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Title: A Final Option...
Post by: Mellonlord33 on August 24, 2018, 12:34:13 pm
As much as people don't think I am active (Which is true) I do still try to keep an eye on this server just because of the history and fun times I've had on it. But with recent active player numbers getting closer and closer to the single digits and the community, it's economy, nations, and more now stagnate or still in decline I think it is time we consider the red button, one I hate to press but one I think this server needs during these dark times.

That button being the reboot button.

The server is old and full of history but sadly its current status is bleak at best, Elysium needs to re-brand itself, to create a new slate if its to have even a chance to survive past this year. At the current pace this server is going it seems like to me it is filled with nothing but children and pedophiles who stalk them... I ask my fellow Elysians, who in their right mind would want to join a server with that as their current reputation. What I think we need to do in order to possibly help grow the community once more is as follows...

A. Reboot the server and start on a fresh slate, possibly even change to a new more reliable host (We can downsize as well due to our low numbers for the time being as well)

B. Create a new discord, the discord, while a pain in the arse was a very helpful tool for many Elysians to ask for help and communicate with their friends and admins outside of Elysium.

C. Wipe the lore clean and create new lore for Elysium. We can use ideas from the lore we currently have but the current lore is no buano. Custom lore will also need to be more heavily regulated and should confirm to the official lore NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

D. The Economy (If the server is rebooted) will have a fresh start, but we will need to make sure it stays healthy and not go into a flaming trash can like before. A good way to keep the economy rolling is sadly allowing pvp into the server. While many do not like the addition of pvp into the server, pvp and the items destroyed in the ensuing fight or taken in the process helps keep many server economies in minecraft alive. Everyone hates getting their items taken but now it gives incentive for them to buy more items as well as gives a purpose to people working as blacksmiths or other specialties. This of course will not totally fix the economy, but another suggestion would be to also keep chest shops or any variants of the plugin off the server. I love chest shops but they truly killed the economy, to require players to actively seek out other players for items is a great way to keep the economy running.

I have other ideas I would like to bring up but currently have to get back to my job, I will add more ideas later.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: TrueMasterThor on August 24, 2018, 06:54:11 pm
I like this post.
I've taken a break from Elysium because of these reasons mostly.

The only thing I do not support is the PVP suggestion; this is a roleplay server, not a factions server, PVP shouldn't be allowed as that's NOT, and I say this with all emphasis, NOT roleplay, or at least not the pure rp feel Elysium has gone with so far. There already is PVP, at '/warp pvp'. Spamming the click button and, as said the majority of Elysium is now kids, potential use of killaura and other combat hacks is not roleplay , it is simply annoying. I see what you're trying to get at but it's simply not suitable for a RP server, during fights I like to make insults or comments towards my opponent during the fight and emote actual things and paint a story, not smack the click button a hundred times in hope that my opponent's health goes down before mine. The worst part is, if you were to implement PVP, let's take Tri_Strike's character Challenger for my example, he is a "robot", technically, it's a soul possessing a suit of armor. If you were to go against challenger in PVP, you'd be able to spam your iron or diamond sword until he dies. The unrealistic-ness in this is just too much to bear, as you couldn't beat him with a sword (Or at least in the normal fashion), as a sword is (mostly) useless against plate armor (Unless you half-sworded, but that's not the point.)
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: _Mr_hyde_ on August 24, 2018, 09:07:15 pm
I agree. As Thor already found out, Swords are all but useless against Leir, and similar characters.

Also, Sammo is still working on that update. Once it gets implemented, We are free to do more decisions. If the update is successful and Revives the serve, Great. If it doesnít, Then yeah, it may have to be reset.

Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Jyecarson on August 25, 2018, 01:21:49 am
Pvp has worked on roleplay servers before, and they have thrived. No pvp also works on roleplay servers that have thrived. I'm personally against pvp however it does help with numbers and draw in new audiences.
With loads of people having access to /lore loosing rp items isn't too much of a big deal like it would be on another server.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Zyvo on September 17, 2018, 01:43:34 am
I like all these excluding the pvp and other things in section d.

PvP on this server should never be fully open, it makes it too factions-like. Perhaps Sammo's PVP enabling option is best, it would be cool if we could also have an update of towny to make a chunk or two PvP Enabled, like Coliseums or Rougely Taverns. Also if the Wilderness were PvP in designated areas, that would be cool too.

Player shops are a great way to keep making money, but should be altered i tthink. Maybe players can hire a NPC to stand behind a counter to sell items. Additionally, it would be interesting to see players being capable of hiring NPCs for other things like guards whom attempt to stop Wilderness PvP around town border walls and littering and such.

We should also consider adding actual RPG stat systems to better suit for when RP needs to run a /roll due to an encounter or other actions. With specific RP comes the need for dodge and attack rolls, otherwise it's just "I thrust my axe at your arm" the other guy says ""I step out of the way just in time to dodge." But before he could type that out the first guy states " Critical Hit, you lose 5 Health."
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: _Mr_hyde_ on September 17, 2018, 12:54:27 pm
Adding to Thorís complaint of Unrealisticness in PvP, Some Huge orc could be trying for Ages to get a Diamond sword, Only to be murdered by a Loli using a Skeleking sword that was just given to them, Free of charge. Itís inconsistencies like that of which would plunge Ely even further into the Depth Of Insanity.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Zucchini BOI on September 17, 2018, 08:19:26 pm
I'd also suggest updating to a more recent version of minecraft as well, 1.11.2 came out in December 2016, it's been nearly two years since that and still no update? Plugins have had more than enough time to update to at least 1.12.2. I'd say to update to 1.13 but that is most likely not going to happen but Elysium is lagging behind with updates.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Sam on September 17, 2018, 09:39:00 pm
1.13 is veeeeeeeeeeeeeery unstable
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Steiny on September 17, 2018, 09:52:06 pm
lmao i quit because i grew up past playing minecraft
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Kazmirl on September 19, 2018, 01:59:01 am
As one of the oldest players, I find another reset might be the way to go, but eh. the 4th one was pretty cool, Why won't the 6th?
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Zucchini BOI on September 19, 2018, 07:24:55 pm
1.13 is veeeeeeeeeeeeeery unstable

