of Fei in the town of Glyndamere. They are calling you to join them for a night of drinking, banter, merriment, and potential business arrangements. Whether you're looking to dance the night away, sign up in the ranks of the Ward, or hire the Mercs for your needs, attend this gala and you won't be disappointed.

There are certain requests of the Ward should you decide to attend the gala. The purpose of this gathering is to have a good time. All weaponry should be stowed during the gala since it is hosted on neutral grounds. This goes for both attendees and hosts.

Food, drink, music, and entertainment will be provided. You won't want to miss it!

!!Important note: Attacking the gala is not prohibited IRP, but we encourage and would very much appreciate those attending to respect that this is a feel-good RP OOC. Additionally, we would like to make it abundantly clear how bad of an idea it would be to attack a gathering of Mercenaries, would-be Mercenaries, and people with the skills to become mercenaries as that is what is generally defined as "A dumb move." we thank you for your consideration of this note, and hope to see many participants of the Gala!!

Ward members:
1st-in-command, Captain Ossium Winter ( Combrine17889 )
2nd-in-command, Gideon Halfor ( Torkoal_Tom )
Senior Sergeant, Nadine Kevalro ( BlindElf )
Mercs: Ali Lee ( Niatrek )
       Ivomorn Faelen ( Jarckow )
       Anathiel Eleros ( ScarletRising )
       Phoenix Nara ( NightRaiderTia )
       Phila Rendon ( AwfullyAmazing )

OOC: This event will be hosted at 6/7 PM EST on Friday, October 13th and 4 PM EST on Saturday, October 14th. It is open to the public and will last for a couple of hours. If you can, contact one of the listed users below to let us know that you'll be attending for the evening!
For more information, or questions, you can contact: BlindElf#3381, Skraagle Rock#7647, Niatrek#5135, TorkoalTom#1968, Wolfhound 6#7064

Graves of the Disturbed / Event Summaries
« on: July 11, 2017, 03:31:09 am »
This topic will updated with each summary for the next coming Events in the Graves of the Disturbed Eventline. Check back to see what you missed !

Event: July 8th

Nero Orvus had gone missing, abducted by the Evenkee Emblin. In order to save her friend, Constantine set out to find a group of heroes who are up to the task. The heroes gathered in the tavern in Himmel before setting out into the icy landscape. Along the way, Husks ambushed the heroes in an attempt to thwart their quest. In spite of this, the heroes made it through the perilous trek and found a cavern in the mountainside.
   This cavern was unlike any other. Within, there were specialized crystals called the Warding Crystals. These crystals form barriers around the surrounding area that prevent any form of teleportation magic. As well, magic users within the barrier will find their mana slowly draining away. Magic can be cast within the barrier, however it will cause more mana to be drained as a faster rate. The Warding Crystals were found frozen in the ice. What’s more, there were dozens of corpses trapped within the ice. The corpses of Mages that the Evenkee had been abducting. Of these Mages were Tobias and Edwin. Nero Orvus was found alive, though he had been tortured severely had was infected in one arm by a Husk bite.
   As the heroes attempted an escape, the Evenkee arrived. Aldus and Emblin engaged in battle with the heroes, hoping to drain the heroes of their mana just as they had done to the Mages. In the end, the heroes managed to escape, with the help of Sebastian’s magic, with deadly injuries and one casualty. Constantine vowed to the heroes that this was not the end. Vengeance would be had. The Evenkee would perish. That was a promise.

Event: July 23

The Heroes were summoned by an anonymous summonings to the Ruins of a forgotten temple. Sebastian Haslo was also present but was unaware of who had summoned them. To the surprise of many it was not in fact the Elf he so despised who had summoned them, but Isabell Haslo, his daughter, - who had been missing for quite some time.

Upon her arrival, the group of heroes became immediately suspicious. The only supporters she continued to have were her father and son, Sebastian and Myur Haslo. She explained that she had summoned them to help them against the Evenkee. Isabell possessed an ability that could weaken the Evenkee’s magical power.

Before the group could discuss further they were interrupted by the arrival of Aldus, the infamous Evenkee. He immediately engaged the heroes in combat as a result of their defilement of his child’s grave. The battle lasted for quite some time, and was fought hard by both sides. Isabell remained distant, focusing on her supposed powers. It did seem as if the Evenkee was being weakened, however he still put up a fight. In the end, Aldus was unable to defeat the heroes. The Evenkee was slain, leaving behind his lover. Emblin now awaits her perfect moment to strike back at the heroes once and for all..

