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Title: -The Kryten Mafia-
Post by: Steiny on April 12, 2017, 12:04:50 am
The Kryten Mafia or the KM is an organisation that deals with any situation and problems that you have for a price and a deal. They operate things like the drug trade, assassinations, hostage trades, scams and money. If you ever want to contact the KM you must simply find a Father of a section of the city, these or the Father of the North, the South, the West and the East. These Fathers operate the Mafia upon different sections of the city whilst the Godfather controls everything.

The Godfather is a man known as Luciano Alcorta, or "Ashy Alcorta" because he is known to slip out of any situation as fast as a breeze of wind. He controls the Fathers and all operations in the Mafia.

Currently, there are no Fathers of any district, so this is where you come in, apply in the comments to be a Father of a district, I will choose the Fathers personally depending on their application. If you do not wish to apply as a Father, you may apply as a Mafioso of some sort.

There are four types of Mafioso's; the Monkeys, the Operators, the Bulls and the Sneaky Bastards.

The Monkeys are the men who carry out the orders from the Fathers or the Godfathers, y'know, like Monkey see Monkey do.

The Operators are the eyes from the sky, they have access to cameras and they tell their co-workers whether it is safe to enter the field, they would send in drones or control an Omnic to take out any other technology on the field. Operators are well informed with technology or have a background with the sorts.

The Bulls are the men who are trained in armed forces, they deal with the guns, ammunition and rolling into a man's house with an automatic shooting the place up.

Finally, the Sneaky Bastards, these are the guys who stick to the shadows, they deal with assassination, drug trade and stealing money and drugs.


Roleplay Name:

Character's Age:


Characters Personality:

Describe your character in one full paragraph or more(Can be backstory or just appearance and combat style):

I will read over the applications and choose.
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Post by: DreamCure on April 12, 2017, 03:47:00 pm
Roleplay Name: Sirium

Character's Age: 29

Role: Father (or mother because gender? I don't know.)

Characters Personality: Quiet, cold, and heartless

Describe your character in one full paragraph or more(Can be backstory or just appearance and combat style): Sirium is a female with long black hair and different color eyes. She is a human, sure, but is clever enough to beat up someone without touching them as they would just end up beating themselves up. Sirium is most recognizable by the purple paint splattered scarf around her neck and her painter esc outfit. If she is to fight she uses throwing knives or two pistols. She is nicknamed "Eagle" because she almost never misses. She loves art so much to the point she had her knives styled to look like paint brushes and her pistols splattered in paint with bullets that, with a certain chemical, change the opponents blood color if they hit.
Title: Re: -The Kryten Mafia-
Post by: _KnightSolaire_ on April 12, 2017, 09:16:22 pm
RP Name: Ozev

Character Age: 93 as a human. 10 as an A.I.

Role: Father

Character's Personality:
Logical, blunt, persistent, & manipulative

Description: Once a living person, Ozey is the personality of a man who realized that by uploading his conscious to a computer, he could live forever. Although the upload itself was successful, there was an error that damaged the Ozey's personality, making him criminally insane. Now Ozey exists as an A.I. that seeks to upload himself to every computer and machine in Kryten, thus giving him near total control of the city. Since Ozey is an A.I., he has no physical form of his own to do his dirty work. Instead, he either will use the body of an omnic he has been uploaded into or he will tempt others with promises of money, along with other things, that he can transfer to them via technology.
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Roleplay Name: Darian Skoul

Character's Age: 26

Role: Sneaky Bastard

Characters Personality: Rude at times, Can be sweet towards people she knows, usually cross and defensive towards strangers. 

Describe your character in one full paragraph or more(Can be backstory or just appearance and combat style):
Born straight into a neighborhood full of crime and fighting, she is naturally brought into the business. Kicked out of her home at 13, she immediately is met with drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. Once she matured as a regular user of drugs, she used them almost every day to calm her down [she also smoked marijuana]. She has a strong criminal record of robbery, rape, murder, and other things; yet never have been caught, being a purebred stealthy Neko. She is now a retired member of The HeadHunters [she was a Chief Petty Officer in Fireteam Crimson], living on the streets and back into her old style of alcohol/drug abuse and loads of crime.
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Post by: Azar04 on April 14, 2017, 08:17:00 pm
Roleplay name-Orval Coil

Characters age-25


Characters personality-He tends to be a jokester to most, but when things get serious he becomes more cinical in his actions actually thinking through decisions.

