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Refresh History
  • TrueMasterThor: I thought it'd be fun at least
    Today at 01:10:17 am
  • MasatoYugisko: i say it because i don't like it when you shout this junk into shoutbox, you talk about how incredibly smart you
    Today at 02:14:51 am
  • MasatoYugisko: are and try to seem modest about it.
    Today at 02:14:57 am
  • MasatoYugisko: annoys the hell out of me.
    Today at 02:15:08 am
  • MasatoYugisko: it's one of those things where, i wanna ask "When will you shut the hell up."
    Today at 02:16:29 am
  • MasatoYugisko: if you wanna talk about it, go make a freaking forum post about it.
    Today at 02:16:45 am
  • _KnightSolaire_: Masato, chill out. Your hate boner is showing again. You're scaring the children.
    Today at 02:41:39 am
  • MasatoYugisko: no daddy i'm a angsty teenager.
    Today at 02:45:26 am
  • MasatoYugisko: lol
    Today at 02:45:30 am
  • _Mr_hyde_: Thorsnotevenonatthemomentbutokey
    Today at 02:45:48 am
  • _Mr_hyde_: Now, If you'll excuse me, I Have to go read the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster...
    Today at 02:46:37 am
  • _KnightSolaire_: In all seriousness, stop it Masato. Keep it to yourself.
    Today at 02:59:46 am
  • JuanPlays: Hyde. Now’s not the time for jokes. Go play with your blocks in the corner.
    Today at 03:20:23 am
  • _Mr_hyde_: No Really, there's a Gospel about It. Explains all of Life's Mysterys.... (Did You Know That Noah Used all the animals asmBallast for the Ark?)
    Today at 03:24:41 am
  • MasatoYugisko: what.
    Today at 04:01:16 am
  • MasatoYugisko: there's no actual way there's a gospel about sphaget.
    Today at 04:01:26 am
  • Mark: Hiya. New race:
    Today at 10:13:26 am
  • _Mr_hyde_: That’s An ACTUAL Book. For an ACTUAL Religion
    Today at 12:10:13 pm
  • MasatoYugisko: do i have to witness him.
    Today at 03:15:05 pm
  • MasatoYugisko: i really don't want to >_>
    Today at 03:15:09 pm

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