Event: July 29th
The Heroes have been summoned by a call for aid, originating from the himmel Tavern. Many arrived in droves and flocks, answering the call willingly as they so often do. When they arrived they were greeted by the strange and terrified Barkeep of the Himmel Tavern, Tender. He seemed visibly shocked by their appearance and warned them that it was not safe. Through cryptic messages the group deduced that the Evenkee Emblin had been here and this was in some way a trap.

Undeterred they proceeded, knowing this was their chance to defeat the Evenkee once and for all. They seemed confident and proud as they marched into the area in which they had been informed not to go, if they wished to live- only with mild protests. When they arrived in the mine tunnels they were greeted by a macabre display, corpses enchanted to look like them. A forewarning from Emblin.

In spite of the ghastly arts-n-crafts display, the Heroes pressed on. They were greeted by Emblin, who had crafted a golem beast to fight the Heroes. During the chaos of the ensuing fight Sebastian fled with his daughter, Isabell. The Heroes proved resourceful and did indeed defeat the creature. And, much as before, proceeded swiftly to the final battleground - where they found a wounded Sebastian fighting against an equally, or more, wounded Emblin. They quickly joined the fray while Sebastian hurried to tend to his daughter.

After a gruelling fight the Heroes were victorious. Emblin had fallen. Aldus was gone. With their enemies defeated, there was to be peace for the Realm.. Or so it seemed.
Just as the heroes turned to exit, Sebastian sprung an attack upon his own daughter - stabbing her through the chest. His skin peeled away, revealing that he’d been living in the corpse of the old man, deceiving the heroes all along. This was Dastan- the true Evenkee villain. He proceeded to thank the heroes for their assistance defeating his enemies and allowing him to mortally wound the only weapon that could defeat him. He gave the heroes little time to react before fleeing, leaving them to ponder what exactly they had helped this monster achieve...

Graves of the Disturbed / Event Times for All Groups
« on: July 02, 2017, 11:46:16 pm »
This topic is dedicated to informing you the scheduled Event Times for each Group. Here is the next scheduled Event:

Saturday, August 12th, 2 PM EST for all Groups. This is the final Event for the Graves of the Disturbed.

More times will be posted when they are decided. You will see this update after each Event concludes to show which Group will be next. Typically, each Event will be scheduled on a weekend day at 12 PM EST. Any changes to that will be noted here.

** Remember, if those participants in Group One to not show up, other Groups are welcome to take their place. So be sure that if you are in Groups One, Two, or Three, you check in at the designated time slot to see if you are able to join in.

See you there ! :3

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, MrsWolfie will not longer be leading the Official Eventline; Graves of the Disturbed. This Eventline will be led into its concluding stage by BlindElf and a team of individuals. For those of you who participated in the Events, worry not. The Events will be resuming in due time. Please be sure to check the forums and the server for further updates on Event times, groups, and other news. We appreciate your patience and look forward to concluding this spectacular storyline with you.

Contact Information:
BlindElf#3381 - Discord

In the coming Events, players across all three of the Event groups will be able to participate. Meaning, if there are absents from Group One, members from Groups Two and Three will be welcomed to participate in the Event scheduled for that day. So be sure to be active during the Event hours whether you are in that set group or not. You may have your chance to join in.

Here is a list of the Groups:
Group One

Group Two

Group Three

Event times will be posted in the Event Times topic under Graves of the Disturbed as well as on the server. Be sure to check in for your scheduled event time !

Deceptive Masks / Hiatus: Deceptive Masks
« on: March 30, 2017, 01:26:34 am »
Until further notice, this Event Line will be put on hiatus.

It pains me to write this, but I will be putting my Event Line : Deceptive Masks on hold for the time being. There are a multitude of reasons for this that are pertain to my real life situation. Due to time restraints, school, moving and other such matters, I will not be able to fully commit to an Event for a long while.

I really appreciate the efforts of those involved. Whether it was my own small team of builders, the staff who took time out of their schedules to moderate while I was running Events, and those players involved who dedicated their time to participate in my story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to introduce you to my story, my characters.