Describe you're character in one full pharagraph-Orval ussualy wears oversized hoodies in different colors depending on where he is. His given street name is 'Lucid' because he is never seen but you see his inventions. He is a very successful hacker/mechanic employing several different gadgets along with a sniper in his fighting style. When people get to close for comfort, he uses a hidden blade hidden in his hoodie or a suppressed pistol strapped to the side of his leg.His real face is not known as he always wears a full black face mask with the eyes and mouth cut out. He only wears suits when meeting the godfather knowing how he likes for his fathers to be... fancy.

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Post by: Daresque on April 15, 2017, 12:43:11 pm
Roleplay Name: Daniel Clarc

Character's Age: 20

Role: Father or Operator

Characters Personality: Daniel is quiet, but in his silence, dreadful. He has a near genius mind, which he has personally chosen to use for the 'not-so-good-things' in life such as robbery and more.

Describe your character in one full paragraph or more(Can be backstory or just appearance and combat style): Daniel is an escapee from Mars; as a older teenager, he had trusted the wrong people and led into a trap. Arrested, Daniel was transported to Mars for his crimes for three years; until now. No one exactly knows how he escaped, but perhaps one may find out.
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Post by: Sansrriorar on August 09, 2017, 03:47:08 pm
Roleplay Name: Knight.

Character's Age: No one is really sure.

Role: A, i'm pretty sure, fairly high-allowed Bull.

Characters Personality: Silent, but has been known to administer amazing business suggestions.

Describe your character in one full paragraph or more(Can be backstory or just appearance and combat style): Well... He uses a... Magic powered suit? He is a high flier, after all... Anyway. Magic powered, pretty big suit, that looks about like a medieval knight (That's how he got his nickname), but with a lot of blue shines in the wrong and right places, and also, it looks a bit more high tech. The suit has a bit of weaponry up its... uh...Arm. For example, the foresaid arm can transform into an energy sword which is also powered by magic. Cutting through buildings and that's about it. There is also a rocket launcher in both the shoulders of the suit, and a riot shield the other hand can be. No one knows where Knight came from or why he is allowed anywhere, but, well... He is.

That is all. I am sorry for the bad spelling or anything else bad, i'm sleepy...
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Post by: _Mr_hyde_ on August 09, 2017, 07:04:18 pm
So knockoff low budget iron man? Seems legit.
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Post by: Sansrriorar on August 11, 2017, 04:00:08 pm
Yep. Pretty much. XD
Title: The Kryten Mafia- Apply to join Gang
Post by: TheSinper on November 15, 2017, 10:33:49 pm

RolePlay Name: BloodRose aka (Sarina)

Character's Age: 19

Role: Operators (If you let me, then' I would like BloodRose to be like a Operator that goes in the Field With the Bulls. Like if they could block the other Operators out of the system and can only be hacked from the Field.)

Characters Personality: BloodRose been working with computers since she was eleven years old. When she turn thirteen, the police came in and took her parents away while she almost got caught escaping but she took some tech from her room before she left the area.  While she been doing it for a few reasons. Money, To be Fear, Payback, and Fun. She been chase out of a few districts for hacking into her Neighbor's.
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Post by: _Mr_hyde_ on November 17, 2017, 02:01:55 am

Roleplay Name: Operative 27

Character's Age: 36

Role: bull

Characters Personality: cold and unfriendly, doesn't talk much, shows no mercy.

Describe your character in one full paragraph or more(Can be backstory or just appearance and combat style): a former Divison 104 agent, 27 was exiled because he almost betrayed the group  by threatening to kill the leader,  and destroying their headquarters. What caused him to do this is unknown. He wants revenge on the division, killing any other agent he sees. He wears a grey "salad bowl" helmet, embolized with a white  27, scratched over with what appears to be knife mark. He also wears a gas mask, obscuring his face, which no living person has seen.

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Post by: Durgok on December 03, 2017, 02:42:51 am
Hyde I'ma post an application soon, this seems cool. :D
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Roleplay Name:Michael Corleone

Character's Age:30

Role:Criminal and deals things

Characters Personality:Is getting angry very fast and `murderes everybody from a enemy gang