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June 13, 2018, 12:17:30 am
Basic info
Eden is a town that centers around the sehrliv grove of Eden. Housing for sehrliv, dryad, ent, fea, fairies, and other races that could classify as a nature race are all housed within the tree. Other races are not permitted to enter the tree.

[1]Do not use fire magic or other nature harming magics and/or energies within the grove
[2]Do not attempt to harm the grove
[3]Follow the basic Parsifal laws (

Long ago the Eden tree was born, hidden within a cave with just enough room for sun and water in the ceiling. The grove of Eden wasnt the prettiest or even the most exotic grove. After years of rebirth for the sehrlivs of Eden. The cave finally opened to the world around. Both races benefiting from each other.

Eden's Sehrliv
The Sehrliv of Eden all have a common appearance, mossy green skin, blue to purple hair made of lavender flower petals, silver eyes and their outfit typically consists of a mixture of leaves and vines woven together to only cover waist if male and both chest and waist if female despite the lack of the reproductive parts. ( - Sehrliv lore

Extra info
There is no tax within Eden, the town's owner is me(NekoStalker709) Im currently deciding which of my chars shall be used for the leader of Eden. Builders are always welcome. For housing if you join for building the buildings shall be of medium size, two stories. Two rooms, one on each floor but enough room for players to make separate rooms if wanted. Housing placed a decent distance apart. Materials for walls shall be spruce planks, stone brick and glass. Flooring on the inside shall be dark oak, triangle roof made of green hardened clay. If you have a special way of building please let me know and provide an example for my opinion. The same material frame will go the same for other buildings such as taverns and shops, however for smiths make it out of various stones and brick, keeping the roof the same. Msg NekoStalker709 on elysium or comment below if interested in joining or building.
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June 13, 2018, 01:20:34 am
Wow, Sounds like the Perfect place to Vandalize
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June 13, 2018, 01:36:54 am
Wow, Sounds like the Perfect place to Vandalize
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