Of course, the Events are not over. Deceptive Masks will continue at a later date when I am able to allocate more of my time to set up the conclusion. For now, the two Imitari are in Elysium, plotting. Hidden. Perhaps you can find them? Perhaps a hint will be found here and there. Who knows?

For now, this Event line is on hiatus, on pause. Thank you guys again- And I hope to do more with you all later < 3

Server Annoucements / Custom Races & Locking
« on: March 14, 2017, 11:51:49 pm »
The following post will clarify any misunderstandings in regards to custom races and locking races.

Let us start by stating this fact: Players are not permitted to lock any custom race whatsoever no matter if the lore of that race suggests that the race is for selective groups. A player does not have the ability to lock a race from any other donator.

If you create a custom race, and another player requests to have that race, you may politely request that that player choose another race. However, you cannot under any circumstances force a player to change their race. Creating a custom race with lore does not give you the ability to restrict that race from other players who may wish to roleplay as that race.

Always make sure that you refer to the Custom Race Guidelines when creating a race;

Pressuring another player to change their race is considered harassment. Therefore, it is not tolerated on ElysiumRP.

Out of character reasons should not affect what your character does to others.

Deceptive Masks / Race Information: The Imitari
« on: February 02, 2017, 11:53:59 pm »
*Note* This is knowledge obtainable IRP via extensive research in the Ancient Libraries of Elysium.

This race is locked.

The Imitari


There is a race of shapeshifters called the Imitari that date back to the First Age of Elysium. First sightings of the Imitari describe them as cunning, deceitful creatures of the night. The Imitari differ from other known races of shapeshifter for their ability to transform into any creature. They are identifiable by their grey, opaque skin that turns like tiles during each shift or when they are especially distraught or upset. For centuries, they lurked in the darkness. A more tribal race, they were not a part of society. They would come in the night, abduct little children, and slither away undetected. The people of that time were unable to stop them.

Presently, the Imitari are better known as Shifters, and  have been a dead race since the purge dating back to the Fifth Age. Their ability to transform into any known creature frightened people. So, a formed group of Anti-Mages worked to exterminate the Shifters. They did this by offering a bounty on all Imitari. The head of an Imitari was priced at 5,000,000 gold coins. Friend turned on friend. Entire villages were wiped clean and burned. Those who survived the purge were sent to the Anti-Mages to be locked away, tortured or executed.

Physical Attributes

Eye color: Varied between Imitari. Typically they are extremely vibrant colors such as emerald green or fiery orange.
Body type: The creatures in their natural forms stand at 6’5 in height. They are lanky, hollow boned things with extremely thick, opaque skin. They don’t have hair on any part of their bodies.
Blood: An Imitari's blood is absolutely toxic and a vile green color. By no means can it be consumed or converted.


*The Imitari are able to shift into most all creatures so long as they have first seen it.
*Their eye color typically will not change during shifts. This is how you can distinguish a Shifter from any other creature.
*They are extremely tough creatures. However, when they shift into other creatures they take on the strengths and weaknesses of that creature. A dove can be easily shot down by a single arrow. A Lycan can be killed with silver.
*Anti-magic of any kind will weaken an Imitari. It also brings them immense pain. They are unable to shift while in an Anti-Mage’s field.
*If they are exposed to enough Anti-Magic, they will eventually die.


There are several tales of old of these Imitari and their sins against society. This is the first..

Several hundred years ago, there existed a town known as Veil in the continent of Fei. Blanketed in snow, this small settlement was nestled alongside the largest mountain. It housed a little over 1,000 villagers of human descent. A few had magical powers that they used to farm in the harsh climate, hunt for predators, and other such necessities. The town went through the generations in peace. They were too far from society to join in the wars and lacked a proper military. This was their downfall.

The first known sightings of the Imitari were here. At this time, the Imitari always remained in their natural forms. They appeared as tall, slender figures with opaque, grey skin that glowed in the moonlight. While they had the shape of a human, with facial features and various body parts, the Imitari were furthest from. They lacked intelligible language and travelled in packs. Even in the harsh, winter climate, the Imitari were able to survive without proper insulated clothing or fur. They seldom ate, and when they did, they took the form of the predator that would most efficiently kill the prey.