Which is why I suggested 1.12.2 Elysium is slacking compared to other rp servers, who have all managed to update to newer versions
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Zyvo on September 19, 2018, 07:33:22 pm
If we updated the version the main problem dosen't come from the glitches involved, it will actually be of the amount of chunks the current chunks have already loaded. Minecraft wont update the chunks that were loaded in a previous version, so if your hoping to get seaweed, pickles, etc, your out of luck as Im pretty sure 99.9% of both Fei and Aria have been explored to death.

If we are truely going to update there would have to be a new map to contain the 1.13 chunks.

Speaking on my earlier post, it would be kinda cool to have in the timeline some kind of anarchy event happen in Aria or Fei resulting in a magical Person vs Person harm barrier being lifted, resulting in full map allowed PvP in either of those worlds. The other and the new would still be PvE only still, and the PvPers could have their anarchy world.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Mellonlord33 on September 19, 2018, 08:52:46 pm
To re-iterated I still say the server should be rebooted. Perhaps not to 1.13 (Because that is a flaming trashcan and a half) and before you say it, yes servers like Hypixel are already in 1.13 but they also have an active staff with most of them specialized in a specific part of the server. Got a plugin problem, we have staff who work with just plugins etc. Elysium does not have the resources to deal with all the issues that would come with 1.13 nor is it small enough where you only need to worry about the server being effective for 10 to 20 people at a time (or maybe it is now, idk anymore).

What I would suggest is again, restart the entire server and rebrand it in a way. New Map, New lore perhaps? With a new map we can actually clean up the lore and stuff, add the good stuff from the previous lore and throw out the bad type deal. Theres a lot of stuff we can do with the new map that we couldn't before. Again just a suggestion ;)
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Zyvo on September 20, 2018, 06:08:42 am
For the Lore and map restart, I first suggest Sam redoes the staff application page, it has no builder, helper, nor other helpful options, just mod.

Personally, I'd apply for builder, I'm not the best builder, but have learned a lot over the years.

As for Lore, If Sam is having a hard time with it, I'm sure there are decent writers on Elysium that could help. If I didn't already have too little free time, I'd apply for that too. Maybe Sam could post a contest on the forums with a general layout of the lore, and lore of each race, and pick the one he likes best as the Official Lore after a few weeks.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Volke (rikkert00) on September 20, 2018, 04:47:54 pm
I feel like giving my two cents on this 'cause why not?

I've been away for a good bit, yet I feel that the same things keep being repeated in different manners by different people.

Honestly, a good reset is a terrific idea in my opinion. I believe that as Elysium is currently, it does not work, it requires a fresh start.

A lorewise explanation of the change of worlds could be along the lines of a massive cataclysmic event that turned Fei and Aria into a desolate wasteland unable to sustain any lifeforms.

The reason that I believe a restart is required is mainly the fact that at this point, the people in the server no longer have any thing to do except build. Mining is almost never required really, even just resource collection isn't necessary. A new land means new opportunities, those who at this point own large sums of land might become a small hermit or townsman in someone who has nothing's brand new town. Everyone recieves a chance to restart.

Of course some might not like the change and might go. Yet it is necessary to allow future playings to be fruitful and to allow colonization of empty lands rathe rthan abandoned towns.

With a reset, I would also say to return back to a single world where the RP areas are around, or even to have a limited landmass as Aria is right now, with out there, in inaccessible lands except the actual areas, new and cleaner RP areas with new topics.

A single world means shops would be more easily fixed, and the economy might stabilise again.

As for those staff app things, there shouldn't be new staff ranks, rather a few staff ran teams of players that do specific things as is/was planned.

A lore team to write and update lore.
A small team to help a primary event organiser to run them. I reitirate, a small team. Too big of a team will be a clunky mess and likely adds to confusion. (If there's a lot of characters, have people play a few of them during different times)

There shouldn't be a specific build team, as that would likely lead up to the problem of a lot of event areas that aren't fleshed out and are the same idea in a slightly different setting.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Zucchini BOI on September 20, 2018, 09:28:59 pm
I mention updates and now everyone is talking about 1.13, I'm suggesting updating to 1.12.2 which is newer and stable unlike 1.13
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: TheRealNoahH on November 03, 2018, 03:29:05 am
where we at on this
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Axros on November 06, 2018, 10:48:51 am
Quite frankly, the best days I had on the server were the ones spent with engaging interactive dynamic storylines. I know with absolute certainty that myself and numerous other players from the good-old-days would come back in a heartbeat if Sammo truly did implement the update he promised.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: Mellonlord33 on November 27, 2018, 11:18:43 pm
I am repeating myself on this one, just reboot the server. The daily player count is like 30 at best, so like 5 to 6 players on a time... I don't think many people would complain if we just wiped the server and started all over.
Title: Re: A Final Option...
Post by: DarthPravus on December 06, 2018, 03:52:45 pm
Being someone that used to be fairly active on the server for quite some time, I agree that a complete reboot will help the player count. I feel that the way Elysium is right now has forced people into two different cliques. Those that have been on the server for years and are experienced with the lore and roleplay while the other clique is entirely new to this.