 A group of hunters mistook the Imitari they encountered as beasts or misshapen animals. They attacked three that were found in a nearby cave. Two of the three were killed. One narrowly escaped by transforming into a small critter that hid in one of the crevices. Having killed the Imitari, the hunters skinned and roasted them over an open flame. They found the meat to be foul and inedible. Meanwhile, the surviving Imitari witnessed this from a distance. It fled back to the other Imitari and explained what had happened.

Horrified by the actions of the hunters, the pack flooded the civilization in an all out attack against the villagers. Some Imitari spared children that they encountered. Others simply killed every villager that they saw. In the end, both sides suffered heavy losses. But the villagers were all but vanquished on the cold, winter’s night.

Most of the children that were spared were left unharmed. For a while, the Imitari let them roam free in the village. They figured that the human children could fend for their own. When it was learned that that wasn’t the case, the Imitari began to try and raise them. They found that the best forms to take were the villagers that they had killed. Decades passed, and the Imitari found themselves growing in numbers and living in societal life as these false villagers. They taught themselves how to read, how to write, how to hunt and gather. They learned from the children and from experience what it meant to be a human being.

Similar occurrences were recorded across the world. Imitari that learned to be human implemented themselves into society as shadows. Imitari that were unable to adapt and develop remained wild. The Imitari of society, those in cities or populated regions, were a more peaceful breed. The wild were the ones who would take over villages, slaughter people, abduct young children and roam in the night. Those were the most recorded, therefore the most seen Imitari. Society viewed the Imitari as an absolute menace to all living things. It was then, during the Fifth Age, that the Imitari were slaughtered by the hundreds and thousands. Bounties were placed, homes destroyed. Friend turned on friend- it was chaos.

It was thought that the entire species was wiped out. Now, we know that we were wrong..

Deceptive Masks / Deceptive Masks- Event II-III summary by misstify
« on: January 16, 2017, 10:56:26 pm »
*Note that this will be replaced by the next Group's summary as that Event passes.

This summary retells the Events that transpired in Ro'ark between Group B and C- This summary was written by misstify (thank you<3).

All would seem calm… until the third official meeting of the Iuris Council, Elysium’s Council of Nations. Leaders and representatives from a large amount of Elysium’s various nations would join together in this monthly gathering. Inune, home of Ebonshire, Glaewin, Saramore, Steel Legion, many were in attendance. Some were not, such as Aodhamair and Nydorii and their absence would be taken advantage of…

The meeting went slow, talk varying from the Shifter and their malicious deeds and who would align with the Council to combat this threat. Unbeknownst to those inside the hall of the Ro’ark Castle, they were not alone. Spies were nearby and hearing every word.

The talk had shifted to deciding a new leader of the Council for the then leader, Gregor, was retiring. Calm conversation quickly dissolved into childish bickering and arguments over who would lead and if there even should’ve been a leader at all.

The room would quickly fall silent, as heels clack and approach. The doorway would reveal a young woman, a Siren with brown wings and piercing green eyes. Confusion would spread around the all, as she wears the clothing of a belly-dancer rather than that of a nation leader. For not all were aware who she was.

This young woman was Ceray. A known ‘close’ ally of the Shifter and is often rumored to be apart of the Shifter Cult- though this has yet to be confirmed or denied by the elusive Siren.

She immediately would insult the meeting of nations and give them warning, to leave the Shifter be. She lists many an ally she claims to have, including other Sirens, clans of Naiads, troops of Undead and decent amount of powerful mages. Gregor, the leader of the council would hold defense, many of the leaders now standing with weapons drawn. The bemused Siren Witch would declare it unwise to underestimate her.

Raising a hand, she would cause a long chain of events with a single move. She summoned monstrosities with a wave of her hand. Mutations of a magic long-since far gone from normal Nature Magic. Figures made of leaves and stems, thorns and petals burst out from the Council table. The largest figure arrives from an unprotected staircase - a monster big enough to look out any of the high windows, with what seemed to be faces. Human faces ripped from their heads and morphed into the beast’s plant matter.

Gregor attempts to charge at her only for the staircase to collapse under him - sabotage. The monsters attack wildly as she releases her hold on them, escaping with ease. The many leaders would then fight for their lives.

Laren, of the Steel Legion, would be the first to realize that since these beasts seem immune to the damage of the normal sword, to attack them with magic. He would be the first to burn and destroy one of the beasts. Odric, of Brightwind, would intelligently capture two of the beasts through use of light magic. The rest would be locked in intense combat with the largest monster and the smallest.

Gregor would completely decimate the smallest through Aura magic. Sam, of Glaewin, would rush to defend Luna and Jack of Inune, as the largest beast attempt to grab and absorb them into its mass. Flung, unfortunately, into a wall, the beast would skewer Luna with spikes and the rest of the leaders band together, attacking the monstrosity with all the might they could muster. The monster would be set aflame by Alec of Saramore, Gregor and Luna would discover the weakness of its faces and all the leaders together distract it to the point where victory seemed guaranteed.

Then the beast spoke.

All the monster would scream and screech in nonsensical fashion, but suddenly, on the brink of death, this amalgamation would begin to scream out a warning in what sounds like ten voices speaking as one. The attacks would halt at this, some rushing to aid those wounded and already dead.


The creature’s words would grow faster and faster, melding together back into nonsensical screeches once more as it begins to grow in size, threatening to break the magic that held it down. As the fire engulfs the last of the screaming faces, it would explode.

Absorbing all magic cast upon it, it releases a magical explosion, setting the surrounding area alight. The leaders, knocked back and now burned in addition to their already sustained injuries, quickly realize they need to escape before they become ashes as well.

Gronjar of Saramore would bring attention to the other side of the room. The fifth creation would be watching everything, and escape immediately through a window, leaving the leaders to run for their lives.

Many running from the smoke-filled room, others would be trapped, and yet others attempt to save them. Gregor and Alec of Saramore would attempt to contain the fire and smoke to allow others to retrieve those who fell unconscious and remained in danger.

Even with their rush, they would not move quick enough. With a resounding crack, the floor would give out from under them. None would be able to leap out of the way as they all crash to the floor below. Though, now closer to the exit, many other escaped members would begin rushing to help them outside. And majority would manage to make it out as the floors and roofs of the building crash even further, falling victim to flame.

By now, the smoke rising from the Ro’ark castle caught the attention of many who were on the island or on ship nearby. Gathered in the courtyard, the many witnesses of Ro’ark would watch the castle suddenly glow with magical aura as it sends out a wave of powerful magic that suddenly causes the fires to extinguish. The walls and floors of the castle’s interior repair to the surprise of everyone, as if nothing had occurred.

As the many healers, herbalists, and any who could help heal the wounded Iuris Council members begin to gather, all would be distracted by a cackling laugh from atop a castle wall. The Siren Witch returned. She declares the Council useless for not even being able to protect themselves yet alone Elysium. She would proclaim to all that the Shifter was not what they should be focusing on.

Lead by Gregor, ignoring his wounds, as many of the gathered warriors would now follow him in a charge up to the castle’s roof. The Siren Witch would be prepared, gliding now above the crowds to avoid meeting the sharp end of Gregor’s blade.

Suddenly, she would cut herself off, diving into the crowd. Few run and scream in fear, but she does not attack. She lands behind another woman. The woman was another bystander, seemingly watching the chaos with a devious smirk. She had a black dress that left little to the imagination. Her skin was covered in an assortment of coiling, violet tattoos. Her eyes were blank and cold.  would seem to treat Ceray like an old friend, albeit the two would hold a tense conversation in the midst of the crowd. Ceray declares everything to be the fault of this woman, to which the woman denies it with shock and a look of innocence.

Gregor, leading the volunteers from the crowd, would begin to surround the two. Knowing her time would be cut short by a blade soon, Ceray would shoot herself into the air and fly away. She left only a parting warning, that the Shifter was not their enemy. Some from the crowd would attempt to question the other mysterious woman, but many take their leave.

The Iuris Council would seem disbanded for now, as Gregor steps down and Ceray would be once again, nowhere to be found...For now.

Deceptive Masks / News and Announcements for the Storyline
« on: January 11, 2017, 01:45:14 am »
In this thread, you are free to ask questions, offer advice and ideas, and more.

I will also be posting announcements, adding details, and other such information that is important for those involved in the Eventline. So- stay tuned for any changes or additions to this post.

My contact information is here for those who may need it:
Discord: BlindElf #3381

Signs have been placed in public RP warps such as Turu and Ro'Ark. The sign represents the Shifter's wanted poster.
It reads; WANTED: SHIFTER. 5,000,000 gold pieces to whose who capture. -Court of Contre.
If you would like to place signs in your town with this format, you are welcome to do so. It ensures that the word is out there- Capture that Shifter! And it opens roleplay options within your towns.

I cannot make this clear enough- You are not allowed to roleplay as an Imitari or the Shifter. The Imitari are a locked race, and the Shifter is my own character. Therefore, you cannot roleplay as them. There will be consequences if you do so.

Those of you who are participating in the Events have the opportunity to sign up your Town in Fei or Aria to be used in one of the future Events. *Note that this only pertains to those who were accepted into the Events. Other town members who are not in the Events will be unable to join in. This sign up is open throughout the Eventline, and will require the following format;
Town name:
How many Town Members:
Brief description of the Town:

If you are outside of the town, a part of the Group that may go to it, note that you are not permitted to make any changes to the town. I.e you are not permitted to grief. Any damage you do will result in a tempban per usual.

All times for the future Events will be posted with the Groups section. Keep in mind that this Eventline will last for a good few months- so your Sunday Events will not be the only Event you are apart of. Each Group will have a few and so on.

Attention: Group C, your Event has been voided due to miscommunications from player to player, from myself to players, and etc. Instead, we will redo the Event with everyone present to ensure that vital plot points and player-made, story changing decisions. If you wish to participate in this Event, please see that you come online at 6 PM EST on Friday, March 3rd. If you do not choose to come, a place will be open for another player to join. I would prefer that the members of Group C come. Thank you for your time.

Deceptive Masks / The Groups Chosen and Event Times
« on: January 07, 2017, 06:31:41 am »
Deceptive Masks: The Groups
Congratulations! You have been chosen to participate in this year’s Eventline- Deceptive Masks! Thank you to all who spent time signing up. I really appreciate it. And now, what you have all been waiting for, here is the list of those who will be participating in the Events. This group will be who you roleplay with in events that are chosen for that group.

*If there are any necessary changes/you wish to switch with someone else, don’t hesitate to contact BlindElf for help.

As for dates and times, those will change if something comes up on my end or for those who are assisting me. However, an Event will most likely take place every Sunday at 12 PM EST until the evening hours. The amount of time spent in the Events will depend on the detail and choices of the heroes involved. Typically, it will last a good few hours so be prepared for that. The Groups will be alternating in alphabetical order; A, B, C, D. This is subject to change as well. Inactivity or absence during your Event may lead to another person taking your place for that specific Event or any future. Contact BlindElf if scheduling conflicts arise and you would like to relinquish your position in the Events.

If you misbehave, are immature, or other such reasons, we reserve the right to expel you from an Event or Events in the future.

For those of you who don't know, the Events will be lasting for awhile. You and your group will have multiple Events. Not just one!

Due to IRL interruptions, this week's Event will be scheduled for the next. Group B and C, look out for your next date. Thank you for your patience. ( written March 17th )

*ATTENTION* Due to time concerns, absences and other such matters, the Groups have been cut down shorter. Some individuals may find that they were removed from their Group or moved. Public Events are free to all, however, there are cuts to the Groups. Now, there are only three (A, B, C). We apologize for the inconvenience, and we thank those who joined the Events and participated. Please check the new lists below.

Group A

Group B

Group C


Deceptive Masks / Deceptive Masks- Prologue
« on: December 25, 2016, 06:21:31 pm »
Deceptive Masks


   There exists a race of shapeshifters called the Imitari that date back to the First Age of Elysium. First sightings of the Imitari describe them as cunning, deceitful creatures of the night. The Imitari differ from other known races of shapeshifter for their ability to transform into any creature. They are identifiable by their grey, opaque skin that spin like millions of miniature tiles during each shift. Their skin will ‘tile over’ when they are especially distraught or upset as well. For centuries, they lurked in the darkness. A more tribal race, they were not a part of society. They would come in the night, abduct little children, and slither away undetected. The people of that time were unable to stop them.

   Presently, the Imitari are better known as Shifters, and  have been a dead race since the purge dating back to the Fifth Age. Their ability to transform into any known creature frightened people. A group of Anti-Mages was formed in order to exterminate the Shifters . They did this by offering a bounty on all Imitari. The head of an Imitari was priced at 5,000,000 gold coins. Friend turned on friend. Entire villages were wiped clean and burned to the ground. Those who survived the purge were sent to the Anti Mages to be locked away, tortured or executed.

The death count was 860,700.

   However, another Imitari emerged six years ago. The Shifter in question was spotted in the Neko settlement Faunan, west of Turu. They were given birth to by a Neko, but displayed abilities that surpassed the normal Neko feline-shift. Instead, this individual could shapeshift into any known creature. Upon learning that her child was a Shifter, the mother kept the child shifted with a tail and ears to keep it safe.

   Eventually, sixteen years later, one of the Neko men of the clan discovered the Shifter. He had cornered the Shifter in an alley to rob them. In their fear, the Shifter glowed grey in the moonlight. The Neko fled the scene and reported his findings to the local guard. News travelled fast. On the next sunrise, the Anti-Mages arrived at the home of the Shifter. The Shifter was taken by force.

   The guards of this Age were not accustomed to the power of an Imitari. During the transport, the guards had been naive and not put up an anti-magic field around the Shifter. The Shifter managed to escape by shifting into a mouse to slip through the bars, disappearing from right under their noses.

   Now twenty-two, the Imitari continues to run from their fate. They have been known to perform shows in public places as a magician. Common places that they have been spotted include; Turu, Ro’Ark and Jinan.

   That same Imitari has also been reported to be seen as the cause of horrific chaos. Villages that surround these cities have come forward, pleading for help. Their people are being slaughtered mercilessly. The Shifter has been wreaking havoc over the land. There are kidnappings and torture. Burnings and death.

WANTED: SHIFTER. 5,000,000 gold pieces for those who bring the Shifter to the
Court of Contre. Death to be avoided. Use of brutal force is recommended.

   The question remains. Will you venture forth and defeat this lost menace? Or will you stand idle as the Imitari take revenge on the innocents of Elysium?

*NOTE* This Eventline takes place seven years after Prophecy of Kings, the previous Eventline.

This is the link to the original lore of Anti-Mages, written by Eevuii (see below)

The Guide to Character Biographies and Event Sign Ups
by BlindElf
   Welcome to ElysiumRP's official guide to creating a character biography. This biography will be useful when you sign up for the Event Storylines. Today, I will be walking you through the requirements in making the character biography; name, race, age, skills and weaknesses, and a short summary about your character.
   Before we begin, you must first know what an Event Storyline is. On ElysiumRP, there are admin-run private events for players to role play official server lore. What takes place during these events will be written into the history of Elysium. To be a part of the storyline, players will have two weeks to sign up for their chance to join. Keep in mind that the event may not start directly after the sign ups finish. A lot of work is put into each event to ensure a fun and enriching role play experience.
   Now let's begin.
This is the format in which you should display your character information.
Here is a rewritten example of a character biography.

Name: Christen Bridger
Race: Human ( Mage )
Age: 25
Skills: hand to hand combat, swords, basic magic with a specialty in elemental
Weaknesses: dark arts, too easily seduced and persuaded
Summary: Christen Bridger is an Elemental Mage from the small town of Dunta. Growing up in taverns, Bridger learned what it took to work as a mercenary. At age 15, he went straight to work to pay off debts to the master of the tavern. Three years later, he was on his own. Bridger is loyal to his clients. A job is a job, and he gets it done no matter the cost. Although, he may be swayed by curvy hips and sweet lips.

If you have multiple characters that you wish to submit add their biographies in the same comment. Separate each biography with a few empty lines or dashes. Put a star beside the character that you would prefer to have in the event beside their name.
   A limited amount of candidates will be chosen. Players are chosen by their detail in the biography and skill in role play as well as ability to stick to the time setting of the medieval era. Modern role players and fandom role players will not be chosen to participate. This storyline, and all storylines in the future, will be smaller in size to keep a positive flow of role play. For more information on rules about the Events, check the Official Storyline forum or contact BlindElf for more details.

BlindElf's contact information:

Discord: BlindElf #3381

Please post only character sign-up sheets in this thread.

Shapeshifter characters (full on Shapeshifters. Not Lycans or Nekos) will not be considered due to the storyline